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October 2018

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As the weather cools off under the autumn sun and we prepare to celebrate Halloween, my family is gearing up for another celebration — Luke’s 5th birthday. It’s hard to believe my little boy is now in his last year of pre-Kindergarten; both of my sons are growing up too fast! Back in June, when I was writing about Jude’s 7th birthday, I noted how both boys were reaching ages when their personalities really start to develop. I have to say that watching Luke become the character he is today has been a real treat.

his brother was at his age, but time and time again, Luke shows that love conquers fear. He adores his older brother, and often looks to Jude for inspiration. No matter what stressful situation he finds himself in, if Jude is there to back him up or tell him the right thing to do, Luke will hop to it immediately. It’s great to see brothers so close in age have such a supportive relationship.

“It’s been amazing to see Luke come out of his shell and develop such a vibrant, loving personality.”

Luke is hands-down the comedian of the family. Where his older brother has a stoic kindness and laser focus, Luke wears his heart on his sleeve, giving hugs, making jokes, and putting on a silly face any time we try to take a family photo. He exudes creativity, making crazy contraptions with his Legos at home and creating drawing after drawing at school. Luke also loves to cook, and he helps my wife in the kitchen every chance she lets him. His favorite dish? “Mommy pancakes.” That’s when you mix a banana, an egg, a tablespoon of almond butter, a tablespoon of vanilla, and cinnamon together into a batter and fry it up like you’re making pancakes. I shouldn’t have started writing this on an empty stomach. Behind Luke’s goofy, artistic personality is a tender heart. He won’t let me or his mother leave the house without giving us a hug and kiss first. He can get spooked at times and may be scared in more situations than

For me, watching Luke turn another year older is especially tough. In many ways, he’s my baby. Jude tended to cling to his mother when he was younger, but Luke? Ever since he could crawl, he has been close to me. It’s been amazing to see Luke come out of his shell and develop such a vibrant, loving personality. But I won’t lie; it’s bittersweet watching him laugh and joke his way into the wider world and away from me. Luke, you are truly one of a kind. Your joy is contagious, you’re always ready to laugh, and you aren’t afraid to show affection — the world needs more people like you. Keep that bright spark of yours lit, and you’ll make this a brighter place. You’re already a star in my eyes.

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