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6t h Oct ober 2020



Doing theweekly shop and going out for our favour itemeal has certainly got difficult since COVID! So, we thought we would create a sheet and share some opt ions to get tasty food delivered st raight to your door. Don't worry, itsnot all about online shopping, there are other simple opt ions too.We part icular ly like the doorstep delivery service set up by Morr isions, all done over the phone! Follow the inst ruct ions in the leaflet

After our lit t le heatwave last month, I think we've now waved farewell to the summer. Fear not , asour act ivity packsare here to stay! We've st ill got loadsof act ivit iesup our sleeves, ready for you to do over winter. Thismonth'sact ivity pack is based on my most favour ite thing - FOOD. We're very proud of the complimentswe get on themeals served on our holidays so we thought why not use our culinary knowledge to cook up some act ivit ies. If you're anything likeme lock-down has starved me of my creat ivity at meal t imes. But , did you know, if you pop what you have in the house into google, it 'll pull up 100'sof recipes for you?Read on for more t ips, a review of how to get tasty food easily delivered to your house, aswell as details on how to make your own sensory box! Have a read and get those taste buds

enclosed. If you want something different , why not t ry recipe boxes?They deliver fresh ingredientswith simple inst ruct ions to your door! Don't fancy cooking?Lots of your local cafes, restaurants or takeawaysare doing home deliver ies, all you need to do is call.


Helen decided thismonth, she would t ry and t ickle your sensesby creat ing a simple sensory exper ience for you to create at home. Sensory st imulat ion is the act ivat ion of one or more of your 5 senses, taste, smell, hear ing , touch and vision.

Do something as simple asa hand massagewith scented lot ion or a playlist of favour itemusic.We've included an act ivity sheet to create your own smell and taste sensory exper ience. Have some fun and see what memor iesand emot ionsyour sensory exper ience creates.We all love chocolate like the boy in the picture, but do we take our t ime to enjoy the smell before we eat it?If you don't fancy making your own, have a look at Scentscapes fromAct iveMinds, combining scentsand sounds. Do get in touch and tell uswhich smell or taste gave the best response, don't eat too much ! (ht tps://www.act ive-minds.org/uk/scentscapes-scentscape-pack )

t ingling. Happy Eat ing!

Emma x



We are offer ing all our readersa voucher ent it ling them to free connect ion to ZOOM and 4 free Joy Inside Sessions.We know some of you are daunted by ZOOM, but we are hear to help you to t ry something different , just like we do on our holidays. We've even got a session apt ly t it led Food Glor iousFood! Share and learn some fun factsabout food, take part in a quiz on food jingles& share food t r iumphsand disasters! For us, the road to happinessmight aswell be paved with food! Meet some like minded people and have fun! To find out more, call uson 01509 351008 and chat about how to use your Joy Inside Voucher! We can't wait to int roducemore of you to the Joy Inside and give you a lit t le bit of our holidaysdirect ly into your living room.

We're proud of the feedback we get from guestsabout the food on our holidays, part icular ly when Julie isaround! But , unfortunately she'snot available to hire! We wish she was for our dinner part ies! We've pulled together a few of our simple, tasty recipes that we use on the holidays. Any ingredientsyou don't havemaybe you can t ry out some of the home delivery services.We've even included a new recipe for you to bake some delicious scones for your very own afternoon tea. Carol found

these 3 ingredient sconesdur ing lockdown and hasbeen shar ing themwith everyone. They are a recipe from a 95 year old lady fromAust ralia and are super easy so everyone can get involved. All you need is flour, cream and lemonade. Once you've t r ied this you'll have sconesevery day of the week.


Riddlesare fantast ic puzzles that can somet imeskeep you guessing for dayson end! Thismonth we've included a r iddle sheet all about fruit and vegetables. After all we all know who you keep away with an _ _ _ _ _ a day! The answers can be found in next monthsact ivity leaflet , so don't cheat in the meant ime by using our good fr iend 'Google', we'll be watching!


Did you know in the UK we threw away 6.6 million tonnesof household waste in 2018?70%of that wasgeneral food waste! We've bashed our heads together to br ing you our t ips for reducing your food waste. Helen wasable to find some br illiant t ipswhich you'll find on the sheet at tached. I've been using the suggest ion on on how to keep your fruit bowl looking fresher for longer. We hope some of these help you keep your food tasty, save a bit of money and keep our food waste down. If you have some useful t ipswe'd lover to hear from you and we'll share our favour iteswith you in next monthsedit ion.


Now more than ever we want to keep in touch.Wewould love to hear from you, so pop us something in the post , send usan email or pick up the phone.We're post ing regular act ivit ieson facebook and our booking plat form isnow up and running to book your ZOOM connect ion or you Joy Inside event www.mindforyou.setmore.com

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inf o@m indf or you.co.uk

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Tasty Food Delivered to Your Door We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up all the different options available to you when you don’t want to leave the house, or you fancy something a little bit different.


Morrisons - £ 0345 611 611 (Option 5) https://groceries.morrisons.com/browse

Why we like it? – An affordable way to buy essentials over the phone and online!

As we’ve mentioned, Morrisons have set up a telephone delivery service, where yo u give them a call with your shopping list at the ready, and they’ll do the rest. No need to faff about online! Selling fresh fruit, meat and enough products to meet your pantry needs, Morrisons scores well for its variety. There is a £40 minimum spend but delivery prices start from just 99p and there's free delivery for the first month. Ordering online is also incredibly simple, especially given the 'suggested order' feature, where the site suggests products based on your previous buying history.


The Co-Op - ££ - Contact https://www.coop.co.uk/ways-to-shop/home-delivery

Why we like it? – Pop along to your local store do your shop and have it delivered in under 2 hours.

One of our guests revealed this fantastic service to us. If you like the routine of going to the supermarket and picking out your own products, then the Co-Op have the perfect solution. Head in store and collect your trolley, select everything that you want before making your way to the check out. They’ll do all the scanning all you have to do is pay. They’ll pack it and deliver directly to you . Its free if you spend over £25, just check if your local Co-op offers these convenient services.


- ££ - https://www.gousto.co.uk/ - Our Rating

Gousto offers more than 40 recipes that change weekly, with different types to choose from. Their recipe boxes feed 2/4 people are you can receive up to 4 boxes per week, prices start from £24.99per box or per week for how many people . They’re offering 50% off y our first order for what at the moment and along with it you’ll get a small binder that you can clip your weekly recipes into so you can use them again. They use simple techniques, and all food arrives pre-packaged and pre-sliced, keeping preparation times down.

- £ - https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/plans/ - Our Rating

HelloFresh is one of the best and biggest companies in the recipe box world! You pick a plan – family, classic or rapid – how many people you want it for and how many recipes you want a week, as well as your dietary requirements and away you go. It’s also one of the best value, with three recipes a week for two people ringing in at £5 a meal. As for the recipes themselves, each one genuinely took 20 minutes and was super simple to follow. Again, all ingredients are pre measured making life very easy indeed!


- £ Varies - https://deliveroo.co.uk/

Customers can order either on the website or by using the Deliveroo app., You simply add your postcode to find your local restaurants, choose who you want, pick from their menu and place your order. Once it's all ready to go, a Deliveroo rider will pick it up and bring it to your doorstep. You can track the progress of your order on your Deliveroo app.

Phone your local café, restaurant, or takeaway

If you fancy a treat, t might be worthwhile giving your local café, restaurant or takeaway a call and see if they will deliver that something special just for you. You will be surprised just how many have started providing this service since lockdown.


Have your shopping list at the read y. If you don’t want to do it ask a family member or friend. They can save your shopping list and its nice and easy for them next time. All you use the search bar at the top of each web page to find your item and click ‘add to basket’ on whatever you fancy. If you don’t like what is delivered you can return it directly to the driver and the money will be refunded. There can be huge ranges in the quality of delivery from local stores, we would recommend asking your neighbours and friends which local store gives a good delivery service.

Tesco - ££ - https://www.tesco.com/groceries

Why we like it? – A flexible service with no minimum spend

There’s no minimum spend, but there is a minimum £4 basket charge for orders under £25. Ordering groceries is easy, and all food comes with a freshness guarantee. If anything arrives damaged on arrival, you can return it to the driver, and they will process a refund. Delivery does cost dependent on the time of day, or you can opt for a ‘flexi slot’ at a discounted price. Tesco also has an option for you to save your shopping list, so you can add your favourites easily each time.

Asda - £ - https://groceries.asda.com/

Why we like it? – Value for money on a range of groceries

Money goes a long way with Asda groceries and prices are lower than other sites. Although there is a £40 minimum spend, you should be able to buy most groceries for low prices. Next-day

delivery is usually available, and costs approximately £3. Their website is easy to navigate but not as easy as some of the others. Again, if anything arrives damaged or not to your liking, simply return to the driver and your refund will be processed.

Waitrose - ££ - https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/shop/browse/groceries

Why we like it? – Wide selection of food and easy to use website

One of the best-stocked suppliers of pantry snacks, fresh food, and wine! All food comes with a freshness guarantee and ordering on their website is easy. There is free trackable next-day delivery to homes across the UK. Food is delivered in crates, instead of carrier bags, which is better for the environment. Minimum spend is £40 per order.

Iceland - £ - https://www.iceland.co.uk/

Why we like it? – Frozen food that helps you plan for the week ahead

Iceland's website is simple to use and has a focus on affordability, with the £1 Value section offering pantry essentials for one pound or less. On the site, you can choose from fresh or frozen food, as well as household items. There is a £25 minimum spend but, usually, Iceland offers free next-day delivery when you spend £35 or more online.

Sainsburys - ££ https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/discoverhome/shopping- online/delivery

Why we like it? – My dietary profile flag any products unsuitable for you as you shop

Minimum order value is £25. If you order £40 worth of shopping your delivery slot can cost as little as £1, but less than that and it will cost you £7. However, if you order over £100 its completely free. For those of you who have to watch whats in particular foods we really like their dietary profile where you can highlight the things you don’t want in the food you order, great if you are gluten free or have a specific food allergy

Ocado - ££ - https://www.ocado.com/browse

Why we like it? – Unrivalled variety of branded products

Ocado has now partnered with Marks & Spencers, meaning you have the choice of over 5000 M&S products. Ocado stocks a real range of branded products, from fresh fish to toothpaste and even clothing & beauty products! The minimum spend on the site is £40. Next-day delivery is usually available, with one-hour time slots between 7am and 10pm. Anything you return to the driver for not being quite right, is given to food banks and local charities for the homeless.

- https://deliveroo.co.uk/

Why we like it? – Delivery can be as quick as 30 mins

Deliveroo have partnered with Aldi, M&S, CoOp and Morrisons to deliver shopping quickly to your home. The delivery prices and minimum spend are listed in table below. However, do check if you can get this in your local area as not all parts of the country have these Deliveroo services

Supermarket Deliveroo cost

Minimum Spend





150 essential Items



Choose from a range of 130 items






live within 2.5 miles of store – limit 70 essential items

Scents and Tastes for Pleasure


• 6 small egg cups or 6 ramekins or 6 small Tupperware boxes • 3 scents and some cottonwool o

e.g. vinegar, coffee, cinnamon, orange juice, whisky, beef stock, hot chocolate, lemon juice 3 tastes and a teaspoon o e.g. jelly, whipped cream, banana, chocolate flake, grapes, biscuit crumbs, ice-cream, jam


• Pour liquid scent into egg cup and then add cotton wool to soak it up • Add food to the ramekin • Let person smell or taste from each egg cup one at a time

Conversations and questions:

• “ Hmm it reminds me of something. Here smell it can you tell me what this is? ” • “ What does it remind you of? ” • “ Any other smells you remember from the kitchen? ”

September Quiz - Food Riddles We always like to challenge you a little so, this month we have found some food riddles for you to solve.

1. I am an orange vegetable that is good for your eyesight? I grow under the ground and have a green top _ _ _ _ _ _ (6 letters) 2. I am a beautiful red colour with a green top and grow at the beginning of the summer. I taste great with cream. I am sweet and shaped like a heart.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10 letters)

3. I look like a fuzzy little oval shaped ball on the outside and when you cut me in half, you can eat my green insides with a spoon. What am I?

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ (2 words 4 letters and 5 letters)

4. I am a crunchy vegetable with a lot of Vitamin C and fibre. Some kids think that I look like a little green tree. What am I?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7 letters)

5. I am a red or purple fruit that can stain your hands when you eat me. I grow on bushes. Try putting me on your cereal. What am I?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7 letters)

6. I am a melon that is orange on the inside with lots of seeds. I smell very sweet. My vitamin A helps to give you strong bones. What am?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (9 letters)

7. I am a tropical fruit. I am many different colours on the outside. To say my name say the opposite of ‘WOMAN’ and then say the opposite of ‘STOP’. _ _ _ _ _ (5 letters) 8. Many people think that I am a vegetable but actually I am a fruit. People like to use me to make spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce. What am I?

_ _ _ _ _ _ (6 letters)

9. I am a round fruit with a peel. I am also a colour. I have a lot of Vitamin C for your body and you can also drink me anytime.

_ _ _ _ _ _ (6 letters)

10. I have got a purple or green skin and sweet flesh inside. From my juice becomes wine. What am I? _ _ _ _ _ (5 letters)

8 Food Storage Tips That Will Save You A Fortune!

Stop mushrooms getting slimy

You can help keep mushrooms from getting slimy by wrapping them in paper towels before refrigerating.

Make your fruit bowl last longer

Store apples separately from other foods. Apples give off ethylene gas that can cause other foods to decay more quickly.

Stop Lettuce Wilting

Wrap lettuce in a damp paper towel before storing to help keep it fresh. If your lettuce has started wilting, you can usually revive it by soaking it in iced water for several minutes.

Keep Bananas fresh for longer

Avoid separating bananas before you eat them. They stay fresh longer when kept in a bunch.

Keep your veggies crunchy

To keep celery, carrots and radishes fresh, chop them and store them in a fridge in a container of water. They’ll stay fresh for a surprisingly long time this way!

Are my Eggs safe to eat?

Store eggs in their original carton. If you can’t decide if your eggs are still fresh, place one in a cup of water. Fresh eggs should sink while old eggs usually float.

Stop tomatoes getting wrinkly

If you notice you r tomatoes are starting to get a bit wrinkly, they’re probably on their last legs, buy yourself an extra week or so by roasting your tomatoes in slices or chunks. Place the roasted tomatoes in a container with olive oil and they’ll stay good in the fridge for about a week.

Stop things in the fridge getting soggy

Line the bottom of your produce drawers in your fridge with paper towels. The paper towels will help absorb excess moisture and keep many foods fresh so they don’t rot.

We found these on www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com have a look if you want some more ideas.

Recipe Inspiration! Have you been struggling recently with ideas on what to cook? Since being in lockdown we’ve been getting bored of the usual go to meals! So why not try using some of the websites below? No need to bother with buying a new cookbook, when this is all for free!

BBC GOOD FOOD - https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes - Whether you're after an old favourite or inspiration for something new, BBC good food have the perfect recipe. With recipes for all cooking standards, as

well as all dietary requirements they have a fantastic array to choose from. They also have a most popular recipe collection th at week, which is great when you don’t know what you fancy!

ALL RECIPES - http://allrecipes.co.uk/ - If perhaps you’re looking for something a little more creative try All Recipes. The website is very easy to use so you can search over 20000 recipes from home cooks. New recipes are added every day! Save favourites, share your own recipes & reviews on the biggest network for home cooks! YUMMLY - https://www.yummly.co.uk/ - Yummly is your smart cooking side kick! If you use Facebook, then you will have seen their recipe videos pop up all the time. The videos follow a recipe and are unique, easy to follow and precise. With over 2 million recipes you can create shopping lists, meal plans for dietary requirements and share your favourite recipes with friends. MARY BERRY RECIPES - https://www.maryberry.co.uk/recipes/ - Need help with inspiration for a 3 course meal? Look no further! Mary Berry has her own website with 100’s of recipes split up into starters, mains and her most famous puddings! She also has a whole page dedicated to baking and cooking tips, so why not take the opportunity to learn from a pro!

3 Ingredient Scones


o 525g / 3½ cups of self-raising flour (plus some for dusting) o 250ml / 1 cup of heavy cream o 250ml / 1 cup of lemonade (yes you read that right)


1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius and line a baking tray with grease proof paper. 2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until the flour is combined. Try not to over mix as it will make the scones dense! 3. Turn out onto a floured surface and knead gently 4/5 times, then gently pat the mixture out until it is around 2.5cm/1 inch thick (don’t use a rolling pin!) 4. Use a round cutter or tumbler to cut

your scones from the mixture, press straight up and down don’t twist.

5. Place on your baking tray leaving enough space so they don’t touch each other, and lightly brush the tops with some milk (if you have some in your fridge, if not don’t worry this isn’t essential). 6. Bake for 15 minutes until golden brown! Take out and leave to cool, before enjoying with copious amounts of cream and your homemade jam, created by following the recipe below!

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