Zionsville: Winter Survival Guide

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December 2018


As the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer and darker, here we are in Indiana working through the winter type weather in December and January. Unless you are a snow bird, awaiting your flight to the southern or southwestern states, you will need to take heed to prevent the winter blues. The ZPT staff joyfully put together this WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE with researched results, both scientific and personal. FOOD and DRINK: Surprisingly what we might think of as “comfort food” usually makes us pretty uncomfortable in the end, especially if it is high in empty calories or sugar. Consider the nutritional content of your food and drink each day. An easy way to pull back on calories is to limit the serving size by using smaller plates and bowls. Check out the Healthy Eating Plate (provided by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) and use it as a guideline for most of your meals. Elaine’s advice: Make your own meals at home, where you can control the quality and amount of food you consume. Currently my two favorite cookbooks are: How Not to Die Cookbook by Michael Greger, MD, and Forks Over Knives, The Cookbook by Del Sroufe. Both teach how to cook whole foods for plant-based eating to prevent and reverse disease. Katia’s advice: Avoid “negative water!” WHAT? Anything with caffeine or alcohol counts as a negative for water consumption, and we are supposed to be drinking 60 to 80 ounces of water each day. See Katia’s Water Point System in this newsletter. Other reminders: Having healthy snacks on hand - such as apples and peanut butter, hummus and cut vegetables, washed and ready fruit, rice cakes if you need crunch but not fat – can be very helpful when trying to fill the tummy without crashing your good eating habits. Alcoholic beverages might sound like fun, but they contain sugars and harmful substances that our systems have difficulty filtering out. Consider carbonated water or unsweetened herbal tea instead of the typical wine, beer and liquor choices that accompany the holidays and weekends. FITNESS: At home – try doing an exercise video or YouTube class on Yoga, Interval training with and without weights, taking the dogs out for a walk or game of fetch. At the gym – weight machines or free weights if you are accustomed to doing these

exercises; exercise classes - something different like a yoga class or spin class at a location that keeps a close eye on beginners. Personal training – either small group or individual - one that we recommend: Body Outfitters which has both Zionsville and Carmel locations now. Walking program at the school or at a large store; wear great walking or running shoes for best comfort. Swimming: Water aerobic programs we have found nearby include ZHS Adult Swimming, Jewish Community Center, Monon Center, LA Fitness, and Witham YMCA. Jump Rope: Preet does this regularly to stay fit and burn the calories. Bowling: Brownsburg Bowl or Woodland Entertainment Center are both just minutes away from Zionsville. Golfing in the winter?!?: Topgolf in Fishers, Free Golf Evaluations at Correct2Comete in Zionsville, Indiana’s Premiere Indoor Golf Training Facility at the Golf Club of Indiana, and mini golf at Rascals Fun Zone or Glowgolf. No one at ZPT has done any of these, but we found them through Google. Ice Skating: Carmel Ice Skadium (Katia approves), Indiana Farmers Coliseum, and Perry Park Ice Rink. Hiking: use boots with YakTraks if out in snow, walking sticks to help with balance on the sidewalks and trails. Elaine’s favorites: Eagle Creek Park or the Rail Trail here in Zionsville. FUN: Going out to a movie or library program to stimulate your intellect AND get you out of your home. Find a theater/ show or a concert to attend with a family member or friend. Here are a few of the ZPT staff favorites in this category: To make you move: playing some music. Preet recommends dancing for 15 to 30 minutes which burns 130 to 250 calories and boosts the mood. To make you laugh: board or card games with friends. Elaine’s favorite: Sequence, Taylor’s favorite: euchre, Katia’s favorites: Heads Up, Munchkin, and Photosynthesis. Preet’s family likes to play musical chairs, another favorite: Antakshiri (an Indian game) which challenges the teams to sing a verse of a song then challenges the other team to sing a song starting with the last letter they just sang. To make you think: try out new recipes. Cook together with family or friends. Sewing and knitting are two of Christi’s favorites, plus catching up with indoor home improvement projects. Let us know what YOU like to do to stay active in the winter! Stop in and see us, or give us a call! (and don’t tell us you like to shovel snow, because we won’t believe you!)


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