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We are offer ing all our readersa voucher ent it ling them to free connect ion to ZOOM and 4 free Joy Inside Sessions.We know some of you are daunted by ZOOM, but we are hear to help you to t ry something different , just like we do on our holidays. We've even got a session apt ly t it led Food Glor iousFood! Share and learn some fun factsabout food, take part in a quiz on food jingles& share food t r iumphsand disasters! For us, the road to happinessmight aswell be paved with food! Meet some like minded people and have fun! To find out more, call uson 01509 351008 and chat about how to use your Joy Inside Voucher! We can't wait to int roducemore of you to the Joy Inside and give you a lit t le bit of our holidaysdirect ly into your living room.

We're proud of the feedback we get from guestsabout the food on our holidays, part icular ly when Julie isaround! But , unfortunately she'snot available to hire! We wish she was for our dinner part ies! We've pulled together a few of our simple, tasty recipes that we use on the holidays. Any ingredientsyou don't havemaybe you can t ry out some of the home delivery services.We've even included a new recipe for you to bake some delicious scones for your very own afternoon tea. Carol found

these 3 ingredient sconesdur ing lockdown and hasbeen shar ing themwith everyone. They are a recipe from a 95 year old lady fromAust ralia and are super easy so everyone can get involved. All you need is flour, cream and lemonade. Once you've t r ied this you'll have sconesevery day of the week.


Riddlesare fantast ic puzzles that can somet imeskeep you guessing for dayson end! Thismonth we've included a r iddle sheet all about fruit and vegetables. After all we all know who you keep away with an _ _ _ _ _ a day! The answers can be found in next monthsact ivity leaflet , so don't cheat in the meant ime by using our good fr iend 'Google', we'll be watching!


Did you know in the UK we threw away 6.6 million tonnesof household waste in 2018?70%of that wasgeneral food waste! We've bashed our heads together to br ing you our t ips for reducing your food waste. Helen wasable to find some br illiant t ipswhich you'll find on the sheet at tached. I've been using the suggest ion on on how to keep your fruit bowl looking fresher for longer. We hope some of these help you keep your food tasty, save a bit of money and keep our food waste down. If you have some useful t ipswe'd lover to hear from you and we'll share our favour iteswith you in next monthsedit ion.


Now more than ever we want to keep in touch.Wewould love to hear from you, so pop us something in the post , send usan email or pick up the phone.We're post ing regular act ivit ieson facebook and our booking plat form isnow up and running to book your ZOOM connect ion or you Joy Inside event www.mindforyou.setmore.com

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