FyzicalElPaso: Correct Shin Splints

February, 2020




As some of you may know, February is national heart month. For me, heart health is a topic that is extremely important, both for personal and professional reasons. There is a high percentage of heart conditions within my family, and I’ve lost two loved ones to heart disease – my mother and my brother. In cases such as heart disease, many people immediately assume that surgery

lifestyle, such as an office or remote job, it can also make exercise difficult. However, lack of exercise can be detrimental to the heart. There is a YouTube video that I love to reference, called 23 ½ Hours. This video discusses the benefits of heart health in relation to several different conditions, heart health being one of them. Essentially, the basis of this video revolves around the notion that if you were to do a low-impact exercise (even something as simple as going for a walk) for 30 minutes a day, you can

is the only answer. In fact, this is actually not the case – to put it in perspective, both my mother and brother passed away shortly after receiving heart bypass operations. Now, this story is not meant to frighten; rather, it is meant to shed light on the wonders that exercise can do for the heart – yes, simplymoving your body can significantly decrease your risk of developing a dangerous heart condition. Of course, when a condition gets bad enough, sometimes surgery is indeed necessary. However, it can be avoided altogether by preventing the condition from developing in the first place. That’s where exercise comes in. At FYZICAL El Paso, we understand that there are barriers that get in the way of exercise. If you have a physical impairment, it can make it difficult to be active. Or, if you have a sedentary

significantly improve your overall quality of life. The video includes studies that have proven somethingassmallas30minutesofexerciseaday can decrease the risk of certain heart conditions (in addition to mental and musculoskeletal conditions) by as much as 50%. The end of the video poses a question that I believewe should all ask ourselves in our day-to- day lives: Can we keep our sedentary moments – in which we sit at a desk, watch TV, surf the web, sleep, etc. – to 23 ½ hours a day? A 30 minute walk a day seems a small price to pay to keep your heart, mind, and body healthy. So, I ask – can you? - Luis, FYZICAL El Paso


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