13A (240V) Cable Reels • Open drum cable reel with a sturdy steel frame • Thermal overload protection • Comfortable carry handle • Complies to BS EN 61242 • Load: 3,120W/13A unwound, 1000W/4A wound

16A (110V ) Cable Reels • Enclosed cable reel with two shuttered sockets • Maximum load of 16A (1,760W) fully unwound or 6A (660W) wound • Thermal overload protection system and BS approved plug • Manufactured to BS 61242, suitable for site and trade use

25m TSCACR25M £25.99 INC VAT £21.66 EX VAT 50m TSCACR50M £36.99 INC VAT £30.83 EX VAT


15m TSCACR15MSEL £23.99 INC VAT £19.99 EX VAT 25m TSCACR25MSEL £32.99 INC VAT £27.49 EX VAT

14m (110V) Trailing Lead TSCATL14ML • 110V robust trailing lead • Heavy duty rubber • Complete with socket and plug £14.99 INC VAT £12.49 EX VAT

100 Wonder Wipes TSCAWIPE80 • Particularly useful for removing stubborn sealant, silicone, paint, bitumen and foam • Contains powerful anti-bacterial additive in addition to lanolin to condition skin £5.95 INC VAT

WD40 • Protects metal from rust and corrosion • Penetrates stuck or jammed parts • Displaces moisture and lubricates just about anything • Also great for cleaning

280ml General Purpose Silicone TSCAGPSWH - White TSCAGPSCL - Clear • Contains anti-fungal to prevent mould • Forms a permanently flexible rubber seal • Low viscosity for fast application £4.79 EACH INC VAT

290ml Sticks Like All Weather Adhesive • Superior strength, all weather adhesive for use on a wide range of building materials • Resists extreme temperatures and movement and even sticks to wet surfaces • For interior and exterior use

grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces

450ml Smart Straw TSCA44137S £6.95 INC VAT


Clear TSCA663824 £7.69 INC VAT

White TSCA663688 £7.15 INC VAT

£4.96 EX VAT

£3.99 EX VAT


£5.79 EX VAT

£6.41 EX VAT

£5.96 EX VAT


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