I-4 Infrastructure Assessment

Existing Traffic Volumes Average Annual Daily Traffic

Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes, based on 2019 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) data, were reviewed and indicate the highest daily traffic volume in the study boundary is located on I-75 near the I-4 interchange. Other high volumes (80,000 +) of traffic are present on I-4 and I-75. In addition, there are several segments of principal arterials with significant volumes over 40,000 AADT including SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from Orient Rd to US 301 and I-75 to CR 579/Mango Road and US 301 from I-4 to E Sligh Avenue. Major roadways with 20,000 or lower volumes of daily traffic include US 92/SR 600, CR 579/Mango Road, and SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from S Kingsway Road to the western edge of the study boundary. Roadway Congestion Peak volume to capacity (v/c) data from the 2019 Level of Service (LOS) Report was reviewed for study boundary. Capacity is based on the adopted LOS for each roadway. A v/c ratio of 1.01 or greater indicates that the volume exceeds the capacity of the road and indicates areas with a high amount of peak congestion. As shown in Figure 7 , several main regional and local roadways have high congestion (peak v/c ratio of 1.01 or greater): • Interstates • Principal Arterials o US 301 o SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from Highview Boulevard to S Kingsway Road • Sections of Collectors: o McIntosh Road from I-4 to US 92/SR 600 o N Valrico Road from SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the southern edge of the study boundary Roadways with medium-high congestion levels (v/c ratios of 0.81 to 1.0) include: • Harney Road • Orient Road • N Kingsway Road • Sections of US 92/SR 600 Roadways with medium to low congestion (v/c ratios less than 0.60) include north to south collectors such as McIntosh Road, CR 579/Mango Road, Williams Road, Joe Ebert Road, S Parsons Avenue, Thonotosassa Road, Temple Terrace Highway, and roadways south of Dover.


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