The Bulletin: May 2020

THE BULLETIN A newsletter for members of the Wilmington Country Club MAY 2020



All individuals must wear a face covering, except where doing so would inhibit that individual’s health or where the individual is under two years of age, while in the following places:

a. when they are a rider on public transportation, or a paratransit vehicle, taxi, private car service or ride-sharing vehicle;

b. when they are a customer of any business, including, but not limited to, grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, laundromats, and restaurants, both inside the business and when waiting in line outside; c. when they are obtaining services at any healthcare provider, including, but not limited to, hospitals, medical clinics and offices, special care facilities, medical laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, blood banks and blood drives, or facilities providing veterinary care and similar healthcare services for animals—unless directed otherwise by the healthcare provider; d. when they are in an outdoor public area, including state parks and golf courses, if maintaining social distancing of six (6) feet between individuals of different households is impracticable; or

e. when they are in any public area and are feeling sick, coughing, or sneezing.

So what does this mean for you and the Club?

Do I need to wear a mask when playing golf, tennis, or walking the grounds? The answer is no, unless you are unable to maintain appropriate physical distancing. Do I need to wear a mask when I enter the clubhouse to use the restroom? The answer is yes. A mask is required for any individual entering the Clubhouse.




Wow. What a difference a month has made in all our lives. The whole idea of social distancing is such a counter culture to the fundamental basis of a Club’s existence it has been difficult to accept and adopt. In fact, I actually made a statement last week to our Management Team that the concept of social distancing is a terrible one. At first they looked at me like I had been in quarantine a bit too long, but then I explained myself. What we should be talking about isn’t social distancing, but physical distancing. Clearly, we can all accept that we need to maintain physical separation for our personal and collective health. The thing is that the more time we spend separated from each other, the more alone we feel. The only therapy for that is to be socially connected. Hopefully this rather unique edition of the Bulletin, will help you feel just a little more connected with your Club. Trust me when I say that we miss you as much as you miss us. Normally in our May edition of the Bulletin, we excitedly share all the great things that we have in store for the upcoming outdoor season. It would be a fool’s errand for me to attempt to tell you what the next thirty day’s has in store. Instead, I’ll tell you what I know (that won’t take too long) and what I think, then finally, what I hope . . .

Phil Iannelli General Manager

Keith Van Yahres Assistant General Manager Christine Jordan Clubhouse Manager

Tip Tribbitt, CEC Executive Chef

Barbara Henderson Manager of Banquets

Donna Schroeder Controller Susan Mathias Administrative Assistant

Meghan Spero, PGA Membership Development and Communications Manager Jonathan Urbanski Director of Golf Courses & Grounds

Michael Shank, PGA Director of Golf

Bob Lennon, PGA Teaching Professional Ed McQuillin Director of Racquets Ed Chilton Assistant Director of Racquets

What I know: •

Mother’s Day will come on Sunday, May 10th. Take-out orders are already being received. Pick-up time slots will be restricted so if you care what time you get your food, order ASAP. Using your Club for golf, tennis, recreational walking, grocery service and dinner take-out all give a sense of normalcy. Please continue.

Clark Verchick Chief Engineer

The mandates don’t always make sense . . . I understand and share much of your frustration Please know that we are offering everything we can while operating within the specific confines of emergency proclamations. Please don’t put staff in an awkward position of having to remind you of restrictions. Finally, I know that I am incredibly proud of the Club, its leadership but especially our staff. We have only 60 employees who continue to work every day in challenging and unique conditions. They are special. Operations will slowly return, but it may be another month before we see any appreciable change to our current operating protocols. We can expect to experience limited gathering sizes in common areas. There will probably be lots of restrictions placed on spaces that you used to just be able to freely access (think fitness or dining rooms). Large events may not happen for quite a while. Fourth of July? Maybe, but it is certainly in jeopardy. I think the pool will eventually open, but probably not by Memorial Day. When it does, it will be a controlled space. Some programs or features of the Club may not return till next year . . . if then. At some point, members will be allowed to introduce guests to the Club - but it may be a while. When you use the Club, you will have to be willing to assume a certain amount of risk. It will be impossible to offer assurances that any aspect of the Club is 100% COVID-19 free - for members or staff. I also think that when it comes to safety, we will do it better - because that’s what we do.

What I think: •

What I hope: •

This all ends as quickly as it started.

You and all those important to you stay healthy - because nothing else really matters.

Regardless of where you stand on our current circumstances, please remember to make it six feet apart and stay socially connected. Stay healthy and I’ll wave to you when I see you at the Club!




While small adjustments will continue to be made, our updated website is 99% ready to go! One of the MOST IMPORTANT adjustments we have made is a new menu page called CONNECT. Here you will be able to connect with staff, social media, other members through the directory, etc. In addition, if you have mistakenly unsubscribed from our email list, you will be able to add yourself back on ASAP. Or, if you have an additional email address you would like to add you can do that as well. Email is our top form of communication, espcially now, so stay informed, stay updated...and spend some time checking out the new site.

Meghan Spero, PGA Membership Development and Communications Manager


Facebook /wilmingtoncountryclub

Instagram @wilmingtoncc1901



MOBILE APP To start usng the app, follow the following three steps to add to yoru mobile device: • From your phone or tablet, download the ForeTees ClubCentral app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. • Once downloaded, open the app to generate a one time login by clicking on “email me my credentials”. • Enter the one time login into the app, and you are all set!

Don’t forget to download our mobile app!

Search “ForeTees Club Central” on the App Store or Google Play Store.





15 - Mr. John Bilek 15 - Mrs. Carolyn S. Burger 15 - Dr. D. Michael Gioffre, Jr. 15 - Mr. Adam G. Landis 15 - Dr. Deborah L. Miller 15 - Mr. Christopher W. Lee 15 - Ms. Lyn Drinane 15 - Mrs. Zoe S. Pappas 15 - Mr. Shawn M. Scarpaci 15 - Mr. Stuart C. Shears 15 - Mrs. Ingrid S. Shears 20 - Dr. Donna Robino 20 - Dr. Christopher J. Saunders 20 - Mrs. Alice M. Saunders 25 - Dr. Joseph F. Hacker III 25 - Dr. David C. Larned 25 - Mr. Louis Savelli 30 - Mrs. Lynn Luft 30 - Mr. Robert M. Reardon 30 - Mrs. Kay Wilke 35 - Mrs. Jodi Keller 35 - Mrs. Joyce Scarborough 40 - Mrs. Marcia M. Cloud 40 - Mrs. Mary D. Ingham 45 - Mr. Richard C. Porter, III 50 - Dr. Donald C. Cameron 50 - Mrs. Taylor Hanavan 50 - Mr. Edward J. Stegemeier 70 - Mr. Robert H. Richards, III 85 - Mrs. George P. Bissell, Jr.

SENIOR MEMBERS Skip Harrington

David Holden Melinda Kuhn Lisa LaMarche

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Gretchen Bidic Gail Turner Ron Vascik (Lisa LaMarche) JUNIOR MEMBERS Emma Bidic Leyna Bidic William Christopher Hix Duncan Hossack Bella Johnson Jasper Johnson Braden Ratliff Mackenzie Ratliff Reece Ratliff Elizabeth Sensing

Lloyd Timon Max Vattilana

EMPLOYEE ANNIVERSARIES Tip Tribbitt, Executive Chef 32 Years

Ann Cresswell, Pastry Chef 15 Years

Zachary Woods, Outside Service Manager 8 Years

Frank Duran, Line Chef 8 Years

Drew Rowland, Food & Beverage Service Director 2 Years

David Neyers, Chef de Partie 2 Years

Christopher Cooke, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent 1 Year

Brett Snyder, North Course Superintendent 1 Year



Have you tried our evening take-out service yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on fantastic entrees and specials. Our daily email is sent out at 4:00pm each afternoon with the take out menu and specialty entree of the evening. Ordering of take-out is best accomplished by calling 302-655-6171 ext. 1427. As a reminder, beer and wine are also available for purchase. Things in the Clubhouse look different than our normal Spring season, but we’re still here for you as much as we can! We’ve expanded our takeout service to seven nights a week, offering family meals as well as a la carte offerings. The menu changes weekly, so be sure to check the website. We have bottles of beer and wine available to go also - so don’t forget a bottle of your favorite wine to go with dinner!

Christine Jordan Clubhouse Manager


WCC is now offering your favorite grocery staples for take-out! Groceries are based upon availability and can be picked up Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2:00 – 7:00pm. All orders must be placed by 2:00pm the day prior to pick up. When you arrive at the Club to pick up your order, please call 302-655-6171 ext. 1427 to have your order brought to your car.



Hors D’Oeuvres Shrimp with cocktail sauce 24 doz Mini Crab Cakes with remoulade sauce 21 doz

WIld Mushroom Tartlets 21 doz Vegetable Spring Rolls 18 doz

Soups Gazpacho 25 qt Cream of Carrot & Ginger 22.50qt Maryland Crab 30qt

Salad Egg & Swiss Salad over mixed greens, croutons, ranch 3.5 person

Cold Salads Penne Pasta Salad with vegetables 15qt Chicken Waldorf Salad 23qt Cut Fruit 20qt

Chilled Grilled Side of Salmon, cucumber caper relish, 3 pound 100 each Seafood Salad, creamy, with shrimp, scallops, crawfish, crab 30qt

Entrees Bee f Tenderloin 2-4 ppl 48, 4-6 ppl 96, 6-8ppl 144 Crab Cakes, browned, 10 each

Whole Rack of Lamb, 8 bone - 2 pound average 52 each Half Rack of Lamb, 4 bone - 1 pound average 26 each Short Ribs with Sauce, 5-6 oz, 18 each Seared Salmon, 6-7oz, 15 each Coq Au Vin with chicken breast, mushroom, caramelized onions, red wine, side of wild rice pilaf. 2-4 ppl 34 or 4-8 ppl 68

Accompaniments Mashed Potatoes 3 person Mixed White and Wild Rice Pilaf 3 person Asparagus 3 person Green Beans 3 person Brussels Sprouts, bacon, spiced pecans 3 person Dinner Rolls .75 each

Sauces Remoulade or Cocktail 9pt Madeira 15pt Creamy Horseradish 9pt Bearnaise or Dill Vin Blanc 9pt

Desserts Key Lime Pie 20 each Chocolate Decadent 10” 35 each Almond Pound Cake 6” with Berry Compote 15 each




As Pennsylvania has moved to open their state to golf with one rider per cart, elevating our current status of no carts in the near future seems hopeful. Although rounds hit a historical high for March and April, seeing golf carts roam the course again will return a small sense of normalcy.

For this month’s update, we want to address a two areas: our Bermuda grass Practice Tee and trees.

In a typical year, we would open the turf on the Practice Tee towards the end of April. This is a departure from the past as the tee was converted to a pure stand of Bermuda grass last June. By the end of April, the Bermuda has broken dormancy and use of the turf by golfers would further stimulate growth. Fast forward to present times, and with staff numbers remaining low during the pandemic, opening the tee would warrant on-going maintenance of filling divots to ensure sea- son-long viability of the turf surface. Until the Governor relinquishes the imposed modifications that limit revenue generating mechanisms, we will remain on mats at both ends of the practice field.

Jon Urbanski Director of Grounds & Golf Courses

Over the past two winters trees have been removed due to (1) overall health of a tree with particu- lar regard to safety and (2) improving sun and wind circulation to the green complexes.

We currently use the app Sun Seeker available on either carrier’s app store. This useful tool helps us to identify tree(s) impacting morning and afternoon sun throughout the calendar year. Utilizing this technology allows us to make sound judgements in deciding what is best for the health of the greens, rather than of letting the chainsaws run rampant. With selective removal in 2019, the over- all health of 5 South green improved and we are expecting similar results for 16 South green with the deduction of two trees to the rear of the green complex We determine the overall health and safety of the trees on property by examining the upper limbs and trunk appearance. A tree displaying a growth habit such as a twisted trunk (figure 1), is only living on borrowed time and needs to be removed for the safety of golfers and employees alike. This particular tree, a beech, posed a great threat for the well-being of all, as it would have fallen on its own timetable. Other trees show decay, but might not be visible on an everyday basis. The maple on 3 North (fig. 2) appeared fine from the fairway vantage point. However, on the cart path side of this tree (fig. 3), the severity of damage can be clearly seen. This decay extended upward throughout most of this tree causing dead limbs often referred to as “widow-makers.”

Trees survive best in forested areas without turfgrass beneath them. This is why three of our specimen trees on 3 and 13 North, and behind 14 South green are surrounded in wood mulch. A longtime agronomist of the USGA was famous for saying trees and grass do not mix. Stanley Zontek would often pontificate at speaking engagements, “If you want good grass, get rid of trees. Conversely, if you want good trees, get rid of the turf. However Ladies and Gentlemen, the game of golf is played on grass.”

The inherent dangers associated with trees on golf courses is ever present. Upon inspection during the course of several removals this winter, hidden internal decay was noted (fig 4) on the interior of trees. These include many of the native trees original to the property in the rocky corridor of 3, 6 and 16 South (fig. 5 & 6). Notice in these two photographs, other than the three specimen trees mentioned in paragraph seven above, this area contained a grove of hardwoods before the golf course was constructed. Virtually every other area of the Club’s landscape has been planted throughout the years. The reasoning for the decay we are experiencing is again that trees do not do well in situations out of their comfort zone. In addition, disturbance to root systems from course construction in the 1950’s, a tornado in the early 90’s, a renovation in the early 2000’s and every day compaction of rough mowers, tractors and golf carts, are all contributing factors that limit root development and speed the decline in tree health that we are experiencing today. When the opportunity present itself in the future to replant, every measure will be taken to remediate the ground and properly space specimen trees to ensure they have a fighting chance to survive the long haul.



Physical Distancing During this time, we are extremely fortunate to offer golf as a respite. The club staff has done everything possible to create a safe environment, but it is still extremely important while using the club to practice personal safety. We are asking members to do their part by remaining physically distanced six feet from other members. We are aiming for social connections, but physical distance! Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter. Tee Times In an effort to accomodate member play, occassionally members pair up with other members they may not ordinarily play with. It is always a good idea to communicate with one another. If you are adding yourself to a tee time with another member, kindly send that member a note to let them know you have added to their time. If for any reason you have made a tee time and need to remove a member, of course send them a note before doing so. Handicap Posting If you are playing golf, please remember that all scores should be posted for handicap purposes. Scores can be posted directly on the USGA GHIN app available on the Apple and Google Store. Send me an email if you need your GHIN number. Online Golf Shop Pick up times for Golf Shop items are 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. When you arrive at the Club to pick up your order, please call 302-655-6171 ext. 1427 to have your order brought to your car. You will need a password to enter the online store: tradition1901

Michael Shank, PGA Director of Golf


Rules Corner This month’s question: Am I required to use the drop area when my ball goes in the water on 4 or 17 South? You are not required to use the designated drop areas at Wilmington. They are provided as an additional relief option. Of course, you can always play the ball where it lies, but if you are underwater in the pond you may want to take penalty relief. For one penalty stroke, your options for a yellow penalty area (South – Holes 3, 5, 17; North – Holes 13 and 18) are: 1. Re-play from where you last played, stroke and distance (you can re-tee, counting it as your third shot, if you were teeing off). 2. Determine the point where it last crossed the edge the penalty area, draw a line between the hole and that point, drop as far back on that line as you want. If it was your tee shot that went in the penalty area, you are now playing your third shot.

3. Use the Drop Area (defined by the closely mown areas short of the pond). Drop and play your third shot.

For a red penalty area, you have the three options above, plus an additional option outlined below (South – Hole 4, 9 and 16; North – Hole 1 and 12): 4. If the penalty area is marked red, you have all the options above plus the additional option of dropping within two club lengths from where it last crossed the edge of the penalty area, no nearer to the hole. This is a great option on 4 South if your shot enters the penalty area from the green. You may drop it back on the green, within two club lengths, no closer to the hole than where it entered. If you played into the water on Hole 17 South from the green, you would need to take your ball to the other side of the pond. You can watch a USGA video on penalty areas and how to play from them HERE.

Unsure if you are in a red or yellow penalty area? You can see all of the golf course penalty markings HERE.



We are very excited to announce that our outdoor clay tennis courts are now available for member use. We do ask each member to please be cognizant of their individual responsibility and etiquette of social distancing for the health and safety of all individuals.

COURT RESERVATIONS • Members only, no guests.

• Hours of operation 9am-8pm. No night play. • Court reservations must be pre-booked online through foretees on the app or on the Wilmington Country Club website. • Both singles and doubles play are available. • Every effort will be made to notify members of courts out of play due to weather or maintenance. SOCIAL DISTANCING • Court reservation times are staggered to adhere to the spirit of social distancing. • You will be expected to adhere to your beginning and ending time. • When changing sides, please utilize opposite ends of the net. • When playing doubles, please keep 6 feet apart from your partner. • There is to be no gathering or assembly for socializing before, during and after play. TRANSFERENCE • Wash your hands or utilize hand sanitizer before and after play. • Do not share equipment and wipe down racquets, etc following play. • Use at least two cans of tennis balls. Please put your initials on three of the tennis balls and use only your balls while serving. OTHER • Court benches and off court sitting areas will not be available. • The water and ice station with cups will be available for use. There will be no straws or lids. • The Clubhouse including the Racquet Shop and Family Center remain closed. • Demo racquets are not available. • The pool restrooms are the only available facilities. • Ball hoppers, practice balls and court maintenance equipment will not be available.

Ed McQuillin Director of Racquets

Weekly Series We are featuring a weekly series on mental toughness and focusing in the weekly happenings sent out to all members on Mondays. The series will include the 10 methods to improve mental toughness on the tennis court. These topics include.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The time between points On court tennis rituals

Positive self-talk and Physical rehearsal

Relaxation Confidence Visualization

Focusing skills which include the time during and in between points as well as techniques to watch the tennis ball better

8. 9.

Present Focus

Strategy and Tactics


Performance based versus winning based play

Racquet Shop Sale Last chance to buy a case of tennis balls for $50 versus the regular price of $84. This is like receiving 10 cans of tennis balls free in the 24 can case. Our new tennis/sports facility Our new indoor tennis court facility will include three new tennis courts but will be so much more than tennis. One of our courts will be a sports court which will feature two permanent pickleball courts and a full court basketball set up with electronic baskets that go up down and lower and higher. We will also be able to play indoor soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, kickball, among other sports. We are planning weekly open gyms sessions as well as scheduled events for adults, juniors and families. Members will be able to reserve the court for organizing a game of their preferred sport. We will keep you up to date with our grand opening and the many activities that we will hold in the new tennis/sports facility.


Quote of the month “You have power over your mind — not out- side events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ~Marcus Aurelius Physical distancing, not social distancing- the magic of being a member of Wilmington Country Club is the social interactions that are available, whether a round of golf, a friendly racquet match, a meal, or a workout in the fitness center. During this time of physical distancing it is still important to maintain the social connections, either through safe play, social media, phone, or checking out the Monthly Bulletin. We are social beings and need to keep that in mind. Click HERE for more information on why physical distancing is a better term. How Much Exercise is Enough? Members often ask what is the correct amount of exercise they should get? The answer is, of course, it depends. For a beginner, exercising for 10-30 minutes 1-2 times per week is a great start. For someone with a month or two experience, 2-3 times per week for 20-40 minutes is enough. For an advanced exerciser, exercise guidelines are 4-7 times per week for 30-60 minutes (this does not mean you SHOULD, it means that you CAN). Other factors come in to play, such as amount of other activities (golf, tennis, paddle, swim, etc.), schedule conflicts (travel, vacation, special events, etc.), and exercise limitations (injury, overscheduling, etc.). The key is to try to move every day and listen to your body. To Stretch or Not to Stretch There has been a long-held view that static stretching and range of motion are critical to success in athletics and injury. That theory is being put to the test by sports physiotherapists and coaches who are looking at the critical role of strength through the range of motion. Read all about it HERE.

Rick Howard Director of Fitness

What Fitness has been Focusing on The entire fitness staff has kept in touch with one another throughout this pandemic and have shared what we are doing to stay on top of our game. We have kept in touch with our clients and class regulars, provided Zoom sessions, text work- outs, and even happy hour celebrations! We invite everyone to reach out to us with any thoughts or questions you may have (

Staff highlights of what we are doing getting ready to come back to WCC:

Mary Harrison: Mary continues to communicate with her clients and group exercise class members and offers members to participate in her regularly scheduled class times. The link to join the class is HERE. Beth Sheehy: Beth continues to lead yoga sessions and put together a Happy Hour virtual meeting so members could communicate and share. Krysta Lafferty: Krysta, in addition to keeping up with what is happening with members and staff, advanced her knowledge by attending a virtual TRX training. Rick Howard: Rick continues not only to train members virtu- ally but is in regular communication with staff and leadership at WCC. He also has expanded professional development of- ferings for fitness and sports performance professionals, par- ents, athletes, and those interested in changing the landscape of youth sports and fitness by participating in the national con- versation and by hosting Zoom chats CLICK HERE TO VIEW and catalogued on the website HERE The conversations are guided by the long-term athletic devel- opment model that Rick helped create, which is a framework to increase physical activity for all from cradle-to-grave CLICK HERE TO READ.

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