When you work with passion, year after year, you get very good at what you do. That’s why Comfort Colors® tees feel and look the way they do—because we’ve worked for 40+ years to perfect the incomparable softness, worn-in comfort and nature-inspired hues of our apparel. Newcomers may try to imitate us, but their apparel can’t compare to ours because they don’t have the know-how gleaned from decades of dedication to our craft. It’s a process that’s part science, part art, with every step done precisely right— from selecting the finest, softest cotton to garment-dyeing at the perfect temperature for the exact amount of time. That’s why so many people insist on Comfort Colors® and nothing else—because there’s no substitute for the satisfaction of wearing a true original.

You have to wear most tees practically to pieces before they get that aged-to-perfection softness you love. We believe you shouldn’t have to wait. Our exclusive garment-dyeing techniques produce a hand so soft, you’d have to wash a standard shirt 50 times to begin to compare it to the softness of a Comfort Colors® tee.


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