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How much do we owe to our teachers?

if Miami is always in the back of your mind? Dr. Levine encouraged me to find the place where I truly wanted to be and dedicate my life to improving that community.

A good teacher can impact our life in profound ways. Such an impact isn’t limited to teachers in the classroom, either. Coaches on the field, religious leaders at church, and other mentors can guide our lives in entirely new directions. In fact, it was the guidance of a teacher that brought me to San Diego.

“Find the place where you want to retire and open your practice there. Spend your career serving that community.”

I attended dental school at the University of Southern California. Throughout my education, I got to know many wonderful teachers, but my favorite was Dr. Levine, a professor who specialized in prostheses and replacing broken teeth. After a long career running his own practice, Dr. Levine taught dental students well into his 90s. He was the sweetest professor I’ve ever known and much loved by all his students. Most of what I learned from Dr. Levine was about dentistry, usually about how to fix a broken tooth or replace missing teeth. A missing tooth can cause the surrounding bone to atrophy and permanently alter the appearance of a patient’s face, so I’m glad I learned from such an experienced teacher. However, just before I graduated, Dr. Levine gave me a piece of advice that had nothing to do with fixing teeth: “Find the place where you want to retire and open your practice there. Spend your career serving that community.” Dr. Levine built his dental career on the values of a previous generation, when dentists began a practice with the goal of building long-term relationships with every patient. A dentist should look at their career with the end in mind and then start from the beginning. If you want to retire in Miami, Florida, but open your practice Aberdeen, South Dakota, how dedicated can you be to Aberdeen

Taking his advice to heart, I looked around for a place to spend my life. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with San Diego. My parents live in LA, so it’s close enough to visit without having to fly. Plus, compared to the congested streets of LA, traffic in San Diego is nothing! What’s more, I’ve always loved the beach, and the beaches in San Diego are some of my favorite. Since opening my practice, I’ve always felt welcomed by this city and the fantastic people here. It was easy to see I’d made the right choice. I’ve been here for 15 years, and I intend to be here until I retire. San Diego’s been a wonderful city to me, and I’m happy to return the favor to all my patients. When the day comes for me to step away from the dentist’s chair, I

believe I’ll take a page from Dr. Levine and help educate the next generation of dentists. I don’t know what classes I’ll teach, but I do know I will give my future students the same advice Dr. Levine gave to me. I love San Diego and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. - Dr. Justene Doan

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