The Bulletin: May 2020



All individuals must wear a face covering, except where doing so would inhibit that individual’s health or where the individual is under two years of age, while in the following places:

a. when they are a rider on public transportation, or a paratransit vehicle, taxi, private car service or ride-sharing vehicle;

b. when they are a customer of any business, including, but not limited to, grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, laundromats, and restaurants, both inside the business and when waiting in line outside; c. when they are obtaining services at any healthcare provider, including, but not limited to, hospitals, medical clinics and offices, special care facilities, medical laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, blood banks and blood drives, or facilities providing veterinary care and similar healthcare services for animals—unless directed otherwise by the healthcare provider; d. when they are in an outdoor public area, including state parks and golf courses, if maintaining social distancing of six (6) feet between individuals of different households is impracticable; or

e. when they are in any public area and are feeling sick, coughing, or sneezing.

So what does this mean for you and the Club?

Do I need to wear a mask when playing golf, tennis, or walking the grounds? The answer is no, unless you are unable to maintain appropriate physical distancing. Do I need to wear a mask when I enter the clubhouse to use the restroom? The answer is yes. A mask is required for any individual entering the Clubhouse.

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