Makarelle Winter 2021/22: 'Love is Love'

This is where we love you and leave you...

Oh, I know, we made ourselves groan with the dad joke humour in the header! But it ’ s not easy to come up with anything that is not cheesy when you are trying to create art on the theme of ‘ Love ’. Love is when a husband puts a blanket over his partner ’ s feet. Love is that rush triggered by a text from a loved one. Love is beating the living daylights out of a big Japanese drum. We love cake, we love reading. Love really is a slippery bugger when you are trying to tie it down. In the end, love We knew we were setting an impossible challenge, but, once again, our writers and visual artists have risen to the challenge. As always, thank you so much for visiting us. We hope you have enjoyed our ‘ Love is Love ’ issue as much as we have. Please remember that we are a non - profit independent magazine, and any donations, no matter how small, would be both welcome and reinvested entirely into our goal of supporting emerging writers and visual artists.

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Jane, Dini and Ruth xxx

The submission window for our Spring 2022 issue will be open from February 28th to March 18th.

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‘ Love is Love ’ 1/2022

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