I-4 Infrastructure Assessment

Study Boundary The study boundary was developed based on the ULI I-4 Corridor Advisory Service Report and contains a portion of the USA, as shown in Figure 3. The study boundary shown in the dashed yellow line is bounded north of Thonotosassa Road, south of SR 574/ E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, east of N Forbes Road, and west of Orient Road). Figure 3 also shows the three Strategic Node Areas identified in the ULI Study in light purple. The three Node Areas add up to 2,200 acres with Node Area 1 at 400 acres, Node Area 2 at 820 acres, and Node Area 3 at 980 acres. This report focuses on infrastructure conditions within the three Node Areas. However, infrastructure such as community facilities and transportation connectivity were also reviewed within the overall study boundary shown in the dashed yellow line. Report Structure The following pages divide the report into 3 sections that describe the existing conditions and future steps for the I-4 corridor. • Section 1: Community Facilities • Section 2: Transportation • Section 3: Public Utilities

Figure 2: I-4 Corridor


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