I-4 Infrastructure Assessment

Parks There are 19 park and recreation sites within the study boundary. Some of the larger park and recreational sites include The Bullets Baseball Complex, Mango Dog Park, Burnett Sports Complex, Tanner Road Park, and Rodney Colson Sports Complex. Eureka Springs park is adjacent to Node Area 1. Node Areas 2 and 3 have no park or recreation sites. Recreation uses include boat ramps, dog parks and sports complexes. Table 2: Park and Recreation Sites Name Use Total Acres Baker Creek Boat Ramp Boat Ramp 12.17 Burnett Sports Complex Sports 19.17 The Bullets Baseball Complex Sports 59.49 EL Bing Sports 19.74 Evans Recreation 17.48 Kings Forest Recreation 5.07 Lake Weeks Boat Ramp Boat Ramp 4.21 Lakeview Village Playground 19.24 Mango Dog Park Dog 21.71 Rodney Colson Sports 46.59 Seffner Civic Center Community 3.04 Tampa Bypass Canal Boat Ramp 4.54 Thonotosassa Sports 19.09 Wilderness Park @ Veterans Memorial Nature 13.90 Total: 265.44


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