Makarelle Winter 2021/22: 'Love is Love'



Actually, there ’ s more than one … Makarelle is an independent, digital, literary and visual arts magazine. Formed in February 2021, the editors want to promote the work of emerging writers and artists, giving them access to a wider audience. Initially, everything about the magazine was free, but as a result of introducing a small submission fee, we are now in a position to be able to pay our featured writers and artists (the best submission from each category) a nominal fee for their work. Since we launched the website, we ’ ve had al- most 22,000 hits – 2,000 per month on average! We realised that although we help to promote the work of short fiction writers, poets and artists, there is nothing for novel- ists. We have decided that needs to change. We want to give independent authors a chance to share their work as well. We believe the best way to do this is through pro- motion. We are launching our Indie Novelist section of the magazine and website.

To qualify, you must be an author who is independently (i.e. self) published OR who publishes through a small independent publisher which requires you to organise your own publicity e.g. ChocLit, Ruby Fiction etc.

We offer THREE packages:

A small advert in ONE issue of Makarelle for a single book – this consists of an image of the book cover and the blurb with a link to purchase. There will be one page of adverts per issue with a maximum of 9 books. (Blurb must be no more than thirty - five words)

Cost £10

A single page feature/interview in ONE issue of Makarelle, all about you and your books. Maximum 500 words and 2 pictures. You write this yourself but we can provide a list of standard questions for you to choose from, if required. We will also check the content and edit it.

Cost £25

A feature/interview on the Makarelle website, all about you. This will be hosted on our ‘ Meet The Authors ’ page. Maximum 2 sides of A4 in size 12 font and 4 pictures. You write this yourself, but we can provide a list of standard questions for you to choose from, if required. We will also check the content and edit it. On the day it is published, we will also promote the inter- view on all our social media channels.

Cost £35

We publish FOUR times a year and books/interviews will be accepted on a first come, first served, basis. If there is a specific issue you would like to be in, please let us know on application and we will try to accommodate your request if we can. Please do not send any money unless you have had your request confirmed. Email us first to check availability and we will con- tact you with further details on how to pay.

Please email with any questions or to enquire about making a booking.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to spread the word about your work!


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‘ Love is Love ’ 1/2022

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