Wynne for the win with Ontario Liberals GREGGCHAMBERLAIN a five-minute speech during last year’s Tril- lium Dinner event that the GPR Liberals hosted.

Wynne was touted as the strongest com- petition for frontrunner Sandra Pupatello in the Ontario Liberal leadership campaign. Even in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, most of the delegates selected to represent the association at the Toronto convention were Pupatello supporters. Trudeau and several other delegate members wereWynne parti- sans though and they were more than hap- py to see their candidate take the third and final ballot after three of the other seven leadership candidates chose to throw their support behind the Don Valley West MPP. Trudeau is not surprised that Wynne won the leadership campaign and becomes premier-elect now once Dalton McGuinty makes the official handover when he steps down from the post later. Trudeau recalled the impression Wynne made on him with

T-shirts on top of red Sandra T-shirts.” Trudeau noted that he pondered on the train ride back home what he would say if he sent a letter of congratulations toWynne that included suggestions and advice on her priorities now as premier-elect. “What she has to do, she has to connect with rural Ontario in a big way,” he said. “If you want to know what reality is like, talk to the rural folks who have to live in that real- ity.” Trudeau suggested that Wynne could prove a reviving tonic for the Ontario Liber- als and as remarkable and forceful a leader for the party now as former-premier Bill Da- vis was for the Progressive Conservatives during the 1970s and early 1980s. “I think she may turn out to be one of On- tario’s greatest premiers,”Trudeau said.

“I said to Jean-Marc Lalonde and (MPP) Grant Crack, ‘She will be the next leader of the party.’” Trudeau described the scene at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto during the Lib- eral convention as electric during the final round of speeches Sunday after Wynne took the podium. “You could just feel the energy,” he said. “There was something magnetic about her speech that morning.” He said one result of Wynne’s final speech was an almost virtual colour-changing wave of vote-switching among delegates on the convention floor. “All of a sudden I noticed black (Wynne)

TORONTO | Val Trudeau can claim the bragging rights at the next meeting of the local Liberals and for many more meet- ings to come. The head of the Glengarry-Prescott-Rus- sell Liberal Riding Association knew what he was doing when he backed Kathleen Wynne as the next choice for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and the successor to Dalton McGuinty as the provincial premier. “I’m very happy because my candidate won,” said Trudeau, chuckling, during a phone interview after the leadership con- vention over the Jan. 26 weekend.

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