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This concept was brought home to me when I participated in Advance Kansas. Our focus was diversity and inclusion and the strengths that these qualities bring to a company. I learned so much about myself and about the broader issues that are going on in the world. The issues we face locally are issues that every city, state, and country deals with. It’s easy for people to recruit for what they know, for people like them. But it’s important to have team members with alternate viewpoints, other sets of eyes with different experiences and backgrounds. In studies of group dynamics, the groups who have nothing in common — who are more diverse — score much higher than groups who are very similar. Connecting with and bolstering our community is part of the Cornejo & Sons mission. Our President, Georges, puts this into practice every day. He was the one who encouraged me to join Advance Kansas. It’s one of the organizations that’s leading the Stepping Up and Honing My Strengths for the Team

of people here, and a lot of us come from a competitive sports background. In our commercial construction group, howwe do as a team relates to howwe’re supporting each other as individuals. Everyone has strengths, and being a leader is about recognizing the strengths of our individual teammembers and helping them use those strengths to their advantage. As a team, you have to be ready to adjust and be flexible to the market. We’ve done a good job of that based on the leadership within our company. We’re pushed to challenge ourselves and not be stagnant. We’re also lucky to have a very supportive mother company in Summit that allows us to innovate and implement new technology. It’s the same way within the bigger company — we work together as team in a vertically integrated company. Like any team, you don’t want all the players to have the same strengths — you want players who excel at layups, others who will always get the rebound and shoot, others who get every free throw. You want a diverse group of talented individuals. That’s what makes you successful as a team.

Every day, I strive to continue the legacy that my supervisor started in the commercial paving industry within the framework Cornejo & Sons established. We have a list of priorities that are always top of mind. To be a leader in this industry, providing excellent customer service is at the top of that list. Safety is always a paramount priority, as is quality control and productivity. These are the values that we’ve instilled in the company since the beginning. Our drive to succeed never comes at the cost of these values. My supervisor had been with our company and in the industry for over 40 years, and when he retired, he left big shoes to fill, and I was promoted into his role. It was a blessing, of course, but it also came with a daunting question: How do you continue the legacy of someone with so much knowledge and experience? Having a strong mission and set of values helps make stepping into a new role easier — I knowwhat we stand for at Cornejo & Sons, and it’s what guides each decision I make. Mymanagement style correlates to the team atmosphere that I was surrounded bywhile playing baseball. We have a quality group

way in boosting our local economy and market. We’re looking to change the dynamics of the world we’re living in, and that starts locally, right here, with our company. –Blake Blasi

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