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Brister. “Coffee, for example, is best when brewed with water having a conductivity of about 100 μS/cm. With DiUse, you can dial in the water quality accordingly, to produce a superior, consistent beverage quality.” Because of these features, Voltea is targeting the hotel, restaurant, café (HoReCa) market, “although it may be well-suited as a salt-free, whole home softener for one- or two-member households,” Brister added. DiUse has undergone multi-unit, multi-site, multi-water type testing at multiple performance settings equaling years of real-life performance, including more than six months of use in the world’s largest retail coffee shop. It is designed for use on well water or municipal water supplies with a TDS of less than 3,000mg/L, and depending on feedwater TDS, can produce up to 5 L/min (1.3 gpm), with a salt removal of 25-95 percent and a water recovery of 40-95 percent. DiUse includes built-in flow, conductivity and voltage monitoring and is automatically self-cleaned with a dilute citric acid solution, typically on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Voltea invites Aquatech attendees to visit them at booth 07.452 and sample some coffee and espresso beverages made by an award-winning, internationally recognized champion barista.

Company News ROSA retired, say “hello” to WAVE

Dow’s long-awaited WAVE (Water Application Value Engine) modeling software is making its debut at Aquatech this week. The software integrates three technologies— UF, RO and ion exchange—in one comprehensive tool that lets users model more efficiently and accurately and design multi-technology systems much faster. According to Fabien Creus, Dow’s WAVE program manager, the new interface is more user friendly, has improved and consistent algorithms and harmonized data for all products and processes. WAVE will replace ROSA (which was released to the public in 1993), UFlow, IXCalc and CADIX programs. Although it has not yet been possible for WDR to evaluate the entire package, some of its best new and expanded RO features are: • Improved internally staged design (ISD) capability, with each element in a pressure vessel now able to be uniquely defined

• Split permeate available with ISD • Design warnings by element position

• Bypass, pass & stage level concentrate recycle loops • Batch modeling with the possibility of simultaneous batch case creation

Come and meet us in Hall 3, booth no. 409

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