Bright Star Care - November 2018


NOV 2018


Gratitude Requires Open Eyes and Open Hearts


W hen you find joy in everyday interactions, gratitude comes naturally. I remindmyself of this by making gratitude lists. I sit withmy journal and jot down some of the simple moments that I'm thankful for. It doesn't have to be a profound event; even seemingly trivial ones can bring happiness. The more intentional I amwith my lists, the more gratitude I feel for my family, community, and clients. Everything we do at BrightStar starts with our clients. We don’t have a business unless we can fully understand each patient and customize the best treatment plan to fit their needs. I’m thankful every time the phone rings because it means we've been given the opportunity to help. It's a humbling feeling to guide a client in need through personal struggles. We show them the health support resources available in their area and brainstormon everyday solutions. When we pour our hearts into collaborating with clients on their problems, we develop trust

with them. And because of that trust, our clients feel comfortable filling out surveys that help us find gaps in our work. We give these questionnaires to clients to learn how to better serve them, but along the way, they provide glowing feedback that I’m

genuinely grateful for. Reading the words of gratitude from those we serve makes me proud of what we’re accomplishing. Here are a few examples of client feedback.

“They are understanding and empathetic, and they send caregivers who are appropriate for my needs.” “BrightStar Care frees me up so I can take care of my other responsibilities. And I know that my loved one is in good hands.” “It has made my life easier because they are helping to care for my loved one in ways that I can’t.” “They understandmy situation, and they seem to bend over backwards tomake things work out." The more survey results I read, the more inspired I amby the work our teamdoes. All 10 members of our office staff keep the organization’s nuts and bolts running smoothly so that all our clients receive the best possible care. Our executive team—comprised of Kelly Hohn, Jonathan Gray, Leonard Sanchez, and Diane Thorson—do a fantastic job solving problems. It takes a particular person with a high degree of empathy to do what they do, and I’m amazed by their commitment to excellence. Beyond the amazing team I have the pleasure of working with, I admire those who work on the ground floor with our patients. We have phenomenal caregivers and nursing staff who genuinely care about people. Nursing isn’t for everyone. It requires an emotional investment that goes far beyondmost careers, and I respect the dedication our teampours into their craft. Wherever you are in life, or at this moment, I hope you can take a second to see life’s beauty. Every action and every reaction holds the potential for gratitude; it requires opening your heart andmind to experience it. Happy Thanksgiving from BrightStar Care. —Jim Flickinger President

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