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It all came flooding back while playing hockey in January 2017, a little tweak, worse over time, trying to rehab (I know a few good physios…) , but nothing settling. I struggled through the 2017 summer using a variety of braces to get through my ball and golf. I used to lay them out (see below) at the ball field and say…”which one today?” During my trip to the Azores we compared my walking down the mountain trails to some kind of drunken sailor....

I was looking at this old picture of my kids, (I won’t say how long ago it was taken as it would date me!) and the rugby theme - with Sam holding the ball and everyone giving their best “nasty” face - makes me think of my rugby days, and how one bad step sent me down an injury path I couldn’t have imagined. Many of you reading this may have a similar story. “Way back when I was younger, etc…. X happened, and my (insert injured body part here) has never been the same...” In this case it was my knee... the Fullback I was bearing down on went one way and my knee went the other. I had torn my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and surgery would be imminent. But little did I know that it was the little piece of meniscus that was torn (which they repaired in the same surgery) that would come to be the thing that would haunt me to this day. Some would say that the general “unstable-ness” of my knee from the major ACL surgery will have contributed to the breakdown. But there is no denying that my current knee status is a factor of that outside part of my knee joint having major trauma over 20 years ago.

So after a couple of cortisone shots and an MRI showing severe arthritis, I was off for a surgical consult. Thankfully we decided to avoid the osteotomy (some of you may know this procedure, not for the faint of heart!) and have a simple scope. Not as frequently done these days the scope was also going to give a better idea of what I might need in the future. I’m now 2 weeks post-op and rolling along with my rehab. My colleagues seem to be taking great pleasure in giving me acupuncture, almost as much as my patients like watching me get mine... I guess I’ve given enough needles through the years that I deserve some as well. It does feel a bit better. Now if I could just find the time to do all those darn exercises… See you at the clinic! Jon

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