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Row by Row, gonna make this gaRden gRow said. «Mid-May or end of May for some things. Though leaf lettuce can take a late frost.»

mer. Now the mayor of Clarence-Rockland has to balance his hours between plans for this year’s harvest and also plans for dealing with the city’s business. But he had a few words of advice about planting schedules for homeowners thinking about starting their own little vegetable patch this year. «Not until at least mid-May,» Desjardins

The Farmer’s Almanac says it is planting time now for many favourite items in the home vegetable garden. That tallies with the advice that a couple local experts on growing vegetables have for home gar- deners. Before he got involved in local politics, Guy Desjardins was and still is a full-time far-

For spring salad staples like tomatoes and cucumbers, Desjardins noted, it is best to wait until after April when the weather gets a bit warmer to avoid the chance of a last-minute wintry change in the weather. The same goes for peas and carrots. Home gardeners with a little greenhouse setup can get an early start on some of their plan- ting, if they’re extra careful when it comes time to transfer their seedlings to the main garden for replanting. According to the Canadian Farmer’s Almanac, a greenhouse is a good way to raise vegetables like kale, and also brussels sprouts and leeks during the late winter and early spring, to be sure to have some fresh greens for the dinner table. Leeks and the more familiar onion are also traditional vegetables for planting in the early spring, if the ground is soft and warm enough. But April and May are the time of the year for most vegetable garden items like beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, corn, peas and potatoes. For Lowell Blaney, an 84-year-old retiree living in rural Plantage- net, the warm spring weather cannot come soon enough for him to get out and start prepping his 1250-square-foot garden plot. «I like to have a small garden» Blaney said. «A vegetable garden, just your basics. Green onion, potatoes, corn, some toma- toes and carrots, cabbage, and green and yellow pepper.» He offered a suggestion for home garde- ners thinking about putting in some corn. Stagger the planting times if there is more than one row of corn going in. He himself plants four rows of corn, each one planted a week apart from the others. «That way they’re not all coming up ripe at the same

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Photo : Gregg Chamberlain Lowell Blaney has all the tools and time he needs to prep his home vegetable plot in time for the new growing season. time,» he said. «You’ve corn ready to eat one week and then again the a week later.» Blaney agrees that mid-May is best for most of the vegetables he grows in his gar- den. But that leaves April clear to prep the site for planting. He prefers using a small tractor with a plow attachment to make the first cuts into the ground, then run over the entire plot afterwardswith the rototiller and make sure all the cornstalks and remains from last year’s garden are buried into the soil to serve as nutrients for this year’s crop. He also mixes in some horse or cowmanure collected from a neighbour across the road from his Concession 6 home. Harvest time is from July to early Au- gust. Between planting time and then, there’s a bit of weeding to do. But most of the time, Blaney enjoys one extra blessing from his little home garden. - Gregg Chamberlain

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