Makarelle Winter 2021/22: 'Love is Love'

Feature: Flash Fiction - “ The Obsession ” by Lin de Laszlo

The staff would think that she was posing as something that she was not. They wouldn’t be- lieve for a minute that she was simply, well, what she looked like. But she had come this far and done terrible things, and now she had to follow it through and get this out of her system. She would cross the bridge of where to hide them and try not to covet them, when she came to it. She knew that she would find a way. There had to be an an- swer and it would come to her. But the guilt was settling itself in but the angels on her shoul-

ders knew which one was going to win. “Just get on with it” said one of the voices. Which voice she couldn’t be sure but was too far gone now to care. Biting her lip, she tucked her hair into her habit and pushed the door open.


Until Death Us Do Part

by Lola Langan


Page 17

‘ Love is Love ’ 1/2022

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