Love of the Game Set Builder Auction - Winter, 2023

IN OUR EARLY DAYS, WE USED TO HOLD SEMI-REGULAR auctions that we called our “Set Builder” auctions. They generally consisted of the kinds of cards collectors look for to complete their sets or augment their collections – but not the high-dollar items that populate most of the major auctions. The “Set Builder” auctions were really well-received by both bidders and consignors, and they were always fun to put together. As we grew as a company, though, it became more and more difficult to focus on those auctions. They took a lot of time to assemble, and they cost just as much to run as our larger “Premier” auctions. Eventually, the “Set Builder” auctions fell by the wayside. Several years ago, we switched to a new auction platform that made it easier for us to run individual auctions outside our regularly-scheduled “Premier” auctions. This enables us to offer consignors the option of set break auctions for more valuable sets, like the T206 set we broke up in 2021. It makes it possible for us to run dedicated auctions for higher- value collections. And it makes it possible for us to run occasional “Set Builder” auctions like this one. We never want to be in a position where there’s always a LOTG auction running, where they become mundane and lose the appeal that makes them special. At the same time, we recognize that there are times when a separate auction makes sense. In that spirit, we’re happy to welcome you to a new “Set Builder” auction – the first one we’ve held since the summer of 2016. We’ve got a host of excellent cards here, many of which were parts of collections that came in on consignment during 2022. There’s an outstanding collection of midgrade T206 Hall of Famers, many with tougher backs. There’s the balance of several Hall of Fame collections, the remaining cards from a high-grade Roberto Clemente registry set, and a large number of 1929- 30 Exhibits. We’re breaking up a PSA-graded set of 1947-66 Exhibits, and also offering a large number of unopened modern cards of all sports. We think there’s something in this auction for everyone to enjoy. We’ll be back in April with our next Premier auction, and it’s already shaping up to be great, with an incredible autographed 1952 Topps near-set that we’ll be offering card-by-card. We are still accepting higher-end consignments for that auction, so if you’ve got material you’re considering selling, please get in touch. Until then, we hope you enjoy this new “Set Builder” auction, and find something you need!

Al Crisafulli Auction Director


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