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Wow. Did you knowMom isWow upside down? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, what an excellent time it is to celebrate the women in our lives that have molded us more than anyone. We here at Spa City Therapy and Village Golf & Physical Therapy want to personally thank all of the mothers who work so hard to support and nurture our families, even though their job is never done, and they don’t get paid a dime for their invaluable work. Mothers do so much more than bear children; they bring forth life in every area of their lives. They teach us, encourage us, care for us, and love us with a love that is rare and unique to their compassionate hearts. With moms in our lives, we have incredible examples of kindness and strength. My mom worked at a young age in the family restaurant and developed these qualities, as well as a strong work ethic. Her kindness softened the world, and her strength helped

us to take on the unknown. She was the one who packed the lunches for me and my brothers’ rocket journeys to the moon, and she was the one to kiss our scraped knees and dry our tears. Mom was an example, like all mothers, of someone who places others’ needs before their own, and at many times she was underappreciated. This is why Mother’s Day is such a perfect reminder to celebrate mothers, the unsung heroes of life. So many moms place their families needs above their own. Because of this, we would like to invite you to participate in our healthy movement screen and invest in your own health. We are thankful for you, moms, and the role you play in our lives. This

is our way of celebrating you! -Lee Sowerbutts


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