MindforYou's Food Glorious Food Activity Pack

Scents and Tastes for Pleasure


• 6 small egg cups or 6 ramekins or 6 small Tupperware boxes • 3 scents and some cottonwool o

e.g. vinegar, coffee, cinnamon, orange juice, whisky, beef stock, hot chocolate, lemon juice 3 tastes and a teaspoon o e.g. jelly, whipped cream, banana, chocolate flake, grapes, biscuit crumbs, ice-cream, jam


• Pour liquid scent into egg cup and then add cotton wool to soak it up • Add food to the ramekin • Let person smell or taste from each egg cup one at a time

Conversations and questions:

• “ Hmm it reminds me of something. Here smell it can you tell me what this is? ” • “ What does it remind you of? ” • “ Any other smells you remember from the kitchen? ”

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