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Adapted fron Cartoon by Othle Sackett, Erangellat

"If they hear not M oiw and the Prophet«, neither will they be periuaded, thoufh one rose from the d tad ."— Luke 16:31 January, 1926 “For Ever, O Lord. Thy Word U Settled in Heaven."—Psalm 110:89

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THIS MAGAZINE stand. for the Infallible Word of God, and for Ita gnat fundamental doctrine*. w„ rk. tn ITS PURPOSE ia to strengthen the faith of all believera, in all the world; to atir their heart. to engage in definite Christian w ork .to them with the varied work of the Bible Inatitute of L o . A n gel«; and to work In harmony an3 f.llow.hip with them in magnl peraon and work of our Lord Jeaua Chriat, and thua hasten Hia coming._____________________________ _____________________ _ ■ . ...

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Number 1

January, 1926

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Editorials . - A Plea for Prayer.................- ............ ................ .......a—........................ ............. * The Peril of Prosperity............................................................... -.......——........... ^ The Glitter of Gold or the Glory of God............. ..................... ....................... ^ God's Call to Sleeping Saints...............................^............................................. * A Church Confession Conference......................——.................. *•* *.......... . ® Booth Succeeds Bryan..... ................ ..................... ...........................-.................. ® / • Pastor and Presbyter...................... ...................... ...............— —....................... ® First Things First— Dr. John Roach Straton........................... ............ ......... j Anthropology, or the Doctrine of Man— Dr. F. E. Marsh.........................|1 Qur Great Foreign Field in the Homeland— Miss M. V/inifred Rouzee.-l 3 Is the Antichrist at Hand?— Dr. Louis S. Bauman......................................--J5 Is There a God?— Dr. G. R. Harding Wood ....'....’...................................-J 7 The Message of the Cross— Albert Copley.................. ........ ...........' -J® Fine Gold (A Serial Story)— Josephine Hope Westervelt.................... ..........19 Straws and Symptoms .................------— •— ™— ----------------- ------------- " Evangelistic Department (Interesting Soul ^X^inning Stories from Real Experience)....!............- ........... ...... ............................... Pointers for Preachers and Teachers (Homiletical H elps)......,....................24 Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province (China).................................................. -—25 The Family Circle (For Fellowship and Intercession)....................... ...................26 Practical Methods of Personal Work (For Defenders of the Faith) — T. C. Horton............................................................................. *........... Outline Studies in the Epistles of John— T . C. Horton........................................ 29 The Children’s Garden (The King's Business Junior).......................................... 31 Christian Endeavor Topics............................................................................................. " Bible Institute Happenings..................................................................................... God the Son, Incarnate— Mary E. Hughey................. ..............................................36 The Chosen People, the Land, and the Book...................................... ................ - 3 7 Contributed Articles , A Charge to Young Ministers— Dr. John M. Maclnnis........ ■

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T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

January 1926


ran A PLE A FO R P R A Y E R

and creating destruction

bombs weighing 4300 lbs., over the radius of a mile.

The Great Commission Prayer League has voiced a plea for prayer that should startle the Christian church and serve as a call to them to bend the knee and bow the heart in His presence Church. who is the Head of the

“ Guns with a range of 150 miles, and tanks which, concealed in their own smoke, can outdistance the fleet­ est hound." “ ALL THESE THINGS ARE HERE NOW!” “ If destructive science is to remain dominant” declares the Manchester Guardian, “ there is no salva­ tion in store for the world. * * * Without any doubt whatever, the powers of destruction are gaining fast onTim powers of creation and construction." “ There is nothing," says Thomas A. Edison, “ to

prophetic: “ Is the Anti- That the plea is timely is

The title of this plea is Christ Soon to Appear!"

manifest, for since it was issued there have been many marked signs o f the coming day of world unrest and

prevent twenty to fifty aero­ planes flying tomorrow over London’s millions with a gas which can suffocate those mil­ lions in three hours." We cannot quote all of this appeal, but we are in hearty accord with it and with its call to prayer as the only hope for stemming the tide. Is there a false conception concerning the mission of the church today! Is there a ten­ dency to worldliness of life and conformity to the world’s ideals! Has the prayer life lost its appeal! What propor­ tion of the time of the church is given to prayer!1

the woes that are to follow. In it is quoted a statement made by Dr. James M. Gray, of the Moody Bible Institute, ■ a preface to the b o o k m “ Christianity and Anti-Chris­ tianity" by Bishop Samuel J. Andrews—a foreview of the actual reign of the Antichrist on this earth as the head of nations. A quotation is also given f r o m President Coolidge’s Memorial Day address in which he said: “ What Amer­ ica needs is to hold to its a n c i e n t and well-charted course. * * • If we cannot gov­ ern ourselves, if we cannot observe the law, n o t h i n g remains but to have someone else govern us, to have the law enforced against us and to step down from the honorable abiding place of freedom to the ignominious abode of servitude."


Come, let us anew our journey pursue, Roll round with the year, And never stand still till.the Master appear. His adorable will let us gladly fulfil, And our talents improve, « By the patience of hope, and the labor of love. Our life is a dream; our time, as a stream, Glides swiftly away, And the fugitive moment refuses to stay. The arrow is flown,—the moment is gone; The millennial year Rushes on to our view, and eternity’s here. Oh, that each in the day of His coming may say, “ I have fought my way through: I have finished the work Thou didst give me to dpi” Oh, that each from his Lord may receive the glad word, “Well and faithfully done I Enter into my joy, and sit down on my throne I” Written 1749 Charles Wesley

There is a prayer by the pastor at the church service, but the r e g u l a r “ Prayer Meeting" is often falsely so- called, for there is not much praying. With many Chris- ______________________tians the prayer life is an unknown quantity. What with the many conventions, conferences, societies, suppers, plans and programs, and the rush and hurry of the daily life, there is no time to pray and sometimes no heart for prayer. When we have some personal need, we pray. When we are confronted with some grave problem, we know that we must “ lay hold of the horns of the altar.” We pray for our own loved ones, but the poor, hungry, helpless, hell-bound world has but a small place in our hearts. Is not this appeal from the Great Commission Prayer League (which is really an appeal from one great heart who has carried this heart burden for many years) a timely call to all of us! Was it not born in the heart of Christ Himself and sent through the Holy Spirit to be broadcast to God’s people! . As the clouds hang heavy over this sin-stricken world, and the signs of coming doom are imminent, will —* --------“ Defender of the Faith" unite with us in not every this resolve: “ Nineteen Twenty-Six -if the Lord tarry—shall be

, ■ The third quotation is from Benito Mussolini, Dic­ tator o f Italy, as follows: “ I maintain there can be no such thing as liberty. Liberty exists only in the imagi­ nation of philosophers who seek their unpractical phil­ osophy from the sky. My philosophy is drawn from very near the earth, for those of the earth. Civilization is the inversion of personal liberty. Mass cannot govern mass; quantity cannot govern quantity." Referring to Julius Caesar, Mussolini declared: “ He is my ideal, my master. He is the greatest man that ever lived.” The letter goes on to say: “ A well known English writer has yet more recently declared that if God does not miraculously intervene, the human race must ere long plunge into an era of disaster unparalleled in human history. Whyt Because science, once devoted predominantly to the preservation of life, is now devoted predominantly to its annihilation. For exam- ple,— “ Machine guns spitting forth a fan-shaped tail of 6,000 bullets a minute. *'Aeroplanes at a height of several miles, dropping

January 1926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Satan. It is not difficult to criticize; any one can do that. But we are thinking of the young men who are that confronts them. . What is the remedy! Is there any! Yes, there is, but the price is the same that has always been demanded and hard to pay. Paul suggests it: “ I .jJ with Christ. Nevertheless I live. Yet not I, but Christ liveth in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” When one can hide behind the cross, there and there only is safety. This might seem to be an easy thing to do, but in reality—how hard! We must die daily, sometimes to things we love dearly. But it is worth trying and worth striving for. “ Seekest thou great things for thyself! Seek them not.” This, peril confronts not only the preacher and teacher, but it confronts us all. Even outside the pale of spiritual service, self-seeking fails to win the wreaths sought for, for it becomes distasteful to think- ing people. Prosperity is attended with peril in every walk of life, and we do well to heed the warning in the Word of God: “ Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.” TH E G L IT TE R OF GOLD or TH E G L O R Y OF G OD Looking over the morning paper, our eyes fell upon an item of news to the effect that an estate valued at $47,763,508.00, left by a former U. S. Senator, had been filed for probate. The property was located in twelve different states. Of course, it will take years to settle this estate and by that time many now living will have gone to their eternal home. Sixty years ago there were not more than a dozen millionaires in this country. Now there are hundreds. Meditating upon this incident, we were led to con­ sider the solemn obligation resting upon those persons who are possessed of large fortunes. Both saint and sinner must be judged. There are degrees of punish­ ment for the unsaved for their failure to follow the command of the Lord “ Ye must be born again.” There are righteous rules of compensation for the saints in their use of talents and time in the saving of souls. But there is no evading the records written down in God’s account book for either saint or sinner. Both must face the issue. « Christian people often wish they had large means to use in.the Lord’s work, but with increased means and attainments come solemn consequences. The question which must be answered is “ How much owest thou my L ord !” Every acquirement of advantage is an asset for which God demands the tithes due unto Him. “ The gift of God is eternal life” given graciously from His loving heart but the glory of God is a definite demand from Him who gave the gift. He saves us. He keeps us. He places in our hands the orders for service. He will hold us to an exact account. No fair-minded man could take any excep­ tion to this rule. I f we sow sparingly, we will reap sparingly. If we sow bountifully we shall reap bounti­ fully. God will give every one according to their works. The principle is fully illustrated in the Parable of the Pounds. We are not to be jealous of others. We are not to covet the things which others have, bat we are to make full use of those gifts with which He

a year of prayer and personal work; of prayer for the minister, the missionaries, and all of God’s people; prayer for the millions dying without the message of salvation.’'* ,,, What say you t Send us a postal saying Yes! TH E PER IL O F PRO SPER ITY But few people can stand prosperity in any walk of life, and there is a special temptation to those who are forced into the limelight as leaders of organized social, civil, political and religious movements. Human nature never changes and never will. The story is as old as the story of Babel and its tower and the Babel slogan, “ Let us make us a name.” The sequel of Babel has been repeated over and oyer again down through the centuries in countries, cities and individuals. . Wfe are told by the scientists that there are influ­ ences emanating from the rays of light of tremendous power, and the “ lime-light” evidently has its potent power also, as illu s tra tion the history of Nebuchad­ nezzar : “ The king spake, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house o f the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty?” (Daniel 4 :30 ). But the kingdom departed from Nebuchadnezzar and he spent seven years eating grass with the oxen so that he might learn the lesson of humility. Was it not so also with Herod: “ And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them. “ And the people gave a shout saying, It is the voice of a god, and not of a man. . . . “ And immediately the angel o f the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory; and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.” It is wonderful to be a child of God, an ambassador from Heaven’s court, His representative in a sin-cursed earth. It is a God-given privilege to be used of Him. Bilt He is a jealous God and His glory will He not give to another. In Christian service the tendency to court popularity has been used by Satan to spoil the lives of many men. This propensity is fatal when not recognized and fought to a finish. Many men have commenced in the service of the Lord with Christ-like humility. An open door in the hospital, jail or on the street would be welcomed and utilized and God would be glorified. But as time advanced and larger and larger audiences gathered to hear the message, the consciousness of “ pulpit ahility” and the power to sway the hearts of people enabled Satan to take the inherent sin of pride and insidiously use it to rob God of His glory. Now we know that, spiritual power is of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit can use a good voice and commanding personality and loves to do so. But when pride possesses such an one and puffs itself into prom­ inence, the heart of the Holy One is hurt. He is grieved. The power is not in the voice nor the words of men, no matter how choice these may be, but in the Spirit. And so we have seen, many times, a “ wonderful” message, humanly speaking, woefully meaningless as far as producing results was manifest. Whenever the “ I ” or the “ me” or “ mine” is prom­ inent, and the walk and gestures are studied with a view to attracting attention to the speaker, behind it all one can see—by the eye of faith—the smirk of


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

January 1926

When the prayer closet is closed the heavenly light goes out and spiritual darkness possesses the soul. False doctrine, when first heard, gives the true believer concern, but when this deadly lethargy possesses him, there is a settling down, a soothing of conscience and an absorbing of error. From healthy physical sleep one awakens refreshed and invigorated, but spiritual sleep for the Christian is like an opiate. It produces first a stupor into which the sleeper sinks deeper and deeper. 4 When Samson fell asleep in the lap o f Delilah, he was shorn of his power and we picture him as making sport for men. When a chureh falls asleep she also is shorn of her power and plays harlot with the world. When suppers, entertainments, card parties, dances, smokers, movies, jazz music and mirth absorb its activi­ ties the world laughs and the devil is delighted. % There is a wonder­

has entrusted us, developing spiritually, physically, and mentally as He leads. We are to recognize daily the tremendous seriousness o f living in a world of sin and suffering. We are to surrender all we have and are gladly to Him whose we are. We are never to forget our responsibility as stew­ ards of the manifold grace of God. We are to let Him fashion and fit us day by day for the service to which He has called us. Worldly riches have proven a snare to most of the saints who have possessed them. The love of money is still the root o f all evil, but the love of souls is the root o f glory. G O D ’S C A L L T O SLEEPING SA IN TS Mr. Pace was surely not dreaming when he made this cartoon, but wide awake. He has been studying condi­

tions and knows the present need. He may have been r e a d i n g that stirring message of Paul to the Ephes­ ian saints: “ Awake t h o u that steepest, and arise from the dead, a n d Christ shall give thee light.” This is a good New Fear’s message for o u r King’s Business Family. Sinners are dead. They are in darkness. Saints are “ lights in the Lord” and should walk as wise men, but many, very many are asleep and do not know it. Ignorance m a y be bliss, but not for the “ blessed o f the Lord.” What is it that lulls the saints to sleep t Ignorance b f God’s Word and of God’s plan for theft lives. They have wrong con­ ceptions o f the Chris­ tian life, when they think of it merely as a means o f escaping the

ful picture o f the sleeping church in the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane. Our Lord is suffering agony of soul. His sweat was like great drops of blood. He had left the disciples to pray for Him, but, alas! alas! they failed Him in the hour of His deepest need. A pilot must be on the lookout for the rocks. Watchmen in our great buildings are required to regis­ ter every, hour as a proof that they are on duty. Are'we register­ ing! The call comes to e a c h o n e of us, “ A w a k e ! a w a k e ! Arouse yourself. Your place is not to sleep with sinners! Regis­ ter for duty!’ ’ Let us Bay to the Lord every morning: “ Lord, I am a soldier on picket duty. I am ready for

T H E 1 * 5 H A V E I T !


service anywhere at any time. l4>rd, help me to keep my eyes open for the enemy, my riars open for Thy call and my heart throbbing with devotion to Thee. Let me not sleep as do others, but let me watch and be sober, casting off the works of darkness and putting on the armor of light.” Let us be awake to our privileges, to our oppor­ tunities, to the great need of the world. Let us be awake when He comes. How sad it would be were our Lord to come and find us sleeping and hear Him say, “ What! Could ye not watch with me one hour?” May God awaken us and keep us awake. May we put our whole hearts into our service for Him. Let there be no sluggards among us during 1926, but if our Lord should come before its close, may He find every man, woman and child doing their duty with glad hearts and

wrath of God. If the Christian yields to the fleshly desires o f a life of ease, he becomes an easy prey to Satan’s soothing syrup such as closed the eyes of Samson. Solomon says, “ Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty.” Many churches are asleep and naturally and logically they are spiritually bankrupt. Reverence for God’s Word goes. Reverence for holy things goes. The family altar goes. Love for personal work goes. Testimony to the saving and keeping and joy-giving power o f the Christian life goes. In their place the church becomes the center of prop­ aganda for modern ideas and means of making a better world through worldly methods which have a delight­ ful appeal to the flesh but are repellent to the Holy Spirit.

/ K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

January 1926

confess that we had been guilty of setting ourselves up on a pinnacle and looking down with puty upon those with whom we were supposed to have fellowship in the Lord. • Why not try the plan! Announce that all were invited and all expected to frankly confess their own ( faults, not the faults of others. The announcement and the results would open the eyes of church people and a real revival would follow. The Holy Spirit, having presided -over the gathering, would pour out a fulness of blessing such as would revolutionize things. We are offering the suggestion from personal expe­ rience for sometimes, in an all-night prayer meeting, after several hours of confession on the part of those present, we have seen evidences of real spiritual life and hearts united in a bond woven by the Holy One Himself that could not be broken. Try it—if you can—and let us have reports for the bepefit of others. BOO TH SUCCEEDS BR YAN It is gratifying to know that Rev. Herbert Booth, the youngest son of the founder of the Salvatirtn.Army, General William Booth, has been chosen to succeed William Jennings Bryan as the leader of the large Men’s Bible Class in Miami, Florida. Mr. Booth will also occupy the pulpit of the First Presbyterian Church of Miami on Sunday evenings during the coming winter. Mr. Booth (who is well on the way to recovery from a serious illness brought on by his strenuous labors in Australia and New Zealand for four years), is an out and out fundamentalist, and we are sure the read­ ers o f The King’s Business will be glad to pray that God may greatly use him and bless his ministry in this newaphere of endeavor.

radiant faces. Let me give you a year text for the coming year: “ I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it Is «lay; the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9 : 4 ). A CHU RCH CONFESSION CONFERENCE We have no confessionals in the Protestant Church because we have no priests and are free from a form that has been used to bind men in fetters and lead them into a system fraught with untold sorrow. We do have prayer meetings and they are necessary ^and helpful, though it is easy for them to become stilted, and many people are.glad when they are over. But why not have a “ Confession Conference” in the church T We find no difficulty in confessing the faults of others. In fact, we are prone to reverse God’s order and spend much time telling of the mistakes, shortcom­ ings and weaknesses of our fellows, but we have looked carefully into the Scripture and can find no admonition at all to confess the faults of others. On the contrary, there is a distinct and definite admonition to confess our own, and to “ lay aside every weight and the sin that doth so easily upset üs.” A “ Confession Conference” would involve real humiliation of soul for us all, and we would look for­ ward to it with heavy hearts. There would be no sug­ gestion of an orchestra or an oration. We would all want the back seats. When our time came to speak >ye would want the floor to'open and let us sink out of sight. We might be able to look forward with comparative calmness—say—to the amputation of a limb, knowing that we could be put to sleep while the operation was being performed, but here we would have to face the ordeal of standing right up and confessing the wrongs we had done to pastor and people. We would have to

This January number of “ The King’s Business” is just an earnest of what we will endeavor to make your Bible Family Magazine during the entire twelve months of 1926. Having now enjoyed the soul satisfying and faith strengthening editorials, we suggest that you go right on through the entire issue, from Dr. Maclnnis’ timely “ Charge to Young Ministers,” including every o n e t h e intensely interesting con­ tributed articles and their illustrations, together witj$he unusually excellent regular departments, thus deriving benefit and blessing to the very last advertising page. For these also are instructive and helpful, and may point the way to some long antici­ pated joy. May we suggest that you be unselfish in your enjoyment of the veritable “ feast of fat things” set before you in these pages, and earnestly seek to introduce its monthly offerings to all your friends.



T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

January 1926

Co n t r i b u t e d A r t i c l e s

A Charge to Young M in isters J* “ WATCH YOURSELF” — “ WATCH YOUR TEACHING”— “ STICK TO YOUR WORK" 1 Timothy Y Dr. John Murdoch Maclnnis, Dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles 1. Watch Yourself

l y

teaching, and remember that you have been ordained not to speculate but to preach a Gospel— the everlasting Gospel. If you are going to be men with a message, you must know something that people .need to know and the thing that people need to know more than anything else is the thing that God has said to the world in Jesus Christ. 3. Stick to Your Work Beware of "spreading yourselves.” The world is1full of broad-gauged and broad-minded people who are so thin that they make no impression anywhere. Most of us min­ isters are interested in so many things that we are doing nothing well, and we are mentally dissipated and spiritually frayed out at the edges. Preaching is the greatest work in the world. You are entrusted with a life-giving message and the supreme need of our world is life— life that will make men. Ours is a creative work and we are in danger of becoming mere tinkers. Do not spend time tinkering when you can be making a new world. Every time a soul is led to God there is a new creation. Stick to your work of winning souls, for nothing is well if this be neglected. 4. Results o f Watching If you watch yourself, your teaching, ai\d, stick to your work, this will save both your hearers and yourself. A man who is not doing creative work is a lost man. In order to save our own life we must do a work that saves others. This does not mean salvation but the "working out of sal­ vation.” Many a saved man is lost to God’s purpose and therefore a castaway so far as effective service is concerned. Remember there is no dead-line for the man who dares to accept God’s will for him. In God’s will we cannot help being vital both in life and in service. If we would build, and build to stay, we must find God and go His way. JUg. A><(. jg| |j| A NEW YEAR MESSAGE I asked the New Year for some message sweet, Some rule of life with which to guide my feet; I asked, and paused: he answered, soft and low, “ God’s will to know.” “ Will knowledge then suffice, New Year?” I cried: And ere the question into silence died, The answer came, “ Nay, but remember, too, God’s will to do.” Once more I asked, “ Is there no more to tell?” And once again the answer Bweetly fell: “ Yes, this one thing, all other things above: God’s will to love.” — Selected.

tacts. JHE minister is called to watch. His temptation is to watch everything and everybody but himself. He needs watching more than anyone else. Watch yourself in your fundamental attitudes and con- Watch yourself in your contact with God. This con-* tact is basal. If you are wrong here, nothing can be right with you and your ministry. This contact is the source of all vision, insight and power. Guard it with a sacred passion. Here your attitude must be that of abso­ lute abandonment to His will, and this means courage to venture on all His challenges. Watch yourself in your attitude towards men and life in general. Form true Christian and constructive habits. What you are, will largely determine what you see and emphasize in your life and preaching. Always seek to know the real truth concerning men'and events. “ There are two Bides to every story,“ therefore do not reach a conclusion until you have heard both sides, and never give up your good opinloh of a rman until you have evidence that you can present on the witness Btand under oath. Fame and Dame Rumor have fiery feet and are winged of hell. Be “ eager to believe the best.” You will see most of the things you are eager to believe and you will talk most about the things you see. If you persist in living in the back alleys of life you will not talk much about the gardens and the open fields. The greatest law of memory is the law of association. When you lay up a name in. the archives of your life, associate with it the best things you know about U. The things that you see and believe and dwell upon are the stuff from which the Master Weaver is weaving the fabric of your life in the secret places of the soul. Watch yourself and "do your utmost to let God see that you at least are a sound workman.“ 2. Watch Your Teaching Teach the truth— the things that you know and believe. Beware of exaggerating or lying for the sake of rhetoric and effect. God sets the truth afire in the smelters of a living experience. Only “ beaten oil” is fit for the holy place when a man undertakes to teach his fellows. Be positive— the world is perishing from negationism. Tell us what you know— we have doubts enough of our own. We are not sent out to teach philosophy but to make disciples and to teach the things that have been commanded. When the King commands, the servant cannot deal in options. T h e people are listening sympathetically. Do not betray their confidence. Deal with the great verities and teach them with a passion and glow of reality. Watch your

January 1.926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Pastor and Presbyter T h l. article b taken h em "The P r e . b y t b b . ~ i H «r~> • " ¿ ¡ " ‘ “ " l " S S S S r ’ b W M e . ot the two-told doty e t the The P«"C iple W jH e a t o " ” 7on“ ,

the pnrtt, o f the


did in the earthly life and ministry of our Lord.

necessity. These truths reach the conscience and the intel­ ligence and produce conviction, and conviction is necessary to faith and the sense of duty and obligation. If these higher truths are presented, they go far to resist the attacks of unbelief, and to awaken in the soul the desire and longing for higher, divine, holy and eternal things. The youth of today, living as he does, if in school, under the constant agitation, confusion and unrest of unbelief, and if in the actual open life of the world, under the strains of temptation to evil practices and indifference, is very unfor­ tunate if he has a pastor whose preaching and thinking is all .along the line of stereotyped ethics. If he is not invited by his pastor, through frank and fair discussion, explanation and systematic instruction, to make inquiry and to secure instruction concerning those facts and truths which are vitally related to his temporal and eternal interests, cold­ ness must result. We are persuaded that there is too often a separation between the youths and the preachers, because the latter are more or less shrinking from a frank and open dealing with the errors and wrongs which the youth of our own times are compelled to confront. With error so bla­ tant, truth ought not to seek silence. One more thing the wise and conscientious pastof ought to consider. According to the Presbyterian System, he is not only preacher and pastor of the flock, he is also a pres­ byter or ruler in the church. These questions of truth and error, right and wrong, not only pertain to the individual, but to the interests of the whole church, and these general Interests are reached through the constitutional organiza­ tions of the church, which in the Presbyterian System con­ sists of a series of ascending courts. A Presbyterian min­ ister not only takes the solemn vow to discharge the duties of a pastor, but he also gives the “ promise to be zealous and diligent in the exercise in maintaining the truth of the Gospel, and the purity and peace of the church: whatever persecution or opposition may arise unto you on that account.” In reading this vow, it should be ¿oted that purity and peace occur in the Scriptural order, “ First pure and then peaceful.’’ Here is a combination when impurity destroys peace, force and effectiveness. The pastor’s first duty is to collect and feed his flock, but the other duty is of like importance, namely, to warn and defend his flock. The office of pastor and presbyter center in the same man. "From glory unto glory!” Be this our Joyous song, As on the King’s own highway we bravely march along. “ From glory unto glory!” Oh, word of stirring cheer! As dawns the solemn brightness of another glad New Year. Now onward, ever onward, from "strength to strength” we go, While "grace for grace” abundantly shall from His fulness flow, To glory’s full fruition, from glory’s foretaste here, Until His very Presence crown our happiest New Year! — Frances Ridley Havergal. i t i m ‘ THE GLORY THAT EXCELLETH!”

ECENTLY, in conversation with a brother minister whom we hold in high esteem, he remarked that, in regard to present false teachings, he considered his first duty to be the care of his own church by preaching to them constantly, carefully and faithfully the truth of God as revealed in the Scriptures. By this positive work he aimed to assist them in a strong, positive faith, which would overcome and repress false teachings. As a result of this policy in an exceptionally large church mem­ bership, he had but two cases of uncertain faith. One of them had wholly recovered and the other was in an unset­ tled condition of mind and heart. We wholly agree with this brother as to the general care of the flock. The pulpit should not be a mere forum of debate. But the Scriptural figure of the minister is that of a shepherd. The office of the shepherd includes at least two functions, feeding and defense. The Old Testament speaks of the shepherd as leading his flock by the still waters and in green pastures. It also tells of the faithful, courageous shepherd snatching his sheep from the Jaw of the lion and the paws of the bear. What value or service would it be to nourish and father the sheep, and then fail or neglect to protect them from their destroyers. The Bible speaks of good, faithful shepherds. It also tells of idle shepherds and shepherds who feed on the flocks and neglect them. In these days, the foes of the truth and the destroyers of the souls of men are putting forth every effort to dis­ seminate unbelief. Their chief attack is directed against the Bible and Christ and His divine salvation. It is quietly insinuated in the teachings in the public schools. It is sys­ tematically and persistently advocated in our universities and colleges and seminaries. It is presented in attractive and sensational form in the magazines and discussed and sensationally set forth in the daily press. If any pastor thinks he is helping to repress it by letting it alone and failing to mention it in his pulpit, he is being sorely and seriously deceived. "Let us alone” has been the cry of error in all ages. We sometimes fear that some modern pastors conceive of their office from a mechanical and ¿SDm- mercial viewpoint. Numbers are the chief mark of one’s success. So that some would say, With all thy getting, get numbers, and having numbers, all is well. We are sent to preach the Gospel to every creature, but we do not reach the human creature until we have passed the Gospel over the wires of their understanding into their hearts. If those wires are obstructed by false teachings, we must remove them or our labors must fail. Paul’s conception of preaching Christ has two chief ele­ ments: "Warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom.’ ’ The lower conception of preaching today is merely that of so-called practical ethics and the cultivating of a proper- cordial spirit. These are both good, but they can never be secured unless the higher spiritual truths pertaining to God, in His Justice, power, holiness, truth and love are presented clearly and strongly. In addition to these, the knowledge of man’s sin and salvation, and his spiritual interests for time and eternity, are o f the first


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

January 1926

First Th ings First Rev. John Roach Straton, D. D., Pastor Calvary Baptist Church, New York City This New Year’s Message by Dr. Straion came to ns last year too late for the January number, bat we are 8**6 to f lTO Th5 t£ie. Space would not permit ns to print the entire sermon, but ™ L e choice portions which convey a greatly needed message for the church tor thecom ing J«ar. we pray that The King's Business Family may be constrained to put Christ and His commission to all believers, first) In their daily life.

things first, not to over-emphasize the temporal and the material, but to recognize that divine Providence who will surely care for us if only we put our trust in Him, and to place the emphasis upon the spiritual realities, which con­ stitute at last the true life of man. The Master summarized a ll.of the selfish and material­ istic forces, which war against the soul and clamor for our first allegiance, under the term Mammon. This is an

T E X T : "T h e re fo re tak e no thought, sayin g, W h a t shall we e a t? or. W h a t shall we drink ? or, W h erew ith a l shall we be clothed? F or a fter all these things do the Gentiles s e e k : for your heavenly F ath er know eth that ye have need o f a ll these things. But seek ye first the kingdom o f God. and his rig n t- eou sn ess; and all these things shall be added unto you. — M at­ thew »¿11-33. HIS text is a text of contrasts in choosing. It recog­ nizes that there are two worlds: the material and the spiritual. The great material world of sun and stars a n d rushing

Aramaic word, but it came most likely from the Hebrew "Amman”— m e a n l n g that which props, supports, or that which is r e l i e d upon and trusted. So the Master pic­ tured the rich fool, who filled his barns and said: “ Soul, thou hast m ack goods laid up for m any yearsi take th la e ease, e a t, drink and be m erry.” But Jesus’ answer to all of this was: “ Thou fo o l, th is n igh t th y son l sh all be required o f theei then whose sh all those things be which thou hast provided» • * • So is he that lay eth up treasure fo r h im self, and Is not rich tow ard Godt’ (L u k e IX t 1 », 11 ). Christ’s Challenge SO today, as in the past, Jesus Christ stands in the midst of the ages a n d s t r e t c h e s forth His nail pierced h a n d s and says: “ Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteous­ ness.” He tells us that there is another Kingdom more blessed and blissful far than that of the material. It pos­ sesses all that is good and worth while in the material kingdom, and yet it goes in­ finitely beyond these things, and bestows upon its subjects those s p i r i t u a l treasures which are unto everlasting life: the riches of hope, the far vision of faith, the warm

streams and flower-decked fields and waving forests, lies all about us; but stretching far beyond the limits of these things of sense, is the won­ derful world of the spiritual, where v i s i o n s of beauty charm us, g l o w i n g Ideals beckon us on, and Faith and Hope and Love abide. To some eyes and some hearts, indeed, only the mud of the real is here. But before others the entrancing country of the ideal stretches in its beauty far and away, with its rivers and continents of ethe­ real loveliness, with its moun­ tains of aspiration, with mys­ tic domes and spires of its palaces of dreams, and with all the radiant beings that live beneath its skies. Against Mammon

The great poet was right when he said: “ The world is too much with us” ; and these words of the Master, calling us away from the material things, come to us, in the midst of the turmoil and the selfish scramble of a material­ istic age, ringing in their beauty like golden bells. They call us away from anxiety about what we shall eat and what we shall drink and wherewithal we s h a l l b e _______________ clothed, and point us to the

Dr. Straton in the "ou tdoor pulpit” o f C alvary B ap ­ tist Church, designed by h im self and built under h is direction. F rom it he has preached to great crowds in m any places on the streets o f New Y ork . M ay God m u ltip ly this kind o f preachers and preaching to the churchless crowds In our cities, in obedience to tils command, "G o— give the Gospel to every creature. It does not require much im agination to hear the sound o f H is voice from H eaven saying to this devoted servant, "L o , I am w ith you alw ays.

heart beat of love, the Inspirations of friendship, the Joy of fellowship with the great minds and the noble hearts of the past, opportunities to serve, the chance to do good, and, above all, harmony with God, a clear conscience, clean hands, a pure heart, a sense of forgiveness», cleansing from sin, peace that the world does not give— sweet, serene and abiding forever— and the high hope of heaven to crown all! These are the treasures which belong to the Kingdom of God. (Continued on next page)

bountiful providence of God, which provides even for the fowls of the air and decks the lilies of the field with a rarer raiment than even Solomon in all his glory ever knew. Jesus Christ was no apologist for laziness or indifference. He was Himself one whose hands were calloused with hon­ est toil. This text, therefore, is not an invitation to sloven­ liness. The Bible says, "If a man will not work, neither shall he eat.” We are to do our best in every field of useful endeavor, but we are, according to His teachings, to put first

January 1926

T l i E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


All of this teaching, therefore, puts service upon the high plane of privilege, and not of perfunctory purpgse or cold and callous duty. It is the note which the Psalmist sounded whqn he exclaimed: “ I delight to do ThyvWJll, O God.” Entrance into the Kingdom of God, and that alone, there­ fore, will enable us to translate duty in terpjs of delight, and to rejoice even in the persecutions that come from faith­ ful service. Will the church members of today dare to measure up to this high standard? Will we really in this new year put first things first and seek God and His righteousness, trust­ ing Him to add unto us in His good pleasure all temporal interests, all of the mere material trimmings and trappings of food and clothing and houses and lands that we may need ? "But,” someone asks, "do you seriously say that Jesus Christ intends that we shall put into a secondary place such things as the building up of our homes, the proper educa­ tion and equipment for life of our children, and our business success?” And I answer this question, dear friends, by say­ ing: “ Most emphatically— yea, overwhelmingly— yes! Yes! YES! That is precisely what Jesus Christ is saying to us.” He is also saying that until we learrt this wisdom of heaven and bow to the true rulership of God in our lives, we can­ not give the best even of these temporal blessings to our children or ourselves. Oh, my friends, it is unbecoming in us as Christians to stampede after these things of the thoughtless, selfish world. We have higher goals and more splendid purposes. We arc here in the world to put God’s Kingdom first, that all men “ will take note that we have been with Jesus,” and, seeing our good works, “ glorify our Father who is in heaven.” When the time comes within the ranks of the church people of today when the Bible Schools and the Mid-week Prayer Serviee, and efforts for the salvation of the lost, and sacrificial giving for the missionary enterprise, are put first, and when even home and school and business are made to rotate around God’s Kingdom as a center, rather than the things of the church and kingdom around these temporal necessities and preoccupations as a center, then the day of Christ's return will be greatly hastened, and' the hour when the Kingdom of Heaven will be established upon this earth, and the rule of God will banish the sins and the sorrows of men will indeed be at hand! John Wanamaker’s Example k There have been, even in our modern age, high souls who have illustrated by their lives the possibility of real citizen­ ship in the Kingdom of God. They have put first things first, and God has abundantly redeemed His promise to add unto them all the material things that were necessary to an everwidening influence and an ever growing life. Take,' for example, such a man as the late John Wana- maker. I will ever be grateful that I was privileged to work with him in Kingdom service, and to be his guest at the last birthday party that he gave before passing on to receive his bright eternal crown. He invited about a dozen of us—- some who had been Intimately associated with him in dif­ ferent forms of Christian service— to gather about his table, and there we not only enjoyed the delightful fellowship and hospitality of' that hour, but we were privileged to see into the deeper depths of the great and noble soul of our host. John Wanamaker told us that day, in the sweet and sacred intimacies of an hour of fellowship, how from the very beginning he had sought to put God’s Kingdom first in his life. As a young man, struggling to get ahead, he was loyal and true to the great things of the spiritual Kingdom; and (Continued on page 52)

The Doorway Into The Kingdom of God What now, let us inquire, does it mean to ‘ ‘seek” the Kingdom of God ahd His righteousness? Well, obviously, it means first of all that we are to seek entrance into that Kingdom. All men, of necessity, are born into the Kingdom of God upon ijts material side. They have to live under the laws which God has established and which He controls for the direction of the material universe; but all men are not born into the spiritual Kingdom of God. On the other hand, as the Bible makes amply plain, they are born morally and spiritually into the kingdom of the Adversary, because of inherited sin and the fruits of dis­ obedience to God. We read, therefore, in Romans 14:17: “ For thr kingdom of fioll Is no« meat anil drink, bnt rlithl- (MiiisnesK, and peace, and jo y In the H oly Ghost.” This does not mean the righteousness which is imputed to us through the merits of Jesus Christ, but it means the righteousness which is implanted in us by faith through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. It is evident, therefore, that entrance into the spiritual Kingdom of God can come only by regeneration. Just as a man becomes a citizen of an earthly kingdom by his natural birth, so he can become a citizen of the divine kingdom only by a spiritual birth. Therefore, Jesus said in John 3:3, 5, 7: “ Ye must be born again,” and “ Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” If, therefore, we are really to put first things first in the new year, and to secure for ourselves the blessings of the Kingdom of God then, first of all, we must obtain entrance into that Kingdom. If we have not repented of our sins and given our hearts in full surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, and if we have not been born again through that act of faith, then it is idle for us to expect the true blessings of the Kingdom of God or really to be used for the ongoing of its mighty and triumphant forces. So-called “ social ser­ vice,” apart from individual salvation, is, therefore, a super­ ficial and spurious thing. Jesus did not say', “ Ye must be reformed again,’’ but He did say, “ Ye must be born again;" and when we are thus born again and truly enter into the Kingdom of God, social service activities and helpfulness to our fellowmen will inevitably follow after, as was illustrated so strikingly in the case of Zaccheus the Publican, following his regeneration. Privileges ana Prerogatives To seek first the Kingdom of God must mean, again, that we shall seek its privileges and prerogatives. In the Beatitudes, Jesus gives us a startling and challenging new set of standards for happiness or “ blessedness.”. These are not the standards of this world, tie tells us here that the blessed and happy are: those who are humble in spirit, for "theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” ; those that mourn, "for they shall be comforted” ; those who are meek, “ for they shall inherit the earth” ; those who “ do hunger and thirst after righteousness," "for they shall be filled.” The truly happy and blessed are these, and thé “ merciful” and the “ pure in heart” and the "peacemakers” and those who are “ persecuted for righteousness’ sake” and who are' "re­ viled” even, and accused falsely. And then, immediately after the Beatitudes, the Master passed to the great positive, constructive forces that are to manifest themselves in service through the life of the citizen of the Kingdom of God. We are to be “ the salt of the earth,” and thus its saviours. We are to be “ the light of the world,” and thus its true educators and guides.

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