I-4 Infrastructure Assessment

Section 3: Public Utilities The public utilities section highlights the existing infrastructure for public water, wastewater, and stormwater within the study boundary and the three Node Areas. The end of the section describes the programmed improvements from the Hillsborough County Capital Improvements Program (CIP). Public Water and Wastewater Existing Infrastructure The purpose of the water and wastewater infrastructure assessment is to define and focus on the existing utilities that serve the three Node Areas. To understand how the three Node Areas are served by existing water and wastewater transmission and distribution systems, a broader study boundary was created that encompasses all three areas. A majority of the water and wastewater infrastructure is concentrated in the southern portion of this boundary created. Specifically, all three Node Areas identified have minimal water and wastewater infrastructure. A majority of the residential properties north of I-4 within this boundary are supported by well water and septic systems, which are owner maintained and operated. Each individual Node Area was further examined to identify what utility infrastructure is currently in place and in what condition. Based on the provided Updated Capacity Analysis Reports for South-Central Potable Water System (January 2020) and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facilities (May 2020), there are no current distribution and treatment expansions planned for these specific Node areas. Below is a summary for each of the three Node Areas. Node Area 1 As shown in Figure 23 , Node Area 1 has a 12” water main running down Williams road servicing areas to the North of Node Area 1, such as Jennings Middle School and the Toulon neighborhood development. There are no distribution lines off of the 12” water main within Node Area 1 as there are minimal residential developments. According to County GIS records this distribution line is ductile iron and was installed in 2010. Since ductile iron pipe has a service life expectancy of more than 50 years, this water main should be in good condition. The areas not currently serviced by the County are expected to have onsite wells for potable water according to the Florida Water Management Inventory - Hillsborough County Drinking Water 2018 Map. Node Area 1 does not have any wastewater infrastructure within its boundary, the nearest force main is just to the North and pumps to the City of Temple Terrace. This force main is 6” PVC with limited capacity. It should be noted that the City of Temple Terrace currently pumps all wastewater to the City of Tampa and sewer treatment rates will be increasing by 100% over the next 20 years (5% per year). All properties within Node Area 1 are expected to be on septic systems, according to the Florida Water Management Inventory – Hillsborough County Wastewater Map. Nodes outside of urban service area are expected to be on septic systems. Node Area 2 As shown in Figure 23 , Node Area 2 is the centrally located in the study boundary and located north of Pruett Road. This area is bordered by a 12” water main located on CR 579/Mango Road running North/South and 16” water main on Pruett Road running East/West. There are only a few


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