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February 2020

What Makes Lawyers Laugh?

Yes, lawyers laugh at lawyer jokes, but what else makes a lawyer laugh? Practicing lawyers laugh at the ever-present Cellino & Barnes advertisements. Incredulous actors announce that Cellino & Barnes settled their case for five or sometimes 10 times what the insurance company initially offered them. Practicing lawyers chuckle at this marketing slight-of-hand. There’s nothing false about the advertisements. The ads just leave off the very important detail: Insurance companies routinely make lowball offers early on, hoping the claimant will quickly accept the offer before they speak to an experienced lawyer. They do this because it works. Many people will quickly settle their claims for a fraction of their total damages because the insurance company makes it easy to do. I cannot remember ever resolving a case for less than 10 times the initial offer from the insurance company. When I hear a lawyer bragging about how they resolved the claim for five times the initial offer, I chuckle and wonder how they screwed up the case. Here’s a joke lawyers tell each other: How do you settle a case for a million dollars? Accept a $2 million case and screw it up! If someone you know has been injured or has property damages caused by somebody else, don’t let them deal with the insurance company lawyer alone. I can help submit the claim properly to ensure it is resolved quickly and for full value. So, what makes me laugh? People who are injured by someone else’s recklessness but then tell me they’re “not the suing type.” I always ask clients: If someone dented their car door, would they expect the other driver

Despite the turmoil in the real estate and mortgage markets over the past decade, owning your own home is still the foundation of your economic and family stability. While there are many good reasons to rent, homeownership provides unparalleled benefits. If you or someone you know is considering buying a home, please call us. We have represented thousands of buyers (and sellers) on Long Island. EJ Smyth & Company, PLLC is the home of the “No-Drama Closing.” Our experience ensures small problems don’t become big problems, and big problems are cut down to size very quickly. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying or selling a home.

to pay for the repair? Of course they would! I wonder and ask them why they are more protective of their car door than they are of their body. I’ve yet to hear a good answer. Insurance companies are paid to protect people from expenses that follow auto collisions, house fires, construction accidents, etc. It is not your job to protect the insurance company. Don’t brush off an injury or damages by saying, “It’s nothing, I’ll be fine.” Even minor injuries can lead to thousands of dollars of lost work, medical co-pays, and other related expenses. You pay thousands of dollars each year for your insurance company to protect you, not for you to protect them . Now, let’s take the time to talk about another topic you should be concerned about: home ownership.

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