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S ave Y our B reath P rofessor ,Y ou C ant B lowthe O ld B ook D own . ' T he W ord of the L ord E ndureth F orever ."-I P eter 1:25 20 cents a copy —$1^ a year in U. S. —Foreign $1^2



“So much reading matter comes to my desk that I felt I could not afford an­ other periodical, even at the low price you ask, but reading i t has convinced me that it surpasses any­ thing else in its line, and I am therefore enclosing my susbcription.” THE KING’S BUSINESS ( [THE B I BLE FAMILY MAGAZ I NE } The “WON by ONE” method cannot be surpassed for producing results. Multitudes of people—PASTORS, TEACHERS, CHRISTIAN WORKERS—would be delighted to have the help of THE KING’S BUSINESS IF THEY KNEW ABOUT IT! It is YOUR business to introduce them to it. ((They will be as easily convinced of its value as was the Pennsylvania pastor quoted above.

Show the Grown-ups— The Vigorous, Terse and Timely Editorials. The Striking “Pace” Cartoon each month. The Splendid Contributed Articles. The “Family Circle” for Daily Devotions. The Lessons on Practical Personal Work for “Defenders of the Faith.” The Outline Studies in the Book of Jude, by T. C. Horton. The S. S. Lesson Helps (both International and Whole Bible) which are issued as a separate quarterly, but included in the one subscrip­ tion price of only $1.25 a year. Show the Young People— The unusually helpful and illuminating comments on the C. E. Topics by Rev. V. V. Morgan, and The intensely interesting continued story, “Fine Gold”, by Josephine Hope Westervelt. Show the Little Folks — “The Children’s Garden”, edited by Sophie Shaw Meader. Can be detached and folded into an attractive little “Junior K. B.”, containing stories, puzzles, letters from the “Gardeners”. The children love it.

An Indiana Member o f the Family Says — "I am writing for some sample copies of the K. B„ espec­ ially the S. S. Lesson Quarterly. Would like to get our teachers to subscribe. My husband and I have taken it for seven years and surely find much help for our work therein, as well as personal help for our own lives.” A Philadelphia Lady Who Sends in Subscriptions With Great Frequency, writes— “We read The King’s Business aloud to .the family till it is all read up' each month, and then file it for constant reference. * * *Mrs. C------- , whose subscription I sent in recently, writes that she is delighted with it and has intro­ duced it into her Sunday School” How we rejoice when we get such letters and know that so many members of Our Family have it on their hearts to “pass it on”, and how we wish that every subscriber could get the vision of what can be accomplished if they will tell their friends of the feast of good things prepared for them in The King’s Business. As a new subscriber in Seattle, Washington, puts it: “Ho home professing to be Chris- twin should be without a Christian Magazine. I am sure we could never get along without one. I loan my K. B. to friends and then try to get them to subscribe.”

Write us for any help or sug- gestions we can give you.

We will be praying that God wm bless your efforts.

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T he K ing ’ s B usiness Motto: “ I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it ni&ht and d a y I s a i a h 27 : 3 . PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES

T . C. HORTON , E ditor-in-C hief

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TH IS MAGAZINE stan d s fo r th e Infallible W ord of God, a n d for its g re a t fundam ental doctrines. ITS PUR PO SE is to stren g th en th e fa ith of all believers, in all th e w orld; to s tir th e ir h e arts to engage in definite C h ristian w ork; to acquaint them w ith th e v aried w ork of th e Bible In stitu te of Los A ngeles; and to w ork in harm ony an d fellow ship w ith them in m agnifying the person an d w ork of o u r L o rd Jesu s C hrist, a n d th u s h asten H is com ing. Volume XVI May, 1925 Number 5

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Editorials Page The Universal Testimony to the Undying Truth of God’s Word........195 A Real Revival .............................. :....... ........................................ . ..195 The Crime Cure........ .............................................. ........................... 196 Money for Our Master................................................................... .......196 Side by Side—the Deicides.... .............................................................197 Contributed Articles The Ground of Thanksgiving—Dr. W. B. Riley.............................. ...198 Satan’s Triangle—Prof. S. J. Bole.......................................................199 The Scriptures are Accurate in Their Prophecies—Dr. F. E. Marsh....200 Haeckel and His Accusers—Dr. Leander S. Keyser............................. 201 A Banker Who Banks On the Bible......................................... ........... 202 The Limitations of Scholarship—Dr. D. R. Breed.......................... ...203 A Terrible Question—Dr. C. E. Scott.................................................204 A Gathering of the Tribespeople—Mrs. Allyn B. Cooke.....................205 A Christian Club for Christian Young Men................... .....................205 Pioneering in Kenya Colony, Africa..................................................... 206 A Seven-Fold Royal Bestowment (Poem)—Dr. F. E. Marsh.....................194 Don’t Give Us College Bread (Poem).................... .................................... 204 Fine Gold (A Serial Story)—Josephine Hope Westervelt...........................207 Current Comment ............................................................. 208 Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province (China)............... ......................209 Evangelistic Department (Interesting Soul Winning Stories from Real Experience).................................... 210 Pointers for Preachers and Teachers (Homiletical Helps)....................... 212 The Family Circle (For Fellowship and Intercession)............................. ....213 Practical Methods of Personal Work (For Defenders of the Faith)..........214 Seventh Annual Christian Fundamentals Convention............ ..................... 21 4 Outline Studies in the Book of Jude............................. ................................215 Christian Endeavor Topics.............................. ............................................ .216 The Children’s Garden........................... 217 Across the Continent by Faith..................................................................... .219 Best Books ................. ................. ........... ................ ............. ........ ......... .....220 Light on Mormonism........... ..................... ............. ......................................236 The Chosen People, the Land, and the Book.... ...... ...................................239


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Lo, Angele., California

A Seven'fold Royal Bestowment in Ephesians 3 :i 4 ' 2 i PASTOR F. E. MARSH A Royal Endowment “That He would grant you accord­ ing to the riches of His glory.” A Royal Endowment God bestows, When He in love doth give To sinners vile, His Grace Divine, And causes them to live; He grants them peace, He grants them power, He gives them riches rare, And since they’re found in Christ above, What Christ doth have, they share. A Royal Enduement A Royal Environment “To the end that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be strong to apprehend with all the saints What is the breadth and length and height and depth.” A Royal Environment is next, We are to be “in love”, With all the saints we apprehend The Christ, our Lord, above; The breadth and length and height and depth Of Christ, we are to know, And ever in the Christ Himself We are to live and grow.

“That ye may be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the in­ ward man!” A Royal Enduement next He gives, Which keeps from every wrong; The Spirit comes to inward man And makes it glad and strong. He comes with strength, with power Divine, To keep in grace and love, With might endued, we’re strong in Him, And live for realms above. A Royal Enthronement “That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.” A Royal Enthronement follows next, The Spirit moves within, That Christ in heart may come and dwell, And all our being win. Christ dwells in heart of will to act, In heart of love to feel, In heart of mind to think and live, And makes the conduct real.

A Royal Enlightenment “And to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge.” A Royal Enlightenment is next, The love, of Christ to know, The love which goes beyond our ken, And yet we know its flow; The love of Him, who died for us, The love of Him who cares, The love which ne’er will give us up; No love with His compares. A Royal Enrichment “That ye may be filled unto all the fulness of God. Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” A Royal Enrichment, treasure-trove, He doth endow, in grace, “The fulness” great, “of God” in Christ, Christ is the wealthy-place, In Him we every blessing have, All need is well supplied; No lack for spirit, .body, soul, In Him we will abide.

A Royal Empowerment “According to the power that worketh in us.” A Royal Empowerment is the end The Lord has in His view. “According to His power” He works, “In us” to work and do. “According to His riches” rare, “According to His power”— With these “accordings” He has pledged To bless His saints each hour.

May 1925



THE UNIVERSAL TESTIMONY TO THE UNDYING TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD There is a universal and unanswerable question which confronts every soul born into the world con­ cerning the mystery of God’s laws. Why sin? Why suffering? Why disasters? Why death? - It comes to children. It comes to adults. It lingers

quakes and vomiting rocks? No. Can he tie the tides of the sea and say “ Thus far and no farther” ? No. What is the testimony that comes to us from the ancient civilizations? Curse! What is the testimony of the groans and tremblings òf thè earth? Curse! What is the testimony which comes through the air that carries disease and death? Curse! What is the testimony from the fields of battle? Curse! What is the testimony of the tornado and the cyclone? Curse!

in old age. Why ? Tremen­ dous strides have been made in the struggle to know and understand the laws govern­ ing the universe and to adapt them to man’s com­ fort, and many blessings have resulted. But God’s laws have not changed. Man may be able to live longer, but he lives in a world of sin, sickness, suffer­ ing, sorrow and death just the same. The air Carries the human voice across the continent and we marvel. The law was always there, but men had not sensed it. Men can fly in the air and photograph the mountains and the cities beneath them. The law was always there, but men had not compre­ hended it. Men can go down into the depths of the sea and study conditions there, but the sea has not changed. Man is seeking, studying and striving for fresh tri­ umphs, and they will come, but only as they are in line with God’s laws. To go con­ trary to them or to seek to

What is the message from the lips of the lad who lies? Curse! What is the voice of the crime wave ? Cu r s e ! What means the cry of the Son of God, “ My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Curse! (Gal. 3:13) : “Cursed is every one that hangeth upon a tree.” ; The earth, the sea, the clouds, the air, the soul of man, the cry of the Son of God, all unite in the testi­ mony of Genesis 3 .47-19 : “And nnto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”


We want to acknowledge our sincere appreciation of the hearty response of “Our Family” to our appeal to them to secure as many as possible Three Months’ Trial Subscriptions, and also to the “Defenders of the Faith” who have sent for so many sample copies of the maga­ zine to be used in securing regular sub­ scriptions. It does our hearts good to know that our labor of love is being appreciated, and we shall be looking for a continual stream of replies for the next few weeks. Many people are waiting for just such a privilege, but they do not know that such a magazine as THE K I N G ’S BUSINESS is in existence, and we must depend on you to let them know. We are on the way—why not go all the way? No magazine ever had a more loyal lot of associates in such loyal service for the Lord as has The King’s Business. Thank you.

evade them, is useless. God’s laws are perfect. Man’s laws never. Hundreds of ordinances are passed in cit­ ies ; sometimes they run into the thousands, but they do not change the nature of man. Man is a law-breaker by birth. Violation of law is an instinct with children. Environment and penalties may curb this tendency somewhat, but never eliminate it. No man living can truthfully deny that he is a liar and a thief by nature. We have tested it with hun­ dreds of men and women and none would dare to pub­ licly deny it. Has God’s law changed? No. The curse of God is upon the earth and human nature. Hard to say, but true. Can man eradicate epidemics from this old earth ? No. He may stem the tide of one, but another comes. Can he control the heavens and avoid the floods? No. Can he keep the frost and ice from appearing? No. Can he harness the wind and the cyclone? Can he keep the earth from groaning and breaking forth with

But, God has a new law for the .children of men, resulting from the death of His. Son, and it offers the only solution to this problem (Rom. 8 :1, 2) : “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” The obligation upon every “ born-again” one is to voice this message to the masses and plead with them to come out from under the curse of the law into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. A REAL REVIVAL What is it? When will it come? What will it do? A real revival of the church means a reviving of the life of believers who compose the church ; a quickening of the Holy Spirit ; a refreshing from above ; a renew­ ing of power ; a- return to normal.

May 1925



In other words,Sman was born a criminal, cradled a criminal, cultured a criminal, and consistently lives a civilized, criminal life. He is a violator of the law of God. Maturity does not change his nature. A civil­ ized culture does not change.his nature, though it may modify it for the sake of respectability. Man will obey some laws through fear of punish­ ment, but the “ crook” is in his nature. Environment and associations may modify the manifestation of the criminal nature, hut every court of justice, manifests the fact and every attorney when cross-examining a witness for the other side reasons from his own nature the tendency of the witness to deceive, and so he keeps digging deeper and deeper in the effort to reveal deception. - Men hate to acknowledge the fact that all men are liars by nature, but it is so, and any, effort to make a better world is fruitless without a consciousness of this fact. Once admit, it and there is an opportunity to apply the only remedy, which is revealed in God’s Word, What is it ? The power of a new nature injected into the heart hy faith in God’s remedy—the Christ of the cross who bore the penalty of the sin of the world in order to satisfy Divine justice and who implants in the life of a believer a new law,— not simply a change in the old Adamic nature—but a new nature with new powers to overcome the old lying nature. This remedy can be applied to children as well as adults, and is the only cure. Here is the challenge: ■“ No cure for crime excepting the crime cure.” God had no other cure or He .would have supplied and applied it. We can make living conditions better, and we should. We can demand that children attend school, and we should. We can shorten the hours of labor, and that may give men rest for the hody. But there is no known law, and never will be, by which a cure for crime can be devised, other than God’s own remedy. There is always a short cut in the solution of grave problems. Here is the “ crime cure short cut” : The cross of Christ for every child and man and woman in the world! MONEY FOR OUR MASTER “Episcopalians of New York for the past thirty years have heen working on and trying to huild the greatest structure for Christian worship in this country. Several million dol­ lars have already heen spent upon it, and it is estimated that it will require at least $15,000,000 more to complete it. A persistent drive is being made to raise this amount, ■and members of all churches are being solicited for con­ tributions,.”— Presbyterian of the South. We read this little comment and then clipped it. We have looked at it a number of times since and finally took our pencil and a slip of paper and began to figure, for we cannot evade a life-long habit of “ fooling with figures” when they stand for money to be used for Christian work. This is a needy world and its greatest need is Christ. As we thought of that need and of the need of churches where the Gospel may be preached, that $15,000,000.00 loomed up so large that we were compelled to cut it up and consider it in smaller amounts. We estimated that $25,000.00 would build a splendid little church which would seat about 500 people, and with room for chil­ dren besides. $15,000,000.00 would build six hundred churches of this size, which would accommodate 300,000 people, and the investment, if properly handled, ought

Is it possible? Is it probable? Is it promised? These are all natural questions. There must be,—if revival is to come—a renovating, a house-cleaning in the lives of the individual Christians. Any one or any number can have a revival if they “ clean house.” There must he a “ putting off,” a “ putting away,” and a “ putting on.” Christian life is crowded with Christless creeds and cruel criticism; silly, sentimental, selfish desires; hateful jealousies; the chatter of the ‘‘do you know? have you heard ?’’whisperers; the self- satisfaction of the Pharisees. What room is there for Christ? for the Holy Spirit? for fellowship with the simple-hearted saints? No revival is promised or possible until the house is cleaned, the sins confessed, the wrongs righted. The Holy Spirit dwells in every believer, but so often He is shut away in a closed room of the heart that He is helpless to control the life, and consequently there is no response to the call of Christ for service. The door must be opened; the Holy Spirit must have His way and His sway; the will must he surrendered, the life yielded to Him that the believer may live a normal, everyday, joyful Christian life;—a life of faith and faithfulness. When these conditions are met, there will be fellow­ ship with the Holy Spirit and with all saints; the prayer life will be ieal-S-not formal, stately and stolid, but rising in unexpressed words as natural as the breath. Will the revival come ? We do not know. Thousands are praying for it and those who pray for it have it now. It will come when God’s people want it and when preachers preach it and plead for it. God has not changed. The Holy Spirit has not changed. The Bible has not changed. The promises are always good. There are revivals now. Everywhere, where the condi­ tions are fulfilled, there will he one. What will a revival do? It will satisfy the craving of the honest, true heart; help save something out of the wreck.; be a testimony to a faithless church, and a hungry world that there is real joy in the life of a Christian; real power in the life; real satisfaction to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is always ready, always willing, always able to gather fruit where He can find willing hearts and devoted lives. Have you a revived heart?" You can have. You ought to have. Your church can have a revival if it will. Nothing in all the world is easier—or harder! Nothing easier, because it is the normal life of Christ in the heart of the believer; nothing harder, because the “ flesh lusteth against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh,” and the war is on until the will yields to the Spirit. Then revival is manifest. Pray for Revival. THE CRIME CURE What is crime? Webster defines it as “ any violation of law either Divine or human; an omission of a duty commanded, or the commission of an act forbidden of law.” The history of the world is a history of man’s departure from and defiance of Divine law. Man’s nature is depraved, and no matter how dastardly crim­ inal a man is he wants the other man to respect his rights and be punished if he violates them. These two things are dominant factors in the constitution of every man—the right to do as he pleases, and the right to demand that the other man do as the law directs.

May 1925



to be the means of bringing one hundred adults and children to the Lord each year, from each church. But supposing the number was only fifty; that would mean 30,000 each year, and think what these 30,000 could do towards spreading the Gospel in this and other lands! Now what would $15,000,000.00 invested in a cathed­ ral mean? Would it, comfort or console the saints? Would it inspire men and women to love the Lord more and be more active in the spread of the Gospel? Would it create a deeper love for God’s Word? Would it have a voice that would speak to the common people and say, ‘‘Come unto me and I will give you rest?” Would it not be simply a bit of beautiful architecture

eyes and blighting the lives of humanity for four thou­ sand years of the earth’s history. Then Jesus Christ came upon the scene, and Satan sought to snare Him through the three-fold temptation in the wilderness. He failed in his effort to secure the worship of Christ, but he did succeed in enlisting in his service the religious Jews who crucified the Son of God. But, thanks be to God, our Lord conquered death and “ is alive forever more.” But the old conflict continues, and the battle rages with increasing intensity. Throughout the civilized world today two agencies of Satan are dominant. One wages warfare from the rostrum of church and school,

—a monument to the exquisite taste and ability of some arch­ itect ? Would it ■please Him, think you, who had not where to lay His head ; Him who said, “ Go ye into all the world and give the Gospel to suffer­ ing, sinful men” ? Would it be a soul­ saving, soul-strength­ ening sanctuary, and meet the need of hun­ gry-hearted, helpless, hopeless, s o r r ow - stricken sinners? What is* the need

shooting straight and shooting to kill the germ of faith in the Word of God, de­ claring, in effect, “ There is no god b u t protoplasm !’’ The o t h e r works with the toilers, the common people, se­ ducing his victims and leaving them on the l o w e s t level, without God and without hope. Both o f t h e s e agencies are God-de­ nying,-. law-defying, civilization -d'e stroy- ing s e r v a n t s of Satan. There is no good in them, for they hay,e no God. They may not always be conscious of this fact, but it is the truth. W h a t c a n be done ? The Govern­ ment must handle the national Bolshe­ viks. The t r u e church must fight the Bible Bolsheviks. For the victims of

HottheBible,but the tebt-tube

Away w ith Qod

of the world? Fif­ teen more millions for a monument upon which the artist and a r c h i t e c t ma y p r o u d l y inscribe their names, or fif­ teen more millions distributed a mo n g willing workers with the Word of God in their hands and the love of God in their hearts,, who will go forth, following Him who said, “ Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. ” Can you visualize the two views ? Every saved soul becomes a temple of the living God, and has the God- given privilege of winning other souls, and thus erect­ ing temples of God in. which and through which His glory will be manifested now and evermore. Are you a builder of temples ? If not, why not ? SIDE BY SIDE—THE DEICIDES A “ deicide,” according to the dictionary, is “ one concerned in putting Christ to death,” and Mr. Pace has given us here an illustration of two agencies being used by the devil today in his deadly desire to destroy the faith of men in the Christ of the Bible. This has been his object from the beginning. He snared our parents in the Garden of Eden and brought them into subjection to the law of sin and death, and through that unchanging law succeeded in blinding the

Jähere /> nogodbut the proletariat Teiere ¿ynogodbut protoplasm THE DEICIDES

both we must pray, and give them the Gospel of a lov­ ing Father and a crucified Son, in the hallowed power of the Holy Spirit. The fact that we ourselves know the truth and are following our Lord should solemnize our hearts ; and the realization that these blind leaders of the blind are headed for the home of Satan should intensify our desire to give to them the “ Gospel of Good News” which is so dear to us.

“THEN SHALL I KNOW” (1 Cor. 13:12.) Not till the loom is silent, And the shuttles cease to fly, Shall Gbd unroll the canvas, And explain the reason why The dark threads are as needful, In the Weaver’s skilful hand, As the threads of gold and silver . In- the pattern He has planned. ‘ • — Selected.



May 1925



C o n t r i b u t e d

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T h e G round of Thanksg iv ing Dr. W. B. Riley Address Delivered on Eighteenth Anniversary of Bible Institute of Dos Angeles, February 15th, 1925, Los Angeles, California

It is a great joy to every lover of the truth to know that that valiant defender of the faith, Dr. W. B. Riley, has been restored to com­ plete health, and that he spoke from his own pulpit on the occasion of the Twenty Eighth Anniversary of his pastorate with the First Baptist Church of Minneapolis. We quote from the church calendar: .“It is with great rejoicing and thankful­ ness to God, that we welcome hack our beloved Pastor today. From the moment he was stricken last July to the present hour the hearts of all his people here, and of his host of friends the country over, have been greatly moved, first with sorrow and anxiety as the word of his serious illness came from his bed­ side, and later with joy and praise as the news came of his return gradually but surely to his old time health and vigor. None of us doubts that he is here this morning as a>

made good that promise to me, until in every pulpit appearance I have depended upon it, and not being disappointed, it has grown in sweetness and support. When I have sinned, I have remembered the word, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us; but if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us’ from all unrighteousness,” and through that promise I have enjoyed the sense of pardon' and its consequent peace; and so at many other points of living, the Word has come to strengthen and confirm my faith. I have a great and good friend, a brother minister, • admired and beloved, who has

recently published a book on “The Ten Great Chapters of the Bible”— Genesis 1; Exodus 20; Leviticus 16; Isaia,h 53; Luke 15; John 14; Acts 2; Hebrews 11; 1 Corinthians 15, and Revelation 21. To a great extent I Concur in his selection, but if I were producing a book upon the same subject now, I would be compelled to give prominent place to another chapter, which was held in esteem in the days of health, but which became my support, my life-buoy, in the days of my serious illness, and the far more difficult days of convalescence; a chapter that I shall recommend hereafter to people whose nerves have collapsed and whose spirits are in consequent despair, the 103rd Psalm. My wife, the nurse at my bedside and the friends who came to call, at my request read this chapter over and over again during those dark days, and it was to me light and life and hope. It is hatural, therefore, that on this great day I should speak to you concerning that which then meant so much to me! Now let me present this Psalm under these heads: “The Ground of Thanksgiving,” “The Grace of Our God,” and “The Great Oratorio.” THE GROUND OF THANKSGIVING We have in the opening verses of this chapter the Psalm­ ist’s burst of praise upon the memory of benefits, which increases as he takes account of the budget of mercies. 1. The Burst of Praise! “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, praise his holy name.” . It is commonly supposed that the world was sadly lacking in joy and rejoicing back of the time of our Lord’s advent, but not so with those who by faith beheld Him afar; and certainly David was among them, probably chief among them. That may account for the fact that he became Israel’s sweetest singer, for, after all, the most pleasing music is generally jubilant. .(Continued on page 228)

direct and certain answer to the prayers of the hundreds who love him, and for this reason we can only give our Lord the glory that He has spared to us our great leader.” During Dr. Riley’s connection with the First Baptist Church the Sunday School has grown from a few hundred to nearly 2,000, and there have been 5450 accessions to the church. The Northwestern Bible School, founded by Dr. Riley, has grown to a school of 200 students and a faculty of twenty-five. Dr. Riley’s leadership in Bible Conference work has fostered a nation-wide movement—-The Christian Fundamentals Association— of which he is Executive Secre­ tary, and through his printed sermons, magazines and books, his ministry is greatly multiplied. Dr. Riley came to California to convalesce, and recovered so rapidly that he was able to respond to many .calls for service, one of which was to deliver the address at the Eighteenth Anniversary of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, February 15, 1925. It was peculiarly fitting that this should be so, inasmuch as Dr. Riley was the speaker, also, on the occasion of the formal opening of the Institute Auditorium on Easter Sunday afternoon, 1915. The leading features of his message are given herewith. OR long I have listened to people talk of their favorite chapters or texts, but have not, until now, fully sympathized with them. Certain Scriptures have become dear to me because of my need, and I have leaned upon them. For instance, the word of the Lord Jesus, “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” When I was ready to preach, it was an inspiration and a joy to recall the gracious promise found in Isaiah, “As the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and return- eth not thither, but watereth the qarth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” God has again and again

May 1925



Smarts Triangle: Evolution, Philosophy, Criticism S. J. Bole, Professor of Biology, Wheaton College, Illinois

The first of a series of articles nnder this caption by one who speaks with authority, hairing, after graduating at Ann Arbor, earned credits in several dozen graduate courses in the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin; later teaching an<* breeding in the University of Illinois, and now for six years Professor of Biology at Wheaton College. He was converted from a belief in the evolutionary theory to absolute faith in the inerrant Word of God while teaching in the University, though he had been a church member and teacher of a Bible class for many years. He writes especially to help, if possible, save from the shipwreck of their faith, the thousands of young men and women in onr High Schools and Colleges. INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT H HIS series of articles is the direct result of the reports of two meetings held during the closing days of 1924. The Science League of America was organized in San Francisco “to combat the work of the Fundamentalists in their efforts to keep the teaching of the theory of organic evolution out of the schools.” been educated men, men daring enough to push out beyond the borderland of facts into the realm of theory. They have been men of many nationalities, interested in different fields of thought; but always'adventurous spirits willing to risk all in their efforts to penetrate a little further into the unknown. From Shadows to Reality

I have a great sympathy for this group of men, for I was one of them and one with them for so many years. Finally, on another “Damascus Road,” God wonderfully and miraculously saved me. I was no longer in the valley among the shadqws. Theory gave way to faith, and a “peace that passeth all understanding” came into my life. My hungry soul, hungry for this , and the life beyond, was satisfied. One looking through a green glass sees a green world. It can’t be otherwise. Up to the age of thirty or forty we collect and formulate the ideas that give us a philosophy of life. This philosophy may or may not be changed later in life. Such a change is the exception, not the rule. On What Foundation? Why do I emphasize philosophy? I find from my own mental introspections that I built my own evolutionary and modernistic beliefs on a philosophical foundation. Why should John Burroughs and Luther Burbank be disciples of the evolutionary teaching? Why should H. G. Wells and Friedrich Nietzsche believe-.¡evolution and disbelieve the Bible? Why should Professors Osborn of Columbia and Schuchert of Yale pin their faith to evolution? They all believe evolution and disbelieve God’s Word because they look through the philosophical spectacles of a materialistic philosophy. Materialism eliminates the Christian’s God. The denial of the Bible as God’s revealed Word to man makes neces­ sary the denial of Special Creation, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, and the Ascension of our Lord. If man evolved up from unicellular life, then he must still be evolving. If this is true man has never fallen. If man has not “sinned and come short of the glory of God,” there is no need for a Saviour. If Christ is not the Son of God, the Saviour of men, then the Bible is only a book and the grave ends all. “Satan’s Triangle” Defined By “Satan’s triangle” is meant a false science, a false philosophy, and a false religion; or Evolution, Pagan Phil­ osophy, and Destructive Biblical Criticism. Evolution is a philosophy. Science is classified knowl­ edge. Because evolution is a doctrine, a theory at most, it is not knowledge. ^Therefore, it is not science but philos­ ophy. It is a certain kind of philosophy, theoretical and pagan. Evolution, Philosophy, and Criticism cannot be consistently separated. Theoretically, if a person believes one of them, he must believe the other two. As a matter (Continued on page 231)

The American Society for the Advancement of Science was held in Washington during the holidays. The one paper read at this meeting and featured in the daily papers of the country was that on “Darwin and Bryan-SfA Study in Method,” by Edward L. Rice, professor of Zoology at Ohio Wesleyan University. it is very evident from the papers and addresses given at these two meetings that these teachers who are so zealous to keep evolution in the public schools of the country deny the Bible. I have often asked myself how educated and cultured men. could trade the Bible, with its living Christ and belief in immortality, for a materialistic philosophy which denies’ the “faith once and for all delivered to the saints” and a life with Him beyond the grave. About the only reasonable answer that has ever come to me is that Satan is able to get such men as these to hate God. Those that hate God will logically deny His Son, the Saviour of men. These articles are not written to change the philosophies of men and women who believe in evolution. The Triune God alone can do this. We are writing especially for the thousands of young men and women in high school and college. They are there preparing for their life work. They are also forming a philosophy of life. Shall this philosophy of life include God, the Bible, and a life with Him beyond the grave? Or shall the Creator and the Bible be denied and the grave end all? There is a Chris­ tian philosophy. Destructive Biblical Criticism does not satisfy the reason or the soul. The evidence is greater against than for organic evolution. These truths came to me after leaving the class room and the graduate seminar. The Christian point of view was not presented by my pro­ fessors, either through the lecture, text-book, or refer­ ences. “The New, not True; the True, not New” I am writing these articles with the hope that many col­ lege students may read them and conclude with Emerson that, “The things that are new are not true, and the things that are true are not new.” May these young people, fight­ ing for their faith, realize that a college degree does not aid them in solving these far-reaching and eternal problems. In fact a college education is quite apt to give a psycho­ logical “set” that hinders one in answering such a question. Evolution is not new. For upwards of three thousand years, this doctrine has been discussed by men belonging to certain schools of philosophy and religion. Like the tides, it has been ebbing and flowing. Its adherents have

May 1925



The Scriptures are Accurate in their Prophecies By Dr. F. E. Marsh, London, England

The fifth of an unusually interesting, illuminating and inspiring series of articles on “Is the Bible the Word of God?” by this well known and well loved Bible Teacher and Preacher. Some phases of the subject already discussed by Dr. Marsh have been “Importance of Bible Doctrine” ; “Divisions of Bible Doctrine” ; “The Scriptures are Complete in Their Testimony” ; “The Scriptures are Complete in Their Structure.” These messages furnish splendid ammunition for defenders of the faith.

to an island in their possession, half a mile from the shore. After the Babylonian invasion they deserted the old city, and made no attempt to rebuild it. They thought they were safer with a girdle of water round them; therefore that part of the prophecy which related to the ruins being thrown into the sea had to be fulfilled. In v. 12 we read: “And they shall make a spoil of thy riches, and make a prey of thy merchandise, and they shall break down thy walls, and lay the stones and thy timber and thy dust in the midst of the water,” Here we find the pronoun is changed from the singular to the plural, and instead of reading “he” as in the previous verses we read “they.” The fact is the latter part of the prophecy was fulfilled by Alexander the Great. Two hundred years after Nebuchadrezzar’s invasion, it was made known that the Grecian conqueror was invading the East. He approached Tyre. A representative hastened to meet him, who was graciously received. It seemed that everything was to pass peaceably, when suddenly Alexander expressed a wish to worship in the City. The inhabitants knew only too well that if the Grecians came as worshippers they would remain as masters. They therefore determined to fight for their own. The army of Alexander marched to the sea shore, and found there was half a mile of water between it and the city. Alexander was determined to conquer the city, so he proceeded to make a causeway from the land to the island. The ruined buildings of the old city were pulled down as the Lord had said, and cast into “the midst of the sea.” It is said that, “so great was the demand for material in this vast undertaking, that the very dust seems to have been scraped from the site, and laid in the sea.” Thus God’s word was fulfilled,to the very letter. Mark the five points: 1. Prediction— the city was to be overthrown. 2. Revelation—Nebuchadrezzar is named as the instru­ ment. 3. Specificàtion— the buildings were to be cast into the sea, and the site of the city was to be scraped and more than one person was to be employed. 4. Inspiration— God caused the prophet to pen the pre­ diction as he said, “I the Lord have spoken it.” 5. Completion^—the details were fulfilled in every par­ ticular. (In June, “The Scriptures are Unique in Their Details”.) Remember, the Sunday School Lessons are issued as a separate Quarterly, but included in the regular subscription price of $1.25 for The King’s Business

are five things which must terminate in the of fulfilled prophecy. Events must be pre- beforehand, the events must be beyond a knowledge, the events must he definite as

to detail, the predictions must have the stamp of Divine authority, and the prophecy must be unmistakable in its fulfilment. All the prophecies have these marks. Let us apply these five rules bf prediction, revelation, specifica­ tion, inspiration and completion to .one prophecy, namely: THE PROPHECY ABOUT TYRE In the twenty-sixth chapter of Ezekiel we have a proph­ ecy about the proud city of Tyre. It was to be overthrown, the site was to be scraped and be as bare as a rock, and be a place for the spreading of nets, the King of Babylon was to come against it, and it was to be spoiled and cast into the sea. 1. Prediction of Tyre’s Overthrow In vs. 7-11 we have a graphic description of Nebuchad­ nezzar’s invasion and conquest of Tyre. He was the instru­ ment in God’s hands to punish the haughty city, and leave it in ruins, but the ruins of the city were not cast into the sea, nor was it left as bare as a rock. Was the prophecy only partially fulfilled? It was only partially fulfilled by the King of Babylon, but then it does not say he was the only instrument in its fulfilment. ■The probability of Tyre being conquered was remote, for “it was a strong and opulent city, which had never been subject to any foreign power, and was in great repute for its commerce.” Nebuchadrezzar had no light task in his endeavor to conquer the city, and it took him many years to make himself master of it. Rollin says, “his troops suf­ fered incredible hardships before it, so that according to the prophet’s expression, ‘every head was made bald, and every shoulder was peeled’ (Ezek. 29:18-19). Before the city was reduced to the last extremity, its inhabitants retired with the greater part of their effects into a neighboring isle, half a mile from the shore, where they built a new city; the name and glory whereof extinguished the remembrance of the old one, which from thenceforward became a mere village, retaining the name of ancient Tyre.” Thus the ancient Tyre being conquered by the King of Babylon, ful­ filled thè prediction of the prophet. 2. Revelation ' The King of Babylon is distinctly named. Not a king of Babylon but “Nebuchadrezzar” in particular. He did not know he was a pawn on the chess board of history, and that the Great Mover was the “God of Heaven,” but he had to learn the fact as Daniel declared he would, “seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever He w ill” (Dan. 4:25). 3. Specification What are the facts of history? We now come to inter­ esting details. Before the overthrow of the old City of Tyre, the Tyrians removed the greatest part of their treasure

May 1925



Q>Q-*<— -*» -g_,. X Haeckel* and H is Accusers By Professor Beander S. Keyser, D. D., Hamma Divinity School, Springfield, Ohio

Dr. Keyser, with his usual thorough-going scholarship and unanswerable logic,, completely demolishes the sophistries and evasions of Haeckel and Huxley in their attempts to establish the truth of organic evolution. He shows some of the tricks admittedly employed by them and other evolutionists, such as the “schematized pictures of embryos” and “row of anthropoids,” but which are accepted as authoritative by gullible “would-be” scholars.

N infidel firm publishes a translation of Ernst Haeckel’s answer to the scientists and church­ men who accused him of falsifying his data in order to bolster up the theory of *.evolution. This translation was issued in 1911, although it has just been brought to our notice. We have to say in the first place, that it is a very rough and abusive piece of polemics. It shows no scientific poise and self-possession. True, Haeckel may have been treated quite severely by his opponents, who believed that he had “doctored” the facts in order to make out his case for evolution; but, if he was treated drastically, he certainly paid back his opponents in the same kind of coin in abun­ dant measure. He had many epithets at his command. He called all his opponents, whether Protestant or Catholic. “Jesuits,” and accused them of many willful perversions, and also of that terrible crime in the eyes of unbelievers, “ignorance.” We will not soil the pages of this magazine by quoting the many bad names he applies to his critics, or that he avers they applied to him. We are not in the least interested in such personalities and recriminations. However, some principles involved in the debate are of importance. A “Schematizing” Scientist Dr. Haeckel admits in this brochure that he did “schema­ tize thq;pictures of the embryos.” It will be remembered that he tried to prove evolution by means of the(recapitu­ latory theory— that is, the development of the human fetus. Then he says: “By ‘schematize’ I mean I omitted unessen­ tial adjuncts and strongly emphasized essential form rela­ tions. I also filled in deficiencies here and there by com­ parative syntheses.” Dr. Joseph McCabe, the well-known British evolutionist and infidel, wrote a defense of Haeckel, which is included in this pamphlet. McCabe says (pp. 44, 45) that Haeckel discovered “differences,” but he thought they “were never material.” Note, he did not regard dif­ ferences as essential; but “the succession of similarities was carefully preserved— as is done in Huxley’s succession of anthropoid and human skeletons for the same purpose.” But Huxley’s doing so does not make it right. On page 19 Haeckel says: “I purposely chose a younger chimpanzee and orang-outang, because their similarity to man is more striking than that of older apes.” Was not that manipulation in the interest of a theory? Again he says on page 21: “I intentionally omitted unessential feat­ ures from the presentation, in order that the essential feat­ ures should come out all the more clearly.” It is obvious that, by such a method, a “scientist” could prove almost anything. We are not accusing Dr. Haeckel of “any wrongful intent;’’ he was simply .so obsessed with the evolution theory that he felt justified in accentuating the points in its favor, while he suppressed those that might have been construed as hostile to it. These admissions, we hold, are' fatal to the evolution theory. If the differences were blurred or eliminated and only the similarities were brought forward, that surely was manipulating the data in the interest of a subjective view. Suppose an anti-evolutionist had made embryonic

pictures and had shown only the differences and omitted or suppressed the similarities, he might seemingly have made out his case. Huxley’s row of anthropoids, ending with the skeleton of a man, is marked by the same adept handling; all the ape skeletons are made to stand upright, which is not their natural position, and thus a somewhat close resemblance is made to appear between the apes and the man. Suppose that Huxley had represented' the apes in their natural position, “going on all fours,” how marked would have been the •difference between man and them! We have seen the skeletons of horses, and camels placed in the upright position, standing beside the skeleton of a man, and the similarities, except the heads, were very striking. Thus it is easy to man-handle things in such a way that they look much alike, if at the same time you put the dissimilarities into the background ór masquerade them all together. Antics of Anthropoids Taking- another look at Huxley’s •row of skeletons of anthropoid apes leading up to man, the fact appears that the gibbon, although placed first and farthest away from the man, most closely resembles him. This is true of the head, the whole skeleton, and the position. In fact, the gibbon is represented as standing more erect than is the man;||there is decidedly less of a bend about the loins. The orang and chimpanzee are bent over much more than are the gibbon and the man. And, remarkable as it may seem, the gorilla, which is placed next to the man, is bent over the most, and in general resembles man the least. Oddly enough, too, the coccyx of the man is moré developed than are those of the gibbon and the orang. Does not this last fact prove that this addendum in man is not a useless vestige) but serves some needful purpose or it would dis- appear|B& This Huxleyan arrangement of four, anthropoids and a man presents some interesting facts, although it is evi­ dently manhandled in such a way as to impress thé novi­ tiate as an argument for man’s evolution from the simians or the primates. For example, the gorilla, which is placed nearest to the man, has proportionately longer arms— or fore legs— than has the chimpanzee. That does not agree with the theory of evolution, for the nearer the simian approaches man, the shorter his arms should become, because they are not so much needed, since their owner has become less of a tree-climber and more of a ground walker. Again, the head and face of the gibbon,, which is far­ thest from man, is much more like those of the man than are any of the others, while the. head and face of the gor­ illa, nearest to man, are least like those of the man. The hind legs of the gorilla are quite bent, and show that his partially upright position is a very strained one, whereas the gibbon stands quite straight, both his legs and his ver­ tebral column beina^almost perpendicular. It is therefore surprising that Huxley and Haeckel did not place the gibbon nearest to man to bolster their theory, ^ h ile they were' “doctoring up” the case, why were they not a little more acute? (Continued on page 232)

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