COASTE July-September 2017

take five

“Whatever it takes to tell the story, I’ll do it.” By John Sprecher | Photography by Milissa Sprecher

Once upon a time not too many years ago, the marketing of a destination such as Lee County wasn’t anywhere as sophisticated or funded as it is today. Even in a tourism haven such as Florida, it was as if county and state governments slowly awoke to realize the employment and tax revenue opportunities a tourism marketing organization could bring to their community. Formore than25 years, LauraRuane has chronicled the business of business in Southwest Florida as a reporter for The News-Press — with roughly the

last 15 years focusing on what has become the big business of tourism promotion, and the millions of dollars organizations spend to bring visitors here. Ruane has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia (one of the oldest journalism schools in the world), along with an impressive portfolio of work and a keen eye for the newsworthy. From her earliest days writing obituaries to learning video production and social media today, Laura Ruane has told a lot of stories. Today, Take Five tells her story.

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