2021 CAST by Vaughan's

Welcome back to a new season of CAST.While the most notable change from years past was switching seasons from the California Spring Trials to a new Summer edition, it was still the same petal-packed event that we’ve all grown to love. In fact, the new time gave us some new looks into more summer performing crops that we don’t usually get to see. The breeding companies didn’t hold back on putting on a fantastic new show to bring our industry back together again. Our Vaughan’s Horticulture team was anxious for this road trip and even more anxious now to spread the word on so many great varieties. As your brokerage company, this is our chance to select the best of the best that we saw over those five days touring the California coastline. These are the products and programs that our team found the most valuable to bring to you, our grower customer. We hope you’ll find growing these products as exciting as we did to discover them and look forward to assisting you in booking these and other future programs in the year to come!

Sincerely, Your Vaughan’s Horticulture Team

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