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The first step in talking about alcohol is simply getting started. Often, the conversation takes more than one sitting and evolves over time. As a parent, you must take active steps to start this conversation. Suggest to your teen that you would like to talk. Don’t expect the teen to agree. In fact, many teens respond negatively. Questions that start with “how,” “what,” and “why” can encourage an exchange of ideas. TALKING ABOUT ALCOHOL





What physical activities do you want to do in the future that drinking could hurt?

The effect of drinking on the body/ physically

Why do you think some young people drink if they can get hurt?

How do you think drinking helps or hurts your body?

Why do you think some young people drink if it can have a negative impact on their choices?

How drinking affects decisions/ choices

How do you think drinking affects choices young people make?

What problems can happen when young people choose to drink?

What answers could kids give if they’re pushed to drink be- fore 21?

Why do you think some people would start drinking before 21?

How does drinking before the age of 21 affect someone?

Drinking before 21

TIP: Even if your child says what you hope to hear (“I don’t drink”), it’s still important to talk together about alcohol.

Talking About Alcohol


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