Micro Shovels TSCA68004 - Round TSCA68006 - Square

Black Builders Buckets • Heavy-duty, highly flexible buckets for mixing and transporting dry and wet cement, plaster and mortar mixes • Ideal for storage or rubbish clearing • Available in two sizes that are stackable when not in use • Rope handles allow lifting and moving by two people

40L (9 Gallon) TSCA40LBUCKE £7.99 INC VAT £6.66 EX VAT

65L (14 Gallon) TSCA65LBUCKE £9.99 INC VAT £8.32 EX VAT

• Heavy-duty pressed steel blades, hardened and heat treated for long working life • Strong fibreglass handle with a full size “D” grip • Ideal for use in confined spaces £9.99 EACH INC VAT

£8.32 EX VAT

1.13Kg (2.5lb) Fibreglass Club Hammer TSCAFG212

• All-round best-selling general purpose hammer for building and demolition work • Ideal for delivering close heavy blows to a cold chisel or a bolster • Virtually unbreakable fibreglass shaft with a soft-grip non-slip handle

381mm (15in) Utility Bar TSCA64495

Fibreglass Sledge Hammers • Heavy long-handled hammer for building and demolition work • Uses include setting fence posts, striking timber splitting wedges and breaking up concrete • Virtually unbreakable fibreglass shaft with a soft-grip non-slip handle

£8.99 INC VAT £7.49 EX VAT

• Made from hardened and tempered alloy steel with an ‘I’ section profile for greater strength than traditional flat bars • Flat anvil on the neck for striking, an integral nail puller

3.18Kg (7lb) TSCAFG7 £19.99 INC VAT £16.66 EX VAT

4.54Kg (10lb) TSCAFG10 £24.99 INC VAT £20.83 EX VAT

and polished tips £5.99 INC VAT

£4.99 EX VAT

GORILLA® Bars • One of the best known and best quality wrecking bars on the market • Manufactured from high quality railway steel, drop forged, hardened and tempered • Powder coated and with polished tips • Strong oval shape shank and low profile claws fit further under the workpiece for increased prying power • Wide claw surface offers better control and resists sinking into the support area

3.6 x 2.7m (12 x 9ft) Green & Silver Reversible Tarpaulin TSCATARP129 • Woven laminated construction • Heat-sealed rope reinforced hem with rust resistant metal eyelets • Highly durable, tear, stretch and UV resistant • Numerous applications such as building sites and farms as well as home and leisure

356mm (14in) TSCA64405 £5.79 INC VAT £4.83 EX VAT

610mm (24in) TSCA64407 £12.49 INC VAT £10.41 EX VAT

£5.99 INC VAT £4.99 EX VAT


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