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3 IT INVESTMENTS That More Than Pay for Themselves

There’s no denying that technology has completely transformed the way businesses operate. Most of that change has been for the better. Businesses can reach more people than ever before, build relationships across multiple channels, and streamline processes that were once time-consuming and arcane. The only major pitfall businesses have to deal with concerns how reliant every company is on their tech. When everything’s running smoothly, you may take essential aspects of your system for granted. Business owners assume that they won’t ever be subject to an attack or malfunction. This thinking breeds complacency and causes companies to skimp on crucial services that could end up saving time, money, and maybe even the livelihood of a business. There’s no way to be a successful business in 2018 without some dependence on technology. With so much resting on the stability of your network, the smartest investment you can make is ensuring that your system is protected, proactive, and progressive. There are three areas in particular where companies tend to cut corners only to end up regretting their decisions. I wanted to share those with you here and note that you can talk to an AZCOMP IT consultant to help you with any of these must-haves. No. 1: Cyber Security As baffling as it sounds, many small businesses still hold the false assumption that they’re too tiny to warrant attention from cybercriminals. Nothing could be further from the truth. A hacker’s favorite target is a vulnerable one. A handful of hackers might seek a challenge or a splashy headline-worthy breach, but the vast majority of criminals are just trying to make money. If you think they’ll lay off a business based on the size of its data stores or revenue, you’re dreaming. According to the most recent State of Cyber Security in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses report, 61 percent of SMBs were the victims of an attack in 2017. The businesses that are attacked often end up paying cybercriminals a ransom to get their data back, because they simply have no other options. You can avoid this fate by having robust defenses that will deter attackers before they get inside your system.

No. 2: Managed IT Services Hacks and data breaches aren’t the only methods for a technology failure to put a dent in your bottom line. Let’s say your servers fail. Every minute they are down costs you productivity and money. Despite the obvious threat this poses to a business’s long-term success, companies still opt for cheap break-fix IT service. Under the break-fix model, the only time your IT provider looks at your system is when something goes wrong. They might be able to put out the fire, but you can bet that it will be an expensive, time-consuming ordeal that will keep you up at night. Wouldn’t you rather have a company constantly monitoring your system, ensuring that sparks are put out before they become wildfires? Managed IT services, like those provided by AZCOMP, give you peace of mind that there’s always a watchful eye overseeing your network. In the event that something does happen, you’ll have the support of somebody who has intimate knowledge of your system, rather than somebody just looking at it for the first time. Managed IT services limit the instances when something goes wrong and drastically decrease downtime when a malfunction occurs. No. 3: Strategies to Get a Leg Up on the Competition Many business owners think their tech needs to be “good enough.” When you aim for the functional, however, you’re at risk of being pushed out of the market by a competitor willing to take advantage of all that technological advances have to offer. Your business doesn’t strive to be just good enough in any other capacity, so don’t settle for IT services that just barely pass muster. Instead, leverage technology to make your business more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. If you don’t do it, somebody else will. Remember, we’re here to help! AZCOMP can make sure your technology is secure, monitored, and doing everything possible to help grow your business.

–Benson Bashford

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