I-4 Infrastructure Assessment

All three Node Areas have the stormwater infrastructure to support the impervious areas existing within their boundaries. Both Node Areas 1 and 3 have stormwater infrastructure connecting their areas to a larger drainage system outside of their boundaries. Node Area 2 has the least amount of infrastructure which is expected due to its lack of impervious area. This area does not have any major connections to a larger stormwater system. All Node Areas and the entire I-4 study boundary area do not appear to have any major flooding issues based on the County’s GIS flood complaint records. Node Areas 1 and 2 do have small FEMA flood plains within their boundaries due to low lying areas. Public Utilities Programmed Improvements The Hillsborough County Capital Programmed Improvements (CIP) lists the Countywide funded projects within the next 5 years from 2021 to 2025. As shown in Figure 24 , there are culvert, drainage and water quality, and potable and reclaimed water programmed intersection point projects located on or adjacent to several the collector and arterial roadways. Minimal investment is present within the Node Areas 1 and 2, except for a few projects adjacent to the I-4 interstate near Node Area 1. For Node Area 3, there are 3 culvert project and 2 drainage and water quality projects programmed in the next 5 years.


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