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A few months ago, my family flew to Israel to visit my daughter who’s currently studying there. Yes, we were there during the uproar following President Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. There were some protests going on in a few spots, but when you’re in Jerusalem, you don’t feel like you need to look over your shoulder at all. The IDF does an excellent job of making you feel safe. It’s a remarkable place, and I can tell you, the week we spent there certainly wasn’t enough time. During this most recent trip, I was struck by the history of Israel and Jerusalem, and I don’t mean the ancient history. Here in the United States, we are taught about the American Revolution, the bravery of our founding fathers, and our struggle for freedom from the tyranny of the British monarchy, which finally culminated in our Declaration of Independence. Did you know Israel has a similar story involving Great Britain? The history of Israel is complicated, to put it lightly. Near the end of World War I, after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the British took control of a partitioned area which later became known as the British Mandate, granted to the British by the League of Nations in 1922. In 1917, during World War I, Lord Balfour of Great Britain had issued the Balfour Declaration, declaring what was then called Palestine a homeland for the Jewish people, and this was later upheld by the League of Nations. This decision wasn’t popular with the surrounding Arab countries,

and the British later backed off from this declaration, restricting the immigration of Jews and transfers of land. Walls and barbed wire divided Jerusalem into Arab and Jewish portions, and Great Britain ruled Palestine with an iron fist until 1948, when they gave up the British Mandate and the Jewish people finally declared their independence from British rule with the creation of the State of Israel. This is a brief version of events, but the history is really fascinating. If you have the chance, I encourage you to read up on it. For now, what’s important is that, like our forefathers in the American Revolution, the Jews in Israel never gave up the fight to live free from British rule. They wanted to live in a democracy where they could govern themselves. While visiting Israel, I toured Akko Prison, where some of the people who fought for their ideals were imprisoned and even hanged by the British for the crime of seeking such freedom. Eckhart Tolle. In it, he talks about why obstacles are necessary. “On all levels, evolution occurs in response to a crisis situation, not infrequently a life-threatening one.” What Tolle means is that without struggles, we will not grow. If there’s nothing for us to overcome, there’s no need for us to improve. Life is a struggle, and we shouldn’t wish it were otherwise. Recently, I read “New Earth” by

Israel has faced a lot of struggles, but look at it now. Today, all of the world’s major religions — Jews, Christians, and Muslims — can come and pray freely in their respective houses of worship in Jerusalem. The country is surrounded by oppressive dictators and regimes, but Israel is a free democracy and a world leader in medicine, cybersecurity, and many other areas of industry. Arabs serve in the Israeli parliament and have the right to vote. The challenges are far from over, but Israeli Jews fought hard for it, and you can see how Israelis now cherish the amazing country that, with G-d’s help, they have built together and continue to build. I believe we all need to remember that many things in life are worth fighting for. No matter how impossible the odds may seem, there is something good waiting on the other side. And if you have the opportunity to go to Israel, don’t let scary stories on the news turn you away. It is an incredible, beautiful, spiritual place, and I promise you’ll be very glad for the experience. –Joseph Miller

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