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January 2020

YOUR 2020 MENTAL HEALTH CHECKLIST How to Improve Your Well-Being in the NewYear

It can be difficult to stay positive during the winter months. You may not even realize how much the cold weather affects your health. So, it’s important to monitor and take extra care of your mental health during the month of January.


Are you meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself? If not, consider more short-term goals to keep yourself motivated. Look for small, daily wins like washing your breakfast dishes right away. For myself, I always make my bed before I leave the house. Incorporate more goals into your day by adding a daily review to your nightly routine. Ask yourself, “How did I move toward my goals today?” If you do have a bigger goal in mind, break it down into more manageable goals to keep yourself on track. Many different factors affect how we process stress. Try reflecting on your eating and sleeping habits. If you’re not eating or sleeping enough, you may feel irritable, which can cause you to stress over little things, like traffic or the weather. Not sleeping enough can also increase your cortisol levels, which contributes to stress. Once you take care of yourself properly, you’ll feel better overall, and, by extension, radiate positive energy to others. If you struggle with hyperventilation when you’re stressed, use the “MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT BRINGING ANY PERSONAL ISSUES TOWORK. REMEMBER YOUR MANAGERS AND PEERS ARE WELL-MEANING IN THEIR CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.” HOW HIGH ARE YOUR STRESS LEVELS?


Calm app. Apps like this are a great way to relax your breathing and gain composure.

Financial stress can take a toll on your mental health, especially during this time of year. Make a detailed projected budget for the new year as best you can that includes every gift, decor, and food expense. Break down all of your fixed expenses (utilities, insurance, etc.) into categories, and make sure you’re living within your means. Remember, as long as you have a solid budget in place, things will work out. These are just some of the ways to keep your mental health in check over the winter season. Do you have any techniques to boost your mood through the new year? Let me know! I’m


It’s important to maintain healthy relationships with your family and friends, especially in the new year. Have you been raising your voice unnecessarily or getting into more arguments at home? If so, you should address these issues before they harm your relationships. Meditation is a great way to relax and gain composure when you feel irritable. It takes discipline, but it’s constructive. Make sure you’re not bringing any personal issues to work. Remember your managers and peers are well-meaning in their constructive feedback. If someone snaps at you, they could just be having a bad day. Sometimes personal issues consume people, and it takes them time to realize it. If this happens to you, explore your feelings, but don’t let them affect how you treat others. HOW IS WORK?

always looking for fun ways to improve myself. Have a happy new year, everyone.

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