CellCheck 29-40 Calving

• repeating the same treatment • trying a different antibiotic • drying-off the quarter (provided it is not hot or swollen) • drying-off the cow • culling the cow, after the withholding period for meat has expired • culturing the pre-treatment sample or re-sampling the quarter (after a minimum of 30 days after treatment). If drying-off a quarter, just stop milking it and monitor the quarter to ensure it does not become hot and swollen. If it does, strip it out again. Do not use dry cow treatment in a quarter when you are continuing to milk the other quarters. Dry cow treatments are not registered for use in lactating cows. Some antibiotic will be absorbed into the bloodstream and passed out in the milk from the normal quarters, so there is a high risk of antibiotic contamination of the bulk tank. If culling the cow, check that the withholding period for meat has elapsed for all drugs used. Consult your vet for advice about the following options if the milk from a clinical quarter is not visibly normal by the end of a full course of treatment (as listed on the label):



CellCheck Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control

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