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Champlain welcomes new recreation director

As of February 2016, Champlain Township will welcome a new addition to its staff. Lisa Burroughs will become the newRecreation Services’ director, working with her pre- decessor, Janis Renwick, for a few weeks in January to ensure a smooth transition. Burroughs, a resident of the township, comes with a wealth of experience in project management while with the Government of Canada. She has noticed that a lot of people, including young families, aremoving to the area. She would like to focus on youth within the community. Director Janis Renwick will be leaving in late January after 31 years at the helm, with the satisfaction that recreation and sports needs weremet. She said her greatest source of pride is the people she has met. “I would say that it’s the contacts that I have made with children and parents throughout the years, young people who have grown up and who are now bringing their own children to our facilities,” said Renwick. “It will be nice to do things around the house and the farm that I have always wanted to tend to. I admit to leaving with mixed feelings. I am thrilled about retiring, but I will miss a lot of things and the people that I have been in contact with. Also, I would like to point out that I would never have been able to do my job successfully without my long-time col- leagues, whose dedication to the Recreation Department has been and continues to be a great asset. The love and support of my

family, throughout the years, has been a great blessing to me.” Mayor Gary Barton said he was pleased with the arrival of the new director. “Rec- reation and sports activities have always been of great importance in our community. Whether it be hockey, soccer, tennis, Zumba ®, dancing or any other activity, families have relied on our services to lead an active life. Some of our athletes have gone on to excel in their chosen sports discipline and I like to think that their career started here, thanks to their trainers but also to Mrs. Renwick and her staff. Champlain Township is commit- ted to upholding these services and I am convinced that Mrs. Burroughs will work diligently towards that goal,” saidMr. Barton. “On behalf of Council, I also want to thank Janis Renwick for her years of dedication and I wish her an active and healthy retirement, whatever her projects may be.”

Lisa Burroughs will be the new Recreation Services’ director for the Champlain Township as of February 2016.


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