October 31 st 2018

WE Schools

We Global Learning Center

Toronto, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write this letter describing my support and involvement with the WE organization. As a retired BC Physiotherapist and Executive Director serving in my career children and families, I am committed to working for all children in our world to achieve their individual fullest potentials. I came to being involved with WE later in my career because of the strong values and commitment of WE to empower us all to give and foster learning and the ability to have healthy lives. I have now experienced three BC Educator trips with the BC team to Nicaragua, Tanzania and Ecuador. The first two trips focussed on supporting children to attend school and we worked with the community members to build a classroom. Additionally we met many Educators from the country we were in and shared our expertise with each other. In Ecuador the focus of the trip was on food and how WE can support sustainability by working along side the Ecuadorian peoples in attaining sustainable resources. On this trip a highlight for me was meeting with the WE Youth who were there helping to build a community room with a kitchen and a community garden. This project has a goal of fostering nutrition resources for all community members. Of importance to me is how nutrition can affect learning and WE was helping to address this need along with the sustainability of food resources. I have also been able to attend one WE day and I was so impressed with the care that students who attend are celebrating. It is a powerful event of sharing and being motivated by each other. One important cause I heard from a student in Ecuador and it was reinforced at WE day, is the importance we all have in helping to ensure there is clean water for all in our world. This included work being done in Canada. This student sharing her passion for this work that started with her WE experience will always be with me as something special and as a reminder that by working together we can make differences. Supported by WE involvement there is strong fostering of caring and taking actions to do something that contributes to the well-being of our world. Many students (and us adults who get involved) are positively transformed by our experiences. As an elected School Trustee for Coast Mountain School District and as a member of the Skeena Valley Rotary Club, I experience directly how WE supports our youth to serve their community. As a Rotarian our motto is Service Above Self and the students demonstrate this to us with valuable contributions to our community. The Rotary Club funds students to attend WE Day Vancouver as they act locally and globally to make a difference. After attending WE day last year I returned to our School District with the free WE Educator classroom resources and the response from the educator I brought them back to was “I love WE classroom resources- they are so helpful”.

Over my involvement with WE I have learned and reviewed how the WE organization is structured and is accountable to the vision of WE, how the scope of the organization has evolved over the years and the transparency of how funds are generated and then used. I totally support the vision of the WE Organization and the corporate involvement is minor compared to the incredible difference WE is making in the world, both locally and globally. We also know that it is the funding from the social enterprise side of the WE Organization that makes a multiplicity of classroom resources absolutely FREE for teachers. We are very thankful for all you do changing the world for the goodness of all.


Margaret Warcup #2 4730 Vesta Ave. Terrace B.C. V8G 0B3

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