Glitter Ink Special clear or metallic shiny glitter can add shine or impact to a design. The glitter may be added into inks, printed as a top layer, or shaken on top of the ink. This technique works best on larger print areas with simple designs.

Reflective Printing Reflective inks consist of small glass beads in a carrier base. They cause any bright light to reflect off the print directly back at the viewer. This technique works best on larger print areas with simple designs.

Neon Colors A screen printing process using neon or fluorescent inks. On colored garments they are printed on top of a white opaque base to achieve the brightest possible ink color. Print colors range from bright orange to lime and hot pink.

Direct to Garment This form of printing utilizes specialized ink jet

technologies to print in full color directly on garments using a water-based CMYK system for white shirts and an added white-ink for colored garments. Ideal for full color prints and for reproducing fine detail. This option is ideal for projects with short turnaround times or short runs and can work on both light and dark garments. Note though, exact Pantone® color matching is not usually possible.

Distressed Printing Distressed printing gives screen prints an intentionally weathered look right from the start.

Laser Cut Appliqué Printed material is sewn onto a garment with an embroidery machine and then a laser cuts away the excess material. This technique adds dimension and detail to your garment. Ideal for heavier weight garments such as fleece and bold designs, not fine detail.


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