I-4 Infrastructure Assessment

Pavement Condition Inventory Hillsborough County provided a roadway pavement condition inventory for all non-state roadways within the study boundary. This data is preliminary and is subject to future changes. Roadways are scored out of 100 and the scores were developed by Hillsborough County using the PAVER 7 software. The County’s target is to keep the network pavement condition score above 70. Figure 12 shows roadways with a score of 70 and above as good condition and roadways under 70 as needs improvement. Roadways that are in good condition include CR 579/Mango Road from Bessie Dix Road to S of SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, CR 579/Mango Road from Joe Ebert Road to northern edge of the study boundary, S Kingsway Road from Much Pond Road to SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, McIntosh Road from US 92 to the southern edge of the study boundary, and N Dover Road from SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the southern edge of the study boundary. Several segments of S Parsons Avenue, Thonotoasassa Road, E Sligh Avenue, Fritizke Road and Mores Lake Road are also in good condition. There are several segments of main collectors that need improvement including Harney Road, Thonotosassa Road, Sydney Dover Road, Taylor Road, and N Kingsway Road. Pruett Road, Much Pond Road, and Williams Road have segments that need improvement within the Node Areas. Figure 12 also shows the planned 2020 to 2021 pavement conditions resurfacing projects. Planned projects include segments of E Sligh Avenue, Much Pond Road, S Kingsway Road, Williams Road, N Falkenburg and other local roadways. Much Pond Road, Williams Road and Davis Pool Road are planned resurfacing projects within the Node Areas.


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