Northern Europe E-commerce Newsletter 2.1

EDITION 2.2020

MARCH 2020

Northern Europe E-commerce Newsletter

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FOCUS TripAdvisor Business Advantage 2020

MONTHLY TIP How to modify your hotel photos?


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EDITION 2.2020

MARCH 2020

Northern Europe E-commerce Newsletter


TripAdvisor forecasts 2020 : Experiences and dining will eclipse hotel revenue

The ambition of TripAdvisor for 2020 is to redirect its business away to

hotel auction, where Google and other Metasearch websites are

creating pressure. They will focus on experiences, dining, hotel

business-to-business and medias. The company will reverse its long-

standing playbook and emphasize Viator as a separate tours and

activities brand acquired in 2014.


Google Hotel Ads improve price transparency

Google has added the option to see prices in the way the user

prefers. Users can see the price:

Per night but including taxes and fees

Total price of the stay (all nights) including taxes and fees

As hotelier, you have to double check that your meta provider is

breaking down all components of the price in Google Hotel Ads (tax

base, taxes, local taxes and fees). The risk is to lose competitiveness

appearing more expensive when not.

The Future of Customer Experience in 2020

As we enter in a new decade, the Forbes annual trends predicts the customer experience as a competitive advantage, we

have seen a move from selling products to selling services. Brands needs to consider the psychological foundation and

better connect with their guests. Research shows that people are buying less, with a move toward experiences over things.


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EDITION 2.2020

MARCH 2020

Northern Europe E-commerce Newsletter


How to modify your hotel photos?

The Accor photo Library is here to help you to update all you photo on digital channels in a more reactive and flexible way and it also enables Accor global team to use your images and to promote your hotel.

A: Photo Library Update: Allows you to remove the obsolete pictures from the Accor photo Library. B: Web Sites Update: the photos currently online on the websites C: Important information: have a look in this tab to find all the guidelines: how to add photos and videos to the library, the brand guidelines…

1: Hotel tab: all the photos displayed online by category (hotel, room, etc). You can replace them with photos of your hotel from the photo library or select pictures from your computer directly*. 2 & 3: Upsell, Bars / Restaurants tab: the principle is the same but only applies to your room categories / your restaurants & bars, to illustrate your hotel’s up-sell.

4: 360 ° : special tab for the 360 and panoramas photos

Once you have sent your request, the Distribution service will update the Accor websites within 3 working days and concurrently forward changes to distributor sites. *if you select a photo from your computer it must comply with the Brand photo brief instructions and technical requirements, you must fil in the photo upload form and make sure you own the photo copyright. The upload is at your own risks.

Access the Accor Photo Library :

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EDITION 2.2020

MARCH 2020

Northern Europe E-commerce Newsletter


TripAdvisor Business Advantage 2020

Thanks to the strong relationship between Accor and TripAdvisor, you can benefit from an exclusive discount to a preferred

level access to TripAdvisor Business Advantage for 2020.

Accor recommends hotels to subscribe to the TABA program, it helps in driving direct bookings instead of bookings via

OTAs. This means that hotels will pay fewer commissions on the reservation and we will have access to more information

about the customers which is crucial to enhance loyalty.

What are the mains features of TABA?

1. Announcement feature to give visibility to events or changes


2. Favorite review: pin the review of your choice into the 2nd spot in the

review section. You can also select favorite reviews in different

languages to target guests from around the world.

3. Favorite Photo feature to pin your Favorite Photo’s into the top 30

slots. It allows you to control the photographs a Traveler see’s


Direct web links and hotel’s contact details to get in touch directly

5. Analytics Suite allowing you to compare your property to competitors and analyze the performance

6. Special Offer free advertisement and is brand new layout, giving more visibility to your offers (Advance Saver rates,

Breakfast inclusion, etc.) and stimulate direct bookings -> find the creation guide attached.

How to subscribe?

 You already subscribed to TABA in 2019? You will be contacted directly by TripAdvisor to discuss

the renewal few weeks in advance of your contract expiration date.

 You never subscribed to TABA or didn’t renew your subscription last year? You can proceed any-

time by following the link

 You don’t remember if you had TABA last year? Contact to find out.

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EDITION 2.2020

MARCH 2020

Northern Europe E-commerce Newsletter


European March Flash Sale : Stay for 3 and pay for 2!

Booking dates: 03/03 to 13/03/2020

The promotion offers 3 nights for the price of 2 (33.33% off

Staying dates: 03/04 to 10/05/2020

RA1) and ALL members get 1 000 bonus Rewards Points.

Global Super Sale - The All Exclusive Days Private sale for ALL members for the first 7 days then open

Booking dates: 12/05 to 29/05/2020

to the General Public from the 19th May (11 Days).

Staying dates: 12/07 to 06/09/2020

Customers can benefit from 30% off RA1 + Free Breakfast

for ALL members.

On going Campaigns & Promotions


Book at least 15 days in advance and get up to 25% off

Booking dates: 13/01 to 31/08/2020

your stay with the saver rate.

Staying dates: 28/01 to 15/09/2020

Please note, campaigns are subject to change once dates are formalized. Contact for more details.

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