Power of Parents (Pocket Guide)


8 | Young People Drink Differently 9 | Enforcing Consequences

3 | YOUR KID AND TEEN’S WORLD 3 | Talk Soon: Casey’s Story   4 | WHAT STYLE OF PARENT ARE YOU? 4 | Authoritarian, Overprotective, Permissive, or Positive 5 | TALKING ABOUT ALCOHOL 5 | Starting the Conversation 6 | Getting Your Son or Daughter to Talk 7 | Avoiding Assumptions 8 | Riding with an Impaired Driver

10 | Talking So Your Child Will Listen 11 | 5 Reasons That Children Respect 12 | HELPING KIDS MAKE GOOD CHOICES 12 | Dealing with Peer Pressure 13 | Choosing Friends 14 | Signs to Alert You to a Drinking Problem 16 | THANK YOU TO OUR PROGRAM PARTNERS

Because underage drinking poses special risks to young people and is illegal, this pocket guide urges parents to: • Use the strategies recommended to talk with your child about alcohol, even if she or he doesn’t seem interested in drinking. • Mark passages that mean the most to you and commit to regularly using what you learn here. • Practice and perform the exercises and see what beneficial changes come about. • Actively monitor your kid’s daily activities. • Set a family rule of no alcohol use before age 21. • Agree on consequences for breaking the no-use rule; enforce “zero-tolerance.” HOWTO USE THIS POCKET GUIDE


What’s Inside // Purpose of this Handbook

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