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disappear into the desert while they’re relying on me. I’ve talked in the past about all the ways having a daughter has changed my life, and this is another example. It’s funny how the moment you have kids, your sense of safety can be totally recontextualized. When I get on a bicycle seat now, I’m not just riding to keep myself safe; I’m riding to come back to my daughter. This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my love of a good challenge. While I may not be risking life and limb on extreme cycling trips anymore, I get the same thrill from taking on some of Tarrant County’s most difficult cases. For example, we recently represented someone accused of hitting a parked police car at over 100 miles per hour, severely injuring an officer. Naturally, the accused was facing some serious jail time and came to our firm for aid. Listening to this person’s side of the story, we were struck by how different it was from the police report. So, we revisited the scene of the crime. By bringing in independent investigators, we were able to prove that the police had made two errors in their report. First, our client’s car was going 65 miles per hour, not 100. Second, the collision occurred in the lane, meaning the officer’s vehicle had been parked too close to the road. Needless to say, our client turned out to be in the right. Protecting clients when the evidence is stacked against them isn’t something most lawyers sign up for. Much like the Hotter’n Hell Hundred, these cases are uphill battles that can only be conquered with


August is here, which means I have cycling on my mind. Well, more than I usually do. As I discussed last year, this month promises one of the most notorious bicycle races in the world, and it takes place right in our own backyard: the Hotter’n Hell Hundred. As brutal as the name sounds, I’m sore to be missing out. The largest single-day, 100-mile bicycle ride in the country, the Hotter’n Hell Hundred is brutal in its simplicity: 100 miles through the desolate landscape outside Wichita Falls in 100-degree temperatures. Honestly, the name says it all. While this may sound like cruel and unusual punishment for most people, it doesn’t change the fact that thousands of cyclists flock to Texas for this incredible race. Having been one of those people crazy enough to sign up, I can speak to the attitude of most of these cyclists. They crave the challenge. They want to go up against impossible odds and win. Most of these riders don’t go to outcompete their friends, but rather to outdo themselves. Riding through hell forces you to conquer your own self-doubt. Having made that 100-mile ride three times, I can say that it’s a grueling but life-affirming experience. Few things make you feel more in control of your own destiny than when you cross that finish line. Of course, having grown a little older and a touch wiser, I know I’m not just responsible for my own destiny anymore. I have a duty to my clients here at the firm and to my family at home. I can’t exactly

discipline and perseverance. When we can prove our client’s innocence, the exertion is more than worth it.

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1


The Laptops of Tomorrow

x 720 touch screen, users certainly have plenty of real estate to play with. The idea is that the primary screen can be dedicated to actual gameplay, while the touch display can be used for anything from minimaps to Discord chats. Throw in a Tobii eye-tracking camera, and you have the potential for an on- the-go Twitch streaming studio. The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo This latest addition to the ZenBook line is an artist’s dream— so long as they have the cash. With two 4K displays, the Pro Duo isn’t cheap, but it may well be the new king of function and fidelity. The crisp, responsive 32:9 touch screen is perfect for sketching with a stylus or arranging video clips on a timeline. Meanwhile, the 15-inch primary display can render your handiwork in all its ultra-high definition glory. Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 (Real Name TBA) The most experimental on this list, the teased addition to the ThinkPad line doesn’t have a name yet, let alone a launch date. However, Lenovo feels this mystery model could be the first of an entirely new device that’s neither laptop nor tablet. Mock-ups show a clamshell computer with two nearly seamless displays and no keyboard. Essentially, it’s one big screen that can fold in half. While it’s unclear how users will respond to this laptop-tablet hybrid, it’s certainly an ambitious move from the world’s leading PC company.

This summer, the tech world took another step toward creating the omnifunctional devices that science fiction has been promising us. Multiple big-name computer companies have unveiled their spin on the latest design craze: folding display laptops. The idea of a portable, dual-screen PC seemed like a gimmick a few years ago, but with HP, Intel, and Lenovo all jumping into the game, this may be the future of laptops. Here’s a look at the exciting new designs. Intel’s Honeycomb Glacier Intel is looking to do the impossible: prove once and for all that laptops can work for hardcore gamers. With a 15.6-inch, 1080p display perched above a 12.3-inch, 1920


Rules for Passing School Buses

Later this month, school will be back in session. While students and their parents will notice the most changes, there is one that affects all of us: School buses will be getting back on the road. While these yellow vehicles may give drivers nostalgia for their own childhood, they can also be the source of some pricey traffic tickets. Know the Rules Unlike other vehicles, including city buses, there are unique rules for when and how you are allowed to pass school buses in Texas. Specifically, when the bus is stopped with its stop sign extended or its lights flashing, drivers in all lanes of traffic must stop. Yes, this includes traffic heading in the opposite direction. The only exception to this rule is that if there is a raised median or barrier between lanes, oncoming traffic does not have to stop. Otherwise, even if you don’t see kids getting on or off the bus, come to a complete stop and wait for the lights to stop flashing.

A Costly Mistake Despite the flashing lights, many drivers fail to stop for school buses. It’s a niche rule, and when you’re in the middle of the morning rush or driving home after a long day at work, it’s easy to forget the need to stop for something that’s happening two lanes away. But that simple mistake can land you with a $500 citation. In fact, most buses are equipped with cameras, meaning they’re able to catch your car in the act. Why It Matters Penalties are so steep for drivers who make this mistake because, at the end of the day, this law saves children’s lives. Children are small and unpredictable, and it’s not outside the realm of possibility that a child will sprint across lanes of traffic without so much as looking both ways. To make sure students can get to and from school safely, please keep an eye out for these familiar yellow buses. | Pg. 2


What Parents Need to Know

Going for a swim can be the perfect way to beat the Texas heat this time of year, but if you have young children, you should always take proper precautions. Even a few feet of water can be life-threatening for kids just learning to swim. Here’s a guide to making sure every splash this summer is a safe one. Always Be Present and Aware It doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike. A young swimmer may not be able to signal for help before they are underwater, so always keep an eye on your kids, even when there is a lifeguard on duty. Kids should never be left unattended near pools or bodies of water, no matter if they’re in the water or not. Floaties Are Your Friend For young or inexperienced swimmers, inflatable flotation devices, water wings, or life jackets are a must. Kids can easily misjudge their own capabilities and wear themselves out in the deep end. These brightly colored safety measures will help you keep an eye on your swimmer and help them keep their heads above water if they get tired.

It Takes a Village Even if you don’t have young swimmers in your household, your neighbors might. That’s why anyone with a pool in the state of Texas is required to surround it with a fence that is at least 48 inches tall, with horizontal and vertical slats. It cannot be chain-link, and any gates through the fence must be self- closing and self-latching. Certain municipalities may have more requirements, so be sure your pool meets all the necessary safety measures. Many of us here at the firm are parents ourselves, and we love seeing our kids having fun in the water. But having seen the tragic liability cases that can result from even the smallest safety oversight, we want to remind everyone that even shallow pools can be a hazard. By remaining vigilant and putting precautions in place, you can make this summer a splash!

Senegalese Lamb Skewers

Brain Buster


For the lamb: •

2 lbs trimmed leg of lamb, cut into 1-inch cubes 1 tbsp peanut oil, plus more for grilling

1/2 tbsp agave nectar

1 yellow onion, thinly sliced

Salt and white pepper, to taste

Salt and black pepper, to taste

Equipment •

For the onions: •

Bamboo skewers

1/2 cup distilled white vinegar

1/2 cup Dijon mustard


1. In a bowl, coat lamb with 1 tbsp oil and generously season with salt and pepper. 2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together vinegar, mustard, and agave nectar. Toss in onions and season with salt and pepper. 3. Heat a grill or grill pan to medium and oil the grates. 4. Thread lamb on skewers and grill for 6–8 minutes. 5. Serve alongside onions.

Inspired by Bon Appétit Magazine | Pg. 3

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Hard Rides and Harder Cases

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Senegalese Lamb Skewers

4. How Goat Yoga Helps You Get in Shape

YOGAWITH … GOATS?! For those who may be looking for a hidden or reasonable meaning behind the term “goat yoga,” you’re out of luck because it’s exactly what it sounds like. In this age of kale smoothies and paleolithic diets, there are few things people won’t try to get in shape. Luckily, as with most fads, there aren’t many downsides to thinking outside the box with your fitness. With a million different ways to stay healthy in this world, doing yoga alongside a tribe of goats may not be so strange after all.

about it this year, goat yoga actually sprang up in 2016 and has grown into chapters all around the world, capturing the hearts of everyone, even including some big-name celebrities. Advocates for goat yoga continue to rave that there is no better distraction from the perils of work stress, sickness, depression, and political strife than their sacred farmland pastime.

At face value, including farm animals in your therapeutic workout routine seems counterintuitive, but it’s intended to be quite the opposite. With this type of yoga, goats will wander around your mat and even take the time to climb on your back or lick your feet while you’re in downward dog. Don’t panic though! That’s all part of the process. These interactions are meant to keep you focused, grounded, and connected with both yourself and the nature around you. If you’re looking for a speedy workout, this may not be for you, but if you’re looking for an afternoon you won’t soon forget, you’ll have to find the nearest goat specialist. Everyone who participates in one of these classes ultimately walks away with something a little different. Some shared results are usually reduced stress and anxiety, pain relief, a boost in happiness, and mental clarity. While we’re starting to hear more | Pg. 4

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