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Essential information

BrochurePrices Allpricesshown inourbrochurearebasedon2peoplesharing,unlessotherwisestated,anddepart fromvariousUKairports.Pricesshownarebasedondeparturesup toand includingOctober2017andarecorrectat the timeofgoing to print (September2016).Year round departures, alternative durations, room types and board basis are available, however, prices mayvary. Please askyour travel agent to check live availabilityand pricing.

HealthandPassportRequirements Beforeyou set offonyourholiday,you will need to take the recommended health precautions. Please be aware that certain destinations require visas.


Visa RequirementsforBritish Passport Holders


Recommended Health Precautions/ Immunisations**

OfficialTourism Website


All British passport holders arriving by air or land can enterThailand for 30 days without a visa.

6 months beyond your period of stay

Hepatitis A andTetanus are recommended. Malaria precautions are essential.



Until 30 June 2017, all British passport holders travelling for tourism can enterVietnam for up to a maximum of 15 days without a visa. For longer stays a visa is required prior to travel.

6 months beyond your period of stay

Diptheria, Hepatitis A,Tetanus andTyphoid are recommended. Malaria precautions are essential.


Cambodia and Laos

British passport holders can obtain a 30-day visa on arrival at major ports of entry for approximately $35.Take one passport-size photo and ensure you get an entry stamp inyour passport and keep the departure form.

6 months beyond your period of stay

Diptheria, Hepatitis A,Tetanus, Typhoid and Poliomyelitis are recommended. Malaria precautions are essential. Diptheria, Hepatitis A,Tetanus, Typhoid and Poliomyelitis are recommended. Malaria precautions are essential.

tourismcambodia.com tourismlaos.org


You will need to get a visa beforeyou travel.You can apply at the nearest Burmese embassy or consulate, or via an online application, well in advance of travelling.The charge for this is approximately $50.

6 months beyond your period of stay


Malaysia and Singapore

British passport holders don’t require a visa to enter Singapore for stays of up to 30 days. No visa is required to visit Malaysia.You should receive permission to stay for three months on arrival.

6 months beyond your period of stay

Hepatitis A andTetanus are recommended. Malaria precautions are essential.

malaysia.travel yoursingapore.com

China and Hong Kong

British passport holders need a visa to enter mainland China, but not Hong Kong. For mainland China,you must get a visa prior to arrival. Contact the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in good time before your trip.

6 months beyond your period of stay

Hepatitis A is recommended. Malaria precautions are essential.

cnto.org discoverhongkong. com

*It is the passengers own responsibility to ensure they have valid and acceptable passports, required visa and documentation and, where asked, have submitted advanced passenger information to the touroperator/airline as appropriate.Youmustbeable tomeet theentry requirements forbothyourfinaldestinationandany transit routes. You maybe refused carriage ifyou do not have the correct documentation, orhave included incorrect information with any advanced passenger information or visa application. Airlines and/or Border Control Authorities have absolute discretion over refusals ofcarriage, departure from orentry into anycountry. **Health facilities,hygieneanddisease risksvaryworldwide.Youmust takeadviceaboutyourspecificneeds from your GP as early as possible as advice about destinations can change and some treatments may need to begin in advance of travel. Biting insects are common in many countries and can spread disease. Insect repellents, especially those containing DEET, as well as clothing that covers your arms and legs, can help to reduce the risk ofbites. Weather&NaturalDisasters Destinations in this brochure may be affected by weather patterns such as typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, monsoons, flooding, tropical storms and also seismic activity causing earthquakes and tidal waves. As weather advice can frequently change, it is not possible for us to publish detailed information on weather patterns. We recommend that you check the latest FCO Travel advice for the destination that you are travelling to: www.gov. uk/foreign-travel-advice PassengerswithReducedMobilityorDisability Some overseas accommodation, resorts, transport (including transfers) and other services may not be suitable for disabled holidaymakers and the layout or natural terrain of some resorts may make it difficult for wheelchair users. Ifyou have any disability, it is important thatyou advise us at the time of enquiry so that we can ensure the suitabilityofyourchosenholidaybeforeyouconfirmanyarrangements.Wecannotbeheld responsible ifyou fail to notifyus ofanyspecial needs/requirements that will affectyourholidayexperience. TravellingwithChildren Children are required to have their own passport. Single parents or other adults travelling alone with children should be aware that some countries (and cruise lines) require documental proof of parental responsibility to allow entry into the country and, in some cases, to allow the child to leave the country. For full information on immigration/boarding requirements, please contact the relevant Embassy of the country you are travelling to, or the cruise lineyou are sailing with. AdvancedPassenger Information(API) Advanced Passenger Information (API) is biographical information that is contained within the machine readable section of your passport, such as your name and passport number. Under the UK Government ‘e-Borders’ scheme, airlines are required to collect this information from you to pass onto the e-Borders programme before yourdeparturefromaUKairport,andonany journeyback to theUK.TheUKBorderAgencye-Bordersprogramme is a legal direction to which all transport carriers must comply, and failure to provide the required data may result in carriage being denied. For some destinations, your API will be obtained at the airport, but for others the information is needed by the airline at least 72 hours prior to travel. Please ask your Worldwide Sales Executive orTravel Agent fordetails.

AccommodationRatings Rating systems are used to give a guide to the overall quality of a property. Official ratings are given by the authorities in the country each hotel is in, and these tend to give an impression of relative standards within that country. Please be aware that standards differ from country to country, so a 4* property in one country may not be equivalent to a 4* property in another. Our ratings are based on information given by hotels directly, or our overseas suppliers. NightsSpent inYourAccommodation Accommodation is usually reserved for you from 1400 (destination dependant) on the day that you depart from the UK. For flights departing between 0001 and 0400 hours, the day of departure is deemed to be the previous day. In some cases, you may arrive in the early hours or during the course of the morning. In this case, your accommodation should be immediately available - this is classed as the first night of your holiday. Rooms are normallyvacatedat1200noonon the lastdayof theholiday,however, insomeareas, thismaybeearlier. Ifyouare on HalfBoard, Full Board orAll Inclusive basis,you may lose a meal owing toyourflight times. EntertainmentandFacilities Entertainment and facilities differ from hotel to hotel, as does the qualityofentertainment. Charges maybe made locally for entertainment and for the use of some facilities, including sports facilities. Some facilities may also be subject toweatherconditions. In lowseason,some facilitiesmaybewithdrawnorhavea limitedsupplydue to lack ofdemand, particularlyat the beginning orend of the season. LocalAreas Areassurroundingyourholidayaccommodation,suchasbeaches, thesea, roadsandmountains,donot formpart ofyour holiday package, and will not have been inspected. It isyour own responsibility to take reasonable care for yoursafetyand the safetyofyourparty. Cruises Facilities, services, entertainment, dining and cabin sizes vary with each cruise line and ship. Cruise lines also have varying policies regarding on board services and tipping, with many automatically adding daily charges to youronboardaccount.Somecruise linesallow thischarge tobepre-paidat the timeofbooking -pleaseaskyour WorldwideSalesExecutive formoredetailsaboutwhether this ispossiblewithyourchosencruise line. Inaddition, compulsory service charges of approximately 15-20% often also apply to all spa, salon and bar bills and are not covered when pre-paying daily service charges. Unless otherwise stated, prices shown in this brochure exclude anygratuityorservice charges that maybe payable on board or in advance.

You will be required to abide by the cruise line’s own policy as detailed in their terms and conditions, andyou and must settleyouraccount in full before disembarking the ship at the end ofyourcruise.


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