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December 2019


My youngest daughter, Elizabeth, is an accomplished baker, and cookies are her specialty. During her high school years, she would often lay claim to the kitchen to make snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, and my favorite, classic chocolate chip cookies. Although she did not need an occasion, she particularly enjoyed making cookies for her friends on their birthdays. And she did not want anyone to erroneously conclude that she wasn’t their friend, so she churned out a lot of batches. I could count on there being something sweet in the house, and I was always happy to try her creations! As you might imagine, working as a full-time cookie taste tester wasn’t the best for my waistline. When Elizabeth went off to college, I told myself that I would stop eating cookies. I thought it would be easy because they wouldn’t be laying around on the counters! Well, it turns out the joke was on me. Within a month of her moving out, I found myself in the kitchen using one of her recipes (it’s labeled “Dad’s Fave Chocolate Chip Cookies”) to make a batch of cookies with the ingredients we had on hand. I swapped in some whole wheat flour for white flour and dressed up the cookies with toasted pecans, chunks of German chocolate, and Mexican vanilla borrowed from a neighbor. They turned out really tasty, and no one was more surprised than me!

Christmas, which is why this month I’m inviting you to make my new and improved Dad’s Fave Chocolate Chip Cookies to share with your family and friends! Or, if nuts and chocolate don’t strike your fancy, send your favorite cookie recipe to me at jcarter@! I’d love to try them out this Christmas when Elizabeth comes home to take over the mixing bowl again. Who knows, maybe I’ll even join her in the kitchen!

There’s nothing like a warm cookie straight out of the oven, especially around the holidays. Cookies are the essence of

Dad’s Fave Chocolate Chip Cookies (Jerry’s Adaptation)


1/2 cup toasted pecans

• 2 cups flour (I used 1 cup whole wheat flour, and 1 cup regular flour) • 1/2 tsp salt • 1 tsp baking powder • 1 tsp baking soda • Chocolate chips (I’ve added German chocolate chunks!)

• • • • • •

1 cup butter 1 cup sugar

1 cup brown sugar 1 tsp Mexican vanilla

2 eggs

3 cups oatmeal


pecans until you can smell them. Take care not to burn them! 4. Sift flour, salt, baking powder, and baking soda. Mix. Add chocolate chips. Add toasted pecans. 5. Bake at 350 for 8–9 minutes.

1. Cream butter and sugar. Beat in vanilla and eggs. 2. Blend oatmeal in a blender until fine. Mix into wet ingredients. 3. Heat a pan on the stove, add chopped pecans and toast the


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