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Wishing you much success in 2020!

Welcome to February! I hope the new year is treating you kindly. Sorry I missed the month of January. So, I will share a few thoughts of 2020. With the new decade and a new year comes the unknown, lots of surprises, and many adventures that may come with some twists and turns. I do hope you take time to set your goals and priorities for 2020. February is often referred to as the month of love. There are so many ways to express your love, and I cannot think of a better way than leaving a loving legacy as an expression of love to your most precious asset: your family. Let us organize your life and make sure your estate plan is an expression of your love.

A LEAP ABOVE Celebrating Leap Day’s Unique and Storied History

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What would you do with one extra day? Every four years, we are confronted with that very question.

The first leap day originated in 46 B.C. when Julius Caesar learned from the astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria that the 355-day Roman calendar was about 10 and 1/4 days shorter than the solar calendar. He introduced the 365-day Julian calendar and added an intercalary day— leap day— every four years to cover the extra 1/4 day. It wouldn’t be for another 200 years that astronomers would discover that the calendar systemwas still about 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds short. It would last this way until 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII introduced a better method for calculating leap year. This method has become the systemwe use today, and it led to Feb. 29 being the standard leap day. Since then, we make up for lost time with one“free”day every four years. Folklore and superstitions surrounding leap day have continued to be passed down throughout history. Here are just a few of the quirkiest andmost interesting stories about this phenomenon.

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