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8 Food Storage Tips That Will Save You A Fortune!

Stop mushrooms getting slimy

You can help keep mushrooms from getting slimy by wrapping them in paper towels before refrigerating.

Make your fruit bowl last longer

Store apples separately from other foods. Apples give off ethylene gas that can cause other foods to decay more quickly.

Stop Lettuce Wilting

Wrap lettuce in a damp paper towel before storing to help keep it fresh. If your lettuce has started wilting, you can usually revive it by soaking it in iced water for several minutes.

Keep Bananas fresh for longer

Avoid separating bananas before you eat them. They stay fresh longer when kept in a bunch.

Keep your veggies crunchy

To keep celery, carrots and radishes fresh, chop them and store them in a fridge in a container of water. They’ll stay fresh for a surprisingly long time this way!

Are my Eggs safe to eat?

Store eggs in their original carton. If you can’t decide if your eggs are still fresh, place one in a cup of water. Fresh eggs should sink while old eggs usually float.

Stop tomatoes getting wrinkly

If you notice you r tomatoes are starting to get a bit wrinkly, they’re probably on their last legs, buy yourself an extra week or so by roasting your tomatoes in slices or chunks. Place the roasted tomatoes in a container with olive oil and they’ll stay good in the fridge for about a week.

Stop things in the fridge getting soggy

Line the bottom of your produce drawers in your fridge with paper towels. The paper towels will help absorb excess moisture and keep many foods fresh so they don’t rot.

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