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But most importantly, the ability to work with UF and RO systems, using one tool with a common interface, has been long-awaited. Visit Dow at Aquatech Hall 7, Booth 348 Editor’s note : To read more about the history of the ROSA program, see WDR 2014-43. How many times have you been surprised to see the size of the puddle of water left behind on the pavement as you backed your car out of the driveway on a hot summer day? Ford Motor Company now reports that two of its engineers have come up with a simple system to capture the condensate in a reservoir, then route it through a 0.1 micron filter to remove contaminants and pump the water to a small faucet on the center console. Ford says that a car’s cold air conditioning lines can condense about two liters (68 oz) of water from the air per hour. According to WDR ’s calculations, if a typical auto were to consume 2 L/hr (0.5 gal/hr) of fuel while idling with the A/C running, it would take three weeks of continuous operation to produce 1 m 3 (264 gal) of water and would consume about 1000 L (14 gal) of fuel. Unlike an atmospheric water generator (AWG)—which essentially does the same thing—it is probable that the 2-A1707392 Omya_GWI_190x130.indd 1 Technology On-the-go-H 2 O

unit developed by Ford would only be called upon to produce water while the car was actually being used to go somewhere. In that case, and assuming the car was traveling at highway speeds for three weeks continuously, the car would consume 4,500 L (1,200 gal) of fuel and travel 48,000km (30,000 mi), while producing nearly the same 1 m 3 of water. There was no mention if this would be an option available on future Ford vehicles, nor was there any indication that an onboard wastewater treatment, water reuse or anti- Legionella system was being considered. 13.09.17 16:38

Condensing, drinking and driving

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